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  1. Hi I took the liberty and updated your topic title. The name is "AS Updater" and "AS products", not "AES". "AES" are "Airport Enhancement Services", which is a totally different product, while "AS" is the short for "Aerosoft".
  2. You could do file search for *KLCE*.BGL over your entire system to see if there are anywhere KLCE related files present on your hard drive.
  3. Unfortunately not because that only says "being used by another process".
  4. Well, not even Mathijs didn't knew that there are already so many add-ons available for the MSFS. Me actually neither. But you don't need to be a specialist to know that if you stuck your simulator full of add-ons, that it will have an impact on it. For a good reason there are tools like the "SIMstarter NG" available for FSX/P3D to handle your add-ons properly and have only those in the sim at a time, which are really needed for a flight. I can imagine that such a tool will become available for the MSFS also sooner or later. Regarding the hint with mo
  5. Und selbstverständlich gibt es den Artikel auch auf Deutsch 😉 https://helpdesk.aerosoft.com/portal/de/kb/articles/wie-wird-der-code-wurde-bereits-eingelöst-bei-einer-neuinstallation-oder-einer-installation-auf-einem-anderen-rechner-gelöst
  6. Believe it or not, but there are a lot of users around who like the preview and understand, that there is still some work to be done in MSFS before more complex aircraft can be released as add-ons. This was clearly stated from the beginning and nothing has changed from those first statements. Instead of asking Aerosoft to stop answering questions you could also stay away from the preview topics 😉
  7. And leave 2-3 seconds after entering email and password before hitting the enter key.
  8. You will be surprised to learn, that MSFS is based on the old FSX... Compared to P3D they just threw more old stuff out, breaking compatibility, while LM tried to keep compatibility. You come into this forum, open an account and start immediately to be an MSFS missionary and go after users who do not exactly share your opinion. While you are totally free to have your opinion, everybody else here is as well. And to be honest, your arguments doesn't make sense. In one post you tell everyone, that they should forget every other sim and switch to
  9. I think you should leave everybody making their own decisions, based on their own experiences and needs. You made your point above but there is no need to go after every post that is not fully in line with your opinion. And btw, if I want to fly an Airbus, I do this in my P3Dv5, because the current one in MSFS is even with the freely available mod lightyears behind the AS Airbus. So there might be good reasons, why not everybody have deleted any previous simulator yet. Please give this a thought...
  10. What version of Munich do you have currently installed? You can check by running "AS Updater" from the Windows start menu.
  11. The MSFS box comes with detailed installation instructions. Just you need to follow them 😉
  12. While we are all waiting for a fixed TrueGlass version it is possible to disable it and with that preventing the crashes. To do so, just store the attach file into the following folder: Prepar3D v5\gauges\TrueGlass\ TrueGlass.ini
  13. Hi Tobias, erst einmal vielen vielen Dank für Deine Landmarks!!! Seit etwa einer Woche habe ich direkt neben der Hünenburg ein häßliches und viel zu großes Gebäude. Keine Ahnung ob das das Betriebsgebäude oder der alte Turm sein soll. Kannst Du das mit einem Exclude vielleicht aus dem Simulator entfernen? Die beiden Screenshots sind übrigens mit der aktuellen 1.0.11 Version von Deinen Landmarks gemacht.
  14. Bitte poste Deine Frage doch zukünftig ins Deutsche Forum, wenn Du sie in Deutsch stellen willst. Ich verschiebe Deinen Post gleich mal entsprechend. Zu Deiner Frage: ja, über die Update Databank https://support.aerosoft.com/
  15. Bei mir ist EDDH da. Am besten installierst Du EDDH noch einmal neu. Vergiss bitte nicht das Setup als Administrator zu starten.
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