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  1. Like in the previous version, there is no possibility to move the PFPX data folder to another location. It is fixed here: C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\ What you can do within PFPX is to configure your own documents folder. But that is only used to locate some add-ons to export flight plans into.
  2. Tom A320

    CRJ Service Pack 1a

    Please post a screenshot of your updater window.
  3. Hi, of course you read about problems and issues in a support forum. That's what it is there for. You read hardly from people stating that they are just happy with the product. That happens from time to time as well, but it actually is rare. From the regular download pages (Aerosoft and FlightSimSoft) you always get the the latest available version. If you need previous versions it is always a good idea to keep own backups of installers. In this case though there is a simple trick that will get you v1.28 download. If you take a closer look on the PXPX download link on the FlightSimSoft download page you will notice the version number in the link name. If you change the "203" to "128" you will get that version BTW: I am using v2.03 without problems and would never think of going back to v1.28.
  4. Tom A320

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Please read one page back.
  5. Tom A320


    May I kindly ask what your question is?
  6. And this is also a P3Dv4.4 version which was a fresh installation and not updated from a previous P3D version?
  7. Tom A320

    Download Issue A319 and A320 (P3Dv4)

    Please get in touch with
  8. Ich kann nicht für Simmarket sprechen, aber die Aerosoft Seite ist an der Stelle eindeutig in den System Anforderungen: P3Dv3. Eine komplett neue Lukla Version die vollumfänglich P3Dv4 kompatibel sein wird, ist in der Entwicklung (siehe Preview Forum). Es stimmt, dass das Setup von der aktuelle Lukla Version für P3Dv4 angepasst wurde. Das reicht aber für eine komplette Kompatibilität nicht aus, und deshalb wird es auch nicht als P3Dv4 kompatibel angegeben, weder auf der Produktseite, noch in der P3Dv4 Kompatibilitätsliste.
  9. Tom A320

    Impossible update of NavDataPro

    Please contact
  10. Tom A320

    none clickable options

    You need minimum v4,3 installed: Source:
  11. Tom A320

    P3D v4 zurückgeben ------> Geht das?

    Du kannst P3D innerhalb von 60 Tage wieder zurück geben:
  12. The KERNELBASE.dll is the gateway for all Windows applications to low level Windows system functionality or hardware like the graphics board. Crashes in this file are in most cases caused by either faulty hardware of faulty hardware drivers. The step I would therefore suggest first is to get all drivers for your hardware up to date, especially the one for our graphics board.
  13. Tom A320

    [Bug tracking] Managed Speed issues

    Dito Please give the requested information
  14. Tom A320

    Airbus Crashing Sim Mid flight

    Please uninstall your FSTramp temporarily and see if the crashes still happen.
  15. Tom A320

    Airbus Crashing Sim Mid flight

    Start "eventvwr.exe", then open "Windows Logs -> Application" in the left tree view. On the right side of the window you will then find all relevant entries.