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  1. ALT(hold) function does not work. There is a green activation light in the FCU but no FMA indication and no functionality in the Managed and manual mode. Installed version Regards
  2. Hi all, The TOD arrow on my Nav Display is visible but when i reached the TOD i've got no "deceleration" message on my PFD. Regards, Jo va Bra Add info: Latest version and with the Easyjet A320. Short flight from EHAM-EGLL
  3. No problem to involved to make your product better. Regards Jo va Bra
  4. After update to my Maintenance logbook entry: Successful flight and Dual Autoland. Nihil Nisi Bonum! Regards, Jo va Bra
  5. Airbus Professional 64 bit P3V4 only and FSX??? Explane
  6. The "space" in the beginning was the problem. It is solved.. Thanks. Regards
  7. Removed the "old" A320 version and wanted to install version 1230 but i've got a message: serial number or e-mail adress you provided is wrong. I'm using the copy/paste function from my instant download page. So this is the first time they didn't accept. removed the "old" version with the WIN10 basic uninstall funtion. Regards Jo va Bra
  8. I observed a very strong pitch down signal and an agressive descending if you push the ALT button when the message "decelerate" is in view on you PFD. I pushed the ALT button some miles before the TOD point (decel) and everything go much more smoother.
  9. Same problem after the latest update. If i changed the view to outside no problems. It is only in the cockpit. Regards Jo va Bra
  10. Hi all, Installed the updates and until now no problems observed with the climb and descent profiles. Everything works as it should including all constraints. Great job! Ps; the "tesflights" has been done with an A319 - Easyjet and from EHAM to EGLL Regards Jo va Bra
  11. This is a stil picture from an youtube movie A-320 Holidays Czech Airlines. Take off and landing, flight from Dublin to Birmingham. ROC is about 2900 ft
  12. The discussion about default scenery/Afcad etc. files is an item for the Step by Step guide. So any comment about my flight observation would be appreciated. So whe can keep the discussion in this topic. Regards Jo va Bra
  13. I don't understand. I have only the latest default scenery from Prepar3Dv4 If you look at page 47 and observe Gate 47 and follow the red line to Runway 18 so what do you think about is the best position. Nose left or Nose right?
  14. Hi all, Just finished the test flight according "the book". Some remarks about the step by step guide. 1. You must fly with clear sky etc. What is the reason to put in wind information. I enterd on all page 0-0-0 (item12-page 40) 2. Engine out ACC. Ground level +1500 is not 3407 ft but 1864 ft. It is correct in the Perf. Page 3. Pushback information about GSX is not correct. It must be Nr2 - Nose left/Tail right 4 Item 154. About two clicks is oke but only if you set the throttle levers in the ToGa position. Normale you set the throttles in the Flex position. This 1 click back I filled in all the further figures as mentionedby the book. Weight-Fuel-Route-Altitude etc. So engines are running ready for taxi to runway 18. Advanced the throttle to the Flex position and rotate at Vr. Climbing to the 4000 ft altitude. To 1000 ft with hand flying and after that with the AP in control. In no time you are at the selected altitude. After stabilizing i set the Altitude to Fl 340 and PUSH to ALT knob. The initial part of the climb is between 5000 and 6000 ft ROC. After some time the aircraft is searching a balance between speed and Vert. Speed and want to keep the speed within the Speed Brackect [] and the Altitude Prediction dot in the centre. Before the TOD i set the Altitude to 2500 ft. If i got the message "Deceleration" i PUSH the ALt selector and inmidiate i've got a strong pitch down signal (about 10 deg nose down) After some minutes you see also a balancing "act" between speed and altitude and a few minutes later everything is oke. All further ALT and Speed constraints are within limits and it is ending in a succesfull auto land. Question from the pax to the cabincrew: Is the Pilot an ex- fighter pilot or an retired F1 driver? All changes in Pitch and Roll are very firm Software info: Latest Prepar3dV4. Client-Content-Scenery Aerosoft 318-319 Versie (without the extrafile update) Active Sky V4 (not used) and no add scenery for this route Hardware: Dell Alienware Aurora6 Intel Core i7=7700K. Ram 32. Video Nvidia Titan X (Pascal) Brunner Yoke and Rudder. PFC Throttle set Regards Jo va Bra
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