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  1. Where to find version 0.99. On the product hardware page is only the 0.98 version available (with the Virus warning messag Regards
  2. I'm speaking about the MSFS2020. See picture "Microsoft FlightSimulator 1_16.2.0_x64..........
  3. Hi all, I'm unable to install the honeycomb bravo configuration prog. for the Microsoft FSX. The flightsim software is not installed on the standard "C" disk due to lack of space. The location is on my D-drive. In my D-drive i found the "hidden" and protected folder and the Microsoft Flightsim. I referred the installer to this location but given the write protection it is not possible. Any other location will not be accepted by the program. Any idea how to proceed? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I have the same observation as you with the reverser function. It looks like a missile is being launched. The plane is absolutely uncontrollable. At the next opportunity I will try to make a video of it. I have the Precision Flight control throttle set (6 levers)with built in Leo Bodnar USB interface. Regards
  5. Hi, 1-Repositioned USB connection (Win-10 and USB never a dull moment) 2-Disabled all axis within FSUIPC and checked the "RAW values inthe Prepar settings 3-There is now activity in the EFB calibration page but you must leave the calibratie page to see the movement of the throttles. So far so good. Add request. I have the PFC throttle quadrant with 6 levers. 1 lever for flaps and 1 for spoilers. 1 lever for eng 1 and 1 for eng2. But there also 2 levers for the reversers. If i asign those reverser levers to Rev1 and rev2 in the Prepar3d settings no action in the sim. If i asign them in FSUIPC the CRJ looks like a missle launch. The next time i will try to make a short movie. Thanks and regards
  6. Checked all buttons and levers but found no abnormal settings.
  7. I have PFC with the 737 ( 6 levers) configuration but modified internal and installed the Leo Bodnard BU0836X 12-Bit Joystick Board. 1. All axis disabled in FSUIPC and: send to FS as normal axis 2. In the Prepar3dv5 axis assigment: Eng 1/2 throttle activated and in other controls: Controllers Enabled. If i move the throttles no any kind of response in the settings. (axis in the sim are unlocked) Thanks and regards
  8. After installing the latest update, the throttle levers do not want to move. In the EFB calibration page there is also no activity to be seen. This is using FPUIPC or directly in Prepar3dv5. The throtlle are unlocked position. The Spoiler and Flaps do work. The update has been installed several times and all kind of irus protection has been disbled. Any ideas?
  9. Adjusted according your info. Problem solved. Thanks en regards.
  10. Today I installed the latest version of EDDB (2.0.3) and the ORBX update file. I used the version of ORBX because I also installed ORBX North Germany. First the bases and then the update. The result doesn't look good. See the pictures. Somewhere it goes wrong or a setting is not oké but what and where??I have no idea. Some help is appreciated Regards
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