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  1. maxhades

    St Tropez

    Hallo MSFS Wäre nett die Bäume im Fluss zu entfernen. Hinter dem Threshold und entlang des Flusses. Mfg Max FlightSimulator 2020-12-09 16-27-07-94.bmp
  2. maxhades

    Diff Press

    Hi It is Oktober and the problem still exists with latest update...🙄 cheers Max
  3. Hi

    All your liveries looking great. But with the nightlights ON, all aircraft has got the US Airways Logo is on the tail. @Aersosoft Airbus X. This for example is the LAUDA liverie.






    1. gustavoaguiar


      I never worked with UsAirways livery, I don’t have it installed in my computer, so, I have no idea what is. Here works fine.

    2. maxhades


      Realy crazy. All other liveries working fine from other painters. I will ask in the forum. Thx

    3. maxhades


      I guess because there is no Stabis_L.dss?

  4. On all your nice repaints the nigh lightning in the VC cockpit are not correct. The lettering are not blending well with the lights. Max
  5. Well done it works now. I was confused because of the missing files in world/scenery. I have done a fresh install and now everything is as it should be. Thanks Only one small issue but not a big thing is this sunken house. May in a future update:) Max
  6. Now i have done everything recommended in post 2. The planes are back on ground but i have a lot of flickering now because of a another ground poly?
  7. Ok. I will check! Thx But the 2 altfix i do not have inside world scenery!?
  8. Exactly what i have done: Deactivate both Airports bgl in My Traffic Deactivate all FTX Vector lpma bgl files Deactivate 2 bgl files in Fs Global Ultimate Africa as recommended My set Fs Global FTX Global+Vector FSX Acc My traffic 6 with latest patch For a test i deactivate all vector entries in the library...nothing Deactivate Africa from FS Global...nothing Activate all FTX Vector blg's to default...nothing Must be something with the scenery and my traffic. AFCAD? Max
  9. Yes! Also in ORBX Ftx Vector and followed the manual instructions!
  10. Hi The lastest version works for me but my Ai Traffic(Mytraffic 6) is in the air?! Max
  11. Hi First of all the airport ist great, well done, but... It seems the mesh is the same as in the old madeira scenery, is'n it? Thats why the colours from the airport doesn't blend well with the surrounding mesh and thats also why we have exactly most of the same mesh problems as with the old madeira scenery! May i am wrong? thx
  12. Tom you are testing with unlimited frames i guess? Sure then i have 50 fps! But also stutters as you posted above! When i write those lines i am airborn over germany to London with the A318cfm locked at 30 and got 18 frames! Don't have this with any other addon! maybe it is my system, more realistic is, because i know my system is the Airbus addon by itself! By the way, clicking your link brings me to your profil, but where i can take a look on your hardwaresettings?
  13. nop is off, and in performance mode since i have the computer!
  14. yes you right, unlimited frames gives me in this situation like 20-30 frames, but stutters because of high variation! the bus is a big thing! for me only the Autothrottle problem and the poor fps is a problem! first problem gives me sleepless nights lol
  15. No Raas, deactivatet in xml, terrain reduced at 40, In ND only the route, no VOR or whatever, no webserver no logging on, hardware rendering, all set well in the config and yes in lowi many cloudlayers yesterday and the addon is not fps friendly because it is a bit old, lol!
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