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  1. Is it normal with EAI ON that the plane rolls like a rocket? Max
  2. Yes last version and correct setting of landing elev. It happends not always. Max
  3. May i am doing wrong but i have the diff press message again. Not on every flight! Max
  4. Same here today with latest update. Before no problem.
  5. Hi CTD in FSX for the first time. Latest update installed. Flightplan was loaded with simbrief. CTD was in the middle of the flight by changing the range...not 100% sure. ASCRJ.dll Cheers Max
  6. Hi

    All your liveries looking great. But with the nightlights ON, all aircraft has got the US Airways Logo is on the tail. @Aersosoft Airbus X. This for example is the LAUDA liverie.






    1. gustavoaguiar


      I never worked with UsAirways livery, I don’t have it installed in my computer, so, I have no idea what is. Here works fine.

    2. maxhades


      Realy crazy. All other liveries working fine from other painters. I will ask in the forum. Thx

    3. maxhades


      I guess because there is no Stabis_L.dss?

  7. Would be great for things like the APU and lights. Max
  8. I have no problems but i fly on FSX. I have done a nice set of inside and outsideviews for the CRJ. I will upload the set in the next few days. Look for maxhades! Max
  9. I have never hearing callouts for takeoff? Hmmm...🤔 I have to check this too! Max
  10. Ich habe ein state gewählt und wollte auf save state drücken. Doch rechts unten im fmc sollte man es wählen bzw ändern.😌
  11. maxhades

    Diff press

    By the way Fsx Active sky No slew mode At the moment only on the -900 models
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