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  1. Great repaint! Would you mind doing an Delta Connection opb Endeavor Air 700?
  2. A lot of times ATC will let you know of any weather along your route as you get closer and let you know what planes ahead of been doing in terms of deviations. We also use ACARS to contact dispatch, weather radar on board and visual cues as much as we can to determine what may the best option for us.
  3. Ben F.

    CAT II Approach?

    The company I work for our CRJ fleet and crews are CAT II certified. You should be able to shoot a CAT II with this addon.
  4. Having an issue with the FMS where the CANCEL MOD and INTC CRS is always showing on LSK 6L/R. P3Dv4.2 KCLT 36R KILNS3 AUDII DORRN CAVLR3 1R KIAD
  5. Ben F.

    Incorrect pneumatic readings when starting engines

    Bleed source selector should remain on BOTH ENGINES unless directed by a checklist. As long as the bleed valves switch is in AUTO it will determine what source to use automatically.
  6. Sounds good, thank you Hans
  7. R1 key on FMS 1 won't allow input and is also affecting a different page on FMS 2 Should not be getting a DIR in middle of flightplan when trying to resquence a waypoint in middle P3Dv4.1
  8. Having the same issues with DIR INTC, tracking in NAV mode and some of the departures in FMS are showing up in MFD weird CRJ-900 KMSP 30R WLSTN7 GRB YYZ ROC RKA SWEDE CANAN STELA1 KBDL P3D v4.1
  9. Just installed v1.0.3.0 and the main door railings wont work via the EFB on P3D v4.1
  10. Ben F.

    Airbus Logic in the CRJ

    Flown the CRJ (200/900) for 10 years and they both have the flashing altimeter setting at transition altitude.
  11. Ben F.

    Problem w new update

    Apparently it requires 4.1 so if you are not running 4.1 it wont work.
  12. Ben F.

    CRJ V1020

    Where does it say it requires 4.1? All the documentation, sites and installer show 4.x
  13. Ben F.

    CRJ V1020

    I'm also having this issue using P3Dv4. Downloaded from Simmarket.
  14. Was working in earlier builds of the CRJ and not having that issue with any other aircraft using GSX
  15. You must reduce the throttle in speed mode, speed mode is not a vnav system and all it does is pitch to maintain that airspeed. So if you are at cruise power and hit speed mode it wont do much.