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  1. This is a notice to all of you updating to BD2021! Few years back BD inserted the vault (DE: Tresor) function. So I bet that some of you (as myself also) actually use this function to protect some important files on your PC or even cloud. Guess what? The vault function is no longer supported with the new version of BD2021!. What that means is that after the update you will no longer have acces to that encrypted file! In other words, BD actualy created the best ransomware ever! This is outragious. I'm about to loose some important financial files I used to protect with the vault function. There will be some consequences if BD team can't restore access to my file! @Mods: Delete this caution if found inappropiate. I think that many users do youse BitDefender as an AV option and wanted to help those reading AS forums.
  2. I'm also a bit confused by this statement. In your Shop there is the Boxed version and underneath the DL version with the only clickable button "Buy directly from Microsoft".
  3. @Mathijs Kok dear Sir. The "keep one DVD always in the drive" is unfortunately a big no go for me. Since my internet is very very slow (DSL18 in Germany) I wanted to spare me the time to DL the entire 10 DL DVD package which would have taken me several days. I have a small girls at home that usualy "plays" with the DVD drive a lot. Also the fact that I have to get the box every time when I fire up the sim is not very convenient. Since I ordered the BOX on 14.07 from your shop you guys either: 1. Try to reason with MS so that the KEY equals a digital DL -or- 2. You guys change my order from BOX to digital DL -or- 3. I will have to ask for a refund Hope you guys can understand. Thank you.
  4. I don't understand your statement. Payment in advance means that you have to pay before shipment....
  5. Thank you. This is indeed something I've searched for. I also have to admit that I kind of hate such comparisons as this guy makes: with 0 internet he shows the city of seattle and with full bandwith he shows Paris....so how on earth would someone see the diference? Why not make the screenshot of the same city with and without internet connection????
  6. The Q was what can I expect to see without the "streamed content" due to the fact that my internet is so slow? So how does the sim look only by installing the content of the Boxed version? The video does not specify if it shows also streamed content or not....
  7. Dear Mr. Kok, can you share more informations about these 2 points? I'm concearned about the streamed part since germany is not very well covered with high speed internet (some of us still fight with DSL18). So what do I get with the scenery part of the boxed version (screenshots or comparison with the current P3D will be helpfull to understand what to expect). What part of the scenery will have to be streamed? It's a bit confusing at the time... Thank you. BR, Gerald
  8. Mit -beta lief der Installer schon los, machte sein Ding ohne Fehlermeldung, schuf jedoch keine Ordner oder Dateien unter v5 Gauges. Mit /beta lief der Installer los, gab eine Meldung das es auf den TFDi Server nach dem letzten BETA suchen würde (Meldung die man bestätigen sollte), machte sein Ding und tadaaaa, die Einträge unter v5 Gauges waren da.
  9. @Hans Hartmann [DE] Ja! Das hat geklappt jedoch mit /beta anstatt -beta. [EN] Yes! It finaly worked but using /beta instead of -beta.
  10. Whenever I try to launch the installer there are 2 error entries in Windows. TrueGlass Error1.txt TrueGlass Error2.txt
  11. @Hans Hartmann So I redownloaded the package from AS Shop and the installation of TrueGlass (and RAAS) failed again. Under AS CRJ Pro v5 -> Data -> Support Files, RAAS is specified to be for P3Dv4 (and also fails to install). I wonder if the TrueGlassInstaller is also somehow the wrong one. Removing the P3D v4 PATH as instructed above, cancels the installation completely (don't see the TrueGlass splashscreen either)
  12. @Hans Hartmann no joy Hans. There was a single v4 entry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin created (I think) by registering the SDK since all P3D versions were listed. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin there were only the v5 entries. After deleting the v4 key and running the CRJ installer, I saw again the TrueGlass installer at the end but it did not seem to have completed and no folders were created (neither the previous v4 folder, nor the folder under v5 gauges).... I'm a bit lost....
  13. Tried to run the installer with /beta and it did not create the v5HF2 folders / files. This is a possibility but I will not be able to remove all reg entries by myself..... Did you previously had v4 on your PC? I will redownload the installer but I hardly believe that it will change anything! PS1: There are other topics in the Airbus section of users having the same issue... PS2: Another DEV had some issues with the installers when the users OS would be in other language then english (my OS is in German but I prefer running flight sim related apps in English)
  14. Here another finding... I reinstalled the CRJ and it automaticaly created a P3Dv4 folder containing only the Gauges Folder with TrueGlass stuff inside. !!!I completely removed P3Dv4 and have only v5 on my PC. I also installed the P3Dv5 version of the CRJ!!!
  15. @masterhawk nope...not there! No .DLL no folder no anything (fresh install).
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