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  1. Hello @ametlib, thank you for your response. You will always find users complaining about how "they feel" they are threated, and you will not find them only here and concerning the CRJ, but everywhere. I did Q your attitude because going through your postings over your profile, I simply could not find lots of reported issues from your side, but some comments that I interpreted to show some kind of attitude / or tone. But please let's close this debate and stick to issues with the CRJ. *Thank you*
  2. Dear @ametlib, so I went to your profile and read every single post of yours, from all of which exactly 3 (maybe 4) had actualy something to do with reporting a "BUG". All other posts of yours were merely additions to threads without any specifics, or insults towards AS team of developers and testers. So I'm just curios: are you going to keep the same attitude? I'm just curious.... *************************** And now back to the topic: I'm not going to a 3rd party forum where we don't offer any support on to check for reports. You need suport, you come here and ask for it! If you have ANY issues to report or Q to ask, please be so kind to open threads providing any information we need to assist YOU, as we do with ALL of our customers. Thank you!
  3. This is happening with every single approach or is it specific?
  4. Hello @JonasN1985, I'm sorry that you get the feeling that such reports get ignored or rejected. Some Q for you: 1. Have you searched the forums for reports regarding WandB of the CRJ and the propper way to set up the ACFT? If not....I assure you there will be a 3 digit user list, all of them answered and wast majority of them were based on user error. 2. How can you expect us to work with informations like: In order to track something down we need complete informations about your flight: FPLN, ACFT, ACFT setup (W&B), how did you set up the ACFT, when in the flight did it happen to "go crazy", etc. So please be so kind and provide us these informations and let's talk about it. Thank you. 3. Did you try the tutorial flight by the book? Have you had any issues with it? If the answers are "YES" and "NO", I do suspect some sort of ACFT setup error. Let's find it what it was by looking at point 2 from above. If the answers on Q3 are YES and YES, then please provide us a "time stamp" of when it got "crazy" and please be so kind to show us relevant screenshots showing current ACFT setup.
  5. Interesting since P3D is in fact FSX. And I hardly believe that "real" pilots actualy said that they are training at home on P3D (or any other SIM running at home on a desktop PC or Notebook).
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Yeah...was just about to ask if you read the thread :).
  8. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  9. @petermaxkoller @Claus Jensen an important thing not to forget is that you have to wait for full IRS alignement before engaging yaw dampers and stab trim's (they won't engage if the IRS is not aligned) ;).
  10. Hello Dave, you don't have to enter a Gate on the INIT page (entries with dashes are optional, entries with boxes are mandatory). In the SIM the airports do vary from vendor to vendor and the gate positions are not that super accurate plus they could also have other numbers. In the POS INIT page you just go to Page 2 and copy GNSS1 position by clicking the LSK next to it, then go back to POS INIT Page 1 and paste it into the boxes by clicking the LSK right to it. This are then the very exact coordinates your plane is located at.
  11. Hello @Puukka I just tested this behaviour on my end and can confirm the same PITCH UP when engaging AP and close to selected ALT. Thank you for the report and the videos. I raised the Q into the test group and also made an entry into our tracking list. Will keep you posted.
  12. @jaimilonchus can I ask you to open another thread if you experience the issue again? This thread is quite old and it seems that the OP does no longer have the issue. I would say that what you have experienced is something different then that what the OP has had therefore I would lock it.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. @LederhosenCharly Do you have Steam or Store MSFS? In the store version the file that saves the views CAMERAS.CFG for e.g. CRJ700 is located here: ....\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_700 Please check if you have write permissions to that file. (Maybe MOVE it to another place . Next time you start MSFS with the CRJ700 it would be created again with Aerosoft preset views). If you save custom views, that file should update with a CAMERADEFINITION.n entry.
  15. @LederhosenCharly The Custom View system is in MSFS and has no relation to the CRJ. You must be doing something different then. How do you know that the views are gone? Do you press some buttons or keys or do you look in the view menu and select them from there?
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