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  1. No because the Discord group is for: So no. It is not public.
  2. @Ircghost find it strange that it stopped exactly at FL170 and nothing commands a pitch up... . Can you reproduce this? Can you share your FPLN, Loadsheet, and exact ACFT with livery? Could there be some ALT CSTR? Did you previously get cleared to FL170 then FL260?
  3. Keep it decent gentlemen (going to hide some of the posts).
  4. @Richard Dastardly I don't realy understand what you are trying to tell me... I argued with the OP because he put other DEV in comparison forgetting to sum up their price tags. As you said here: was exactly what I tried to explain in my post because the OP compared 4 CRJ variants to ONE PMDG variant so I added 65 (for the 700) + the price for the 800 + the price for the 900 + ... (because we don't exactly know the price tags on those). So you will definately end up paying more then 70€ for 4 variants. Also the 146 comes in 3 (not 4 variants) and has the same price tag as the CRJ. ... So I think you missunderstood the point I was trying to make.
  5. Well not quite...so let me share my 2ct: PMDG 737-700 has a promo launch price of 65€ (+800 variant +900 variant + ... variant), all others offer you 1 ACFT roughly at 70€. With the CRJ you get 4 variants for 70€....so let's be fair in comparison.
  6. Such behaviour has not been reported yet. Would be great to see a video of this issue.
  7. We are aware of some issues that came up also to our testers.
  8. Also this is on the fix lists (tested already): Fixed: FLEX N1 overwritten by TO N1 after weight off wheels
  9. Honestly....you should try to read the entire reply before you LOL. Understand that all those over 100 community users provide bits and pieces and upload those every step of the way (in the DEV or EXP versions ONLY). Can you tell how many BUGS have been uploaded then unloaded then uploaded again etc? Did you notice that some of the uploaded versions didn't even work at all due to instant CTD? Have you tried a DIR TO in that NX, did you notice both MCDUS providing same informations? etc. Now don't get me wrong...those guys are doing a tremendous job for free (did you help them with a small donation already?) but comparing it (at this stage) with the CRJ...this makes me LOL. Now please get back on topic or this will be closed
  10. @sidfadc this is definately not normal. I 've read you have checked few things already so just for sannity: - create new empty profiles for your controllers (that is the only way to be sure no keybindings are there) --> if you checked then skip - empty community folder to check for interference with addons (like some pushback or other stuff) -> skip if already done - check another standard scenery (it could be that a 3rd party scenery has some issues with material of the taxi ways) -> skip if done I can't come up with other ideas but crazy ones e.g. check some of the options in MSFS like icing.....
  11. And also because they are working on adding and fixing issues as they go. So instead of saying...here you go with the full set of features, they add features bit by bit . (They only currently added VNAV as an example of that....). And it is also because (as the loading text says) over hunderd of community members actually provide code for it.
  12. Please make new profiles for ALL your controllers (do not assign any buttons).
  13. @thepilote78 Another thing I found: create new empty profiles for your controllers and see if the dashes dissapear .
  14. @thepilote78 how did you load the CRJ? I remeber seeing this reported a few times but I don't think we've been able to reproduce it. IIRC it had to do with aircraft switching from developer menu or something like that or starting from a saved scenario or in a wrong state etc. I never encountered this issue on my end! Does this happen consistently on your end? What startup state did you saved in the EFB?
  15. Don't have this sound either...(and I'm now using the pushback toolbar add on also).
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