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  1. GEK_the_Reaper

    Hot fixes download how?

    The first thing to start with is "What SIM?" And to your Q: Have you read this?
  2. Dan, we were not guessing what the issue is but what version of the CRJ 180430 might the OP talk about...
  3. GEK_the_Reaper


    Dear Jerry, under no circumstances did I advise you to reinstall your OS. I just added my setup as information. Nevertheless you should consider that every PW ACFT works different and thus could definately lead to single failures. Since I obviously ran out of ideas, I will keep away from this thread.
  4. He might be talking about one of the beta test updates released in 2018-04-30 (which I would find odd since if he was indeed a BETA tester, he would have known by now that that's not the latest version ).
  5. GEK_the_Reaper


    Hans, looking at your video I still consider the CRJ to be a little bouncy when following the GS (the green diamond seems to be spot on, the FD on the other hand...). By any chance you will try to make it better? OT questions: How big was the video file? What did you use to record / compress the file? (Recording with GF Experience generates huge files on my end... :( )
  6. GEK_the_Reaper


    Jerry, I set up my CRJ in C&D and never had a different loading state exept the very first time after I install it (or one of it's updates). In the later, it will load in C&D with PB on, after that, it always loads with PB off. I came to the conclusion that there is some sort of conflict with the: Default.fxml, Default.wx, PreviousFlight.fxml, PreviousFlight.wx (after updating the CRJ!!). What I did was: - delete all 4 files - start P3D and loaded the Cub - pressed Ctrl+Alt+F1 to kill the engine - SAVED this as the Default Scenario (green check mark) - Loaded the CRJ in it's default state) and set it up to load in C&D as default - Loaded C&D in the CRJ - closed the sim After these steps (which were necesary on my end ONLY after the v update), I never had the CRJ load in other states, regardles if loaded directly or after the Cub. I will also follow your above FPLN and report back. PS (just for the record): I had a clean v4.2 install over a clean W10 install. For v4.3 I updated only the client (and took care to delete the CFG and the shaders).
  7. GEK_the_Reaper


    @JerryJet I agree that the CRJ has some issues but I did not encounter any "show stoppers" at this time. I consider myself having a pretty stable system and do run a lot of AddOn's (see my HW and SW setup in my signature). Hans is also continously checking the forums and working on reported issues (if they can be reproduced), which I found great. Now...there are a plethora of things that can be wrong on a users PC, that can lead to an unstable ACFT. Just look at the threads that end with: "O...i don't even have P3D 4.3..." (just sayin...). The issue with the OP is another. He takes he's time to registers on the forum, he takes he's time to open a topic and in he's first post he doesn't even ask for help but bashes AS. I have to ask myself: What did this guy gain from he's post? PS: @JerryJet continue to report your crashes in your topics in detail. I will try to follow your FPLN and report back.
  8. GEK_the_Reaper


    Well...not realy a good entry with your first post.... People come here to help and get help. There are a lot of users flying the CRJ on a daily basis without issues. I am one of those. So lets try again but this time a bit more tactful! What SIM? What version of the SIM? What version of the CRJ? What Addons?
  9. GEK_the_Reaper

    Dave non functional after latest update

    @Hans Hartmann I had faced this odd behaviour only once exactly after updating to the latest v1.2.2 through the Updater. What I did was: 1. Update the CRJ 2. Started P3D (4.3) and loaded the CUB 3. Pressed Ctrl+Shift+F1 to stop the engine 4. Loaded the CRJ -> it was dead. I then thought that some scenario (fxml) file was causing the conflict (due to the update) and deleted those files. For the second try I did step 2 and 3 AND before step 4, I saved the scenario as DEFAULT. From this point on, the CRJ loaded perfect regardless if selected directly or through the Cub. I think there are some conflicts in that area.
  10. @Kev73 the reason I asked is that a user reported something simmilar with another PW ACFT and another forum. After a debugging phase he reported back saying that after he turned off AFLT from the Add-on's menu (within P3D), the problem was gone. There were few more suspected add-on's amongst were: EZCA and ASPv4. I have both and never had issues (don't use AFLT either). May I suggest you turn off some Add-On's to see what happens? Have no other ideas....
  11. This is probably far fetched: do you use Don Grovenstine's AFLT? Or an AddOn scenery which has AFLT? If you are unsure can you test a default ARP?
  12. GEK_the_Reaper

    Updating to 1.2.2

    With screenshot of the CRJ file I mean the exact and complete naming of your latest CRJ installer file (you can copy / paste the file name in here instead of a pic). The reason of my request is that I think you have a much earlyer version of the CRJ installed wich did not include the Updater...
  13. GEK_the_Reaper

    CFM Sound 'Click'

    He is talking about CFM engine sound while cruising (if I understood correct). It seems that the OP clearly hears the sound loop of the engine audio file...
  14. GEK_the_Reaper

    Updating to 1.2.2

    @ant0215 can you post a screenshot of the CRJ file you installed and a screenshot of your folder structure please?
  15. GEK_the_Reaper

    SimBrief 'Load Error'

    You will not be able to update any database without a subscription!