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  1. I just checked the nav database and there are gates up to V53 and then continue with V60. A gate named V54 doesn't exist, neither in Aerosoft nor in Navigraph data. For your first screenshot I need to know what the FROM waypoint is. It's always FROM - VIA - TO. In this case: ????? - Q913 - IGSEB.
  2. Hans Hartmann

    EDDK professional overwriting FSaerodata

    You should be able to change the priorities since P3D 4.4. That was one of the new features if I remember correctly. Or simply add the FSaerodata stuff via add-ons.cfg. If I understand you right and they store their navdata as a scenery, it should be easy to create an add-on.xml file and add it to the scenery library the new way.
  3. Hans Hartmann

    CRJ Idling Issue

    That only works in FSX and P3D v3. In v4 the option is not available. Normally the aircraft doesn't move at 21% unless it's very light. But the ground thrust is actually tuned so that it doesn't need much to start rolling.
  4. Hans Hartmann

    CRJ Idling Issue

    The reason is that you have anti-ice switched on. It increases the N1 for 30 (WAI or EAI) or 35 (WAI and EAI) percent.
  5. Hans Hartmann

    No Sound from Pilot/ Co Pilot

    Is it possible that your headphones are configured to 5.1 sound? Some sound drivers allow such a setting. If the captain/FO sound is, for example, played on the center channel then you would hear nothing on a stereo headset.
  6. Hans Hartmann

    AI-Flugzeuge verfolgen

    Das ist eine Optimierung des AI-Traffics im FSX/P3D. Die AI-Flieger werden nur innerhalb eines bestimmten Umkreises um das Flugzeug des Benutzers dargestellt. Würde der FSX sämtliche AI Flieger durchgehend, dann würde das gewaltig auf die Performance gehen. Wenn Du den gesamten Flug verfolgen willst, müsstest Du also quasi hinterher fliegen, damit der AI-Flieger in deiner Nähe bleibt.
  7. Hans Hartmann

    CRJ700/900 crashes on load

    Do you have any details? Error messages or an event viewer entry?
  8. Hans Hartmann

    Camera views and weather map question

    1) I'm sorry but I don't know. I own EzDok as well as Chaseplane, but I don't use either of them. However, I strongly recommend to use the default view because it's correctly aligned with the HUD and the three balls on the center post. Any movement of the eyepoint would compromise that. 2) The weather radar is shown inside the MFD. There's no separate window for that.
  9. Hans Hartmann

    Back to square one

    Yes, FSX acts a bit weird on startup. It seems that if you load a complex aircraft from the Free Flight window, the simulator is not completely initialized and running when the aircraft becomes active. That can cause some strange behavior and seems to have been fixed in Prepar3D. The easiest solution to this kind of problem is to simply load the default C172 at some airport first and then switch to the aircraft and airport you actually want to fly.
  10. Hans Hartmann

    Back to square one

    I'm not sure what to say, but I tested it and it works just fine. Here's a video with FSX SP2, CRJ SP1a (1.3), FSUIPC 4.974 and Navigraph AIRAC 1902. The default situation is a Cessna 172 at Münster/Osnabrück (EDDG). The only other add-on installed is Ultimate Traffic live. Video proof: As you can see, it works just fine on a clean FSX. If it doesn't on your system, then it's something non-standard or a configuration issue. I attached the situation files as well as all information about my system. May be you can find something. FSX version info: My startup situation files: C172 EDDG 07.zip And finally the whole set of version information for my PC: ASVersionInfo.TXT
  11. This looks good so far. Nothing actually missing.
  12. This only goes for the Airbus Pro. The CRJ is still in the SimObjects folder, not in a separate one.
  13. Hans Hartmann

    FSX CRJ - VATSIM Radio Timeout When Flying Online

    After about half an hour, the battery runs empty.... nothing left to power the radios. Just switch on the APU (or ground power) right after the battery and you're fine. Also, Facebook and Netflix are not part of the power up checklist and should be skipped at all cost!
  14. Please one post only. Thank you.
  15. Two questions: a) Do you run P3D 4.4 as Administrator? b) Is your P3D 4.4 installation a clean install or did you upgrade from a previous version Please download our version information tool and post the results here: ASVersionInfo