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  1. I think the (VECT) leg is the problem here because it doesn't have a position (fly heading/course until manual termination) and that would be needed to step through here.
  2. I usually have the realism settings set to "Hard". P-Factor and Torque are things that concern propeller aircraft only and Gyro doesn't affect the systems in the CRJ. So it's just General (whatever that does...) and Crash Tolerance (I'm not sure if that's even available in FSX or a new feature of Prepar3D). Overall there's not much you can do wrong.
  3. According to Hifi-Sim's ActiveSky SDK, any version since ActiveSky Next SP3 is supported. The CRJ itself doesn't differentiate between the different versions of ActiveSky - in fact, it doesn't even see which version you use. Please check if you really use the SP3 version of ActiveSky Next.
  4. Can you post the complete flightplan please? Without it, I can only guess.
  5. Sorry, the EFB is 3D only. A 2D panel for it doesn't exist.
  6. You're in the wrong section. This one is about the 32-bit Airbus A318-A321 products. Airbus Professional is the 64-bit version for Prepar3D v4. I moved the thread over to the right section. Now to your issue. Do you mean by flickering that the window becomes black momentarily? If yes, then it's no issue with the Airbus but with Prepar3D itself. On many systems enabling V-Sync and Triple Buffering in the Prepar3D graphics settings fixes the issue.
  7. Do you hear sounds on clicking a switch or moving the throttles into a detent? Those should be audible no matter what the aircraft state is.
  8. Pete, I've been installing and uninstalling P3D4 (different versions 4.4, 4.5, 4.5HF) quite often. As I wrote earlier, I had this issue once, but since then I haven't seen it again. There was another issue, some time ago, where the aircraft wouldn't capture the localizer. That went away for me after a P3D reinstall as well. I wonder if this heading issue is more or less the same.
  9. Der Thread ist zwar schon zu, aber ich missbrauche meine Moderatorenrechte mal, um Otto hier auf ganzer Linie zuzustimmen 🙂
  10. SimConnect ClientData areas are pretty bulky to handle, especially when adding or changing things and are also limited in size. L-Vars do not depend on a fixed data structure, so adding more is a very easy process. As far as I am aware, FS2Crew uses the L-Vars to communicate with the Airbus. But yes, Mathijs is right. If you want the status of the Airbus on a second PC, you need to set up some network connection that can transfer the data from server to client and vice versa. It's pretty much the same that the connected Flightdeck does.
  11. Although I'm not directly involved in the Airbus projects, I checked the modeldef.xml code and I think I have a solution for you: AB_OVH_WIPERL_KNOB and AB_OVH_WIPERR_KNOB only control the animation position of the knob. However, the wiper status is not changed by the animation position but by mouse click events. These events set L-variables named AB_wiperL and AB_wiperR which control the actual wiper. Valid values for both variables are 0, 1 and 2. I hope that helps
  12. Ich weiß es! Ich weiß es! Aber es wäre uncool, das Rätsel aufzulösen, daher sage ich nichts 🙂
  13. I'm moving this thread over to the PFPX support forum. The people over there should be able to help you.
  14. The second flightplan fails to load because of this: Airway3=DCT Airway3FROM=GEDSO Airway3TO=VEKEN Directs are supposed to look like this: DctWpt1=DAVID DctWpt1Coordinates=-4.920308,55.625883 Using DCT as airway name is a bug in PFPX. Flightplan File Documentation: CRJ Flightplan Format.pdf
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