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  1. I just checked this. I switched to Cold & Dark in the EFB; the ATC windows switched to what your screenshot shows. Then I clicked Ready for Taxi and the ATC window changed to COM1/2/3 right after the battery switched on. I was able to switch on the autopilot without any problem. My first idea on this would be hardware. I know that several people had problems with the controls settings after Sim Update 7. So, may be there is something colliding with the Avionics Master Switch (for ATC) and the Autopilot Master Switch. My recommendation is that you check your controls setting for this or, if you don't have any custom controls settings, just reset them to default. Another possible reason for the autopilot disconnect would be a noisy signal from a joystick axis. In this case, you can try to reduce the AP Disconnect sensitivity in the EFB (Options, Page 1)
  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. The 550/700 is indeed Version The 900/1000 and the bundle along with it were bumped to because of an issue with some knobs in the -1000. The jump from 10.11.0 to is because the Marketplace increases the version number every time the ingestion process is done and this was required to implement the 900/1000 upgrade. So, basically equals in everything but the -1000 knobs. Sorry for the mess, but everything is OK. Really 🙂
  4. The just received info from Asobo that the HUD issue has been solved. However, there's is no ETA for the availabilty of the solution yet.
  5. The just received info from Asobo that the HUD issue has been solved. However, there's is no ETA for the availabilty of the solution yet.
  6. This is not reproducable here. Looks as expected with both DX11 and DX12.
  7. A similar problem is visible on the default 787-10 too. Please stand by while we gather the information needed to fix the issue.
  8. It's Iberia operated by Hibernian. Just check the registration. All is good.
  9. It depends on where you bought the CRJ. On the marketplace, two separate folders were required, thus aerosoft-crj for the -550/700 and aerosoft-crj-900-1000 for the... well... -900/1000. If you bought it elsewhere, you don't receive a separate installer for the -900/1000 but a bundle package which contains all four models. This only uses one folder: aerosoft-crj. If you use the marketplace version, the -550/700 and -900/1000 do not have access to each others work-folders, so currently the only way to share settings and flightplans is, to copy them from one package to the other. Make sure to only do this with the work folder or its contents, not with the m*.* files. You do NOT need to manually create an aerosoft-crj-900/1000 for non-marketplace versions.
  10. There is no installer on the marketplace side. All that we provide is an archive with the files. Regarding the Xbox, you are right with that. The marketplace is currently the only option to deploy an add-on for the Xbox. The CRJ (any version of it) is currently not available for Xbox.
  11. I should add this is not a problem on Aerosoft's side.
  12. I have and tried all these sceneries and I can not confirm your findings. For me, they all work just fine.
  13. Yes, but even that is normal, if you start moving around the cockpit with the mouse pointer of a brightness knob. The mouse has two functions in this situation. This can be fixed by changing the mouse settings, but otherwise it's a default setting in FS. I could reproduce it a couple of times. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. But it has nothing to do with the CRJ itself, that's for sure.
  14. I change my opinion. That's not the beacon, it's the ramp guy outside the aircraft with his pushback truck. Just found that out while testing. So, no bug.
  15. Apparently something changed with the effects in SU6. We're investigating how this can be solved.
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