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  1. @Artox67 and @GEK_the_Reaper, thank you very much for your quick respons and the helpful tip you gave. Everything's fine now Heinz
  2. Hello Community, facing a strange isssue here. Running p3D v.4.4 and CRJ 900 V1.2.3. As soon as I let down the hgs i got following picture. Can please somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong. Have already un- and reinstalled the CRJ. Heinz
  3. Hello to the PFPX community, does onabody have a PFPX a/c template for teh flysimware Cessna 441, or does anybody know how and from where to get the relevant data. Any tip appriciated. Heinz
  4. Good morning to everyone, I recently bought PFPX after a long period of time comparing all its competitors on the market. Being pretty impressed by the program and do not regret bying it. One question that couldn't be answered by myself is. How can I display my AI Traffic (UTL) form P3Dv4.1 into PFPX. Any comment appriciates. Heinz
  5. shame on me, should have figured out this by myself, sorry for bothering
  6. would appriciate the same thing as I also dont like going the long way via the menue heinz
  7. update: pc have got an windows update yesterday and since that time everything works fine. topic closed
  8. I just figured out that my FO (running MCE 3.7.40, CRJ 1.0.2, P3Dv4.1) doesn’t dial the correct Frq. My FO sets the ATC freq but not accurate enought, so he always sest the values left from the decimal correct but mostly the values on the right side of the decimal are just set to ".00" and not e.g. .15. Have found out also that as soon as I try to change Nav freq. FO recognises this and tries to set the value in the co-pilot side FMC-CDU. By doing this he puts in the freq in but doesn set the decimal between e.g. 109.70; this results in an invalid error and nothing happens anymore Have someone ever heart about that, has the same issue, or even better a solution to this. Just have this issue since I swapped to 1.0.2 best regards Heinz
  9. It would be nice, and also a clear sign of a developed business partnership (between the dev. and us) to get at least a statement about what's going on Heinz
  10. I thought the LNAV issue is the one which has driven Hans and other developers to work and finally release an updated version; or am I wrong? Heinz
  11. Had the stall situation as well as the try to slam the plan into the ground too; hope this is getting a rid of with the next update early this week where the route following should be fixed.
  12. had just another similar issue, had a nice flight from eddm to eddh and was decenting as immediately the ap was disengaged (didn't hit any button) and plane starts sinkinging dramatically - any idea?
  13. Hello, think I've a wired issue; as soon as i hit the pause button to pause my P3dv4,1 as soon as i reactivate the sim the a/c drops down its nose and a secound later and not being overspeeded or somethong else flight stops and i get the message a/c is overstressed, has anyone of you guys had this issue already or has anyone a tip what this can cause thx heinz
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