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  1. Ok so I am able to resolve this issue by removing the discontinuity from the LEGS page and not the FPLN page. In Boeing aircrafts I use the RTE (=FPLN or CRJ plane) page that is why I am lost here Hope it will help
  2. Hey, I am using the CRJ 900 and I often have an issue when planning my flight. For example I want to go from KDEN to KPHX so I enter both airports in the FLPN section of the FMS. Then I use simbrief.com to get the route which is: SMMUR2 DAAYE GUP EAGUL6 First in the DEP/ARR section I select runway ILS34L with SID SMMUR2. Then In the next page I enter DAAYE waypoint which is a DIRECT one. Then I enter GUP waypoint which is a DIRECT one. Then I go to the DEP/ARR section and I select the arrival runway ILS26 with STAR EAGUL6. Then I check my route for d
  3. Hey About the C&D issue it is quite simple, when I start a free flight at some airport gate the plane is not Cold & Dark so I use the DAVE to select this panel state, then something interesting is I see an infinite time message saying "shutting down engines..." it nevers goes to "complete" and never disappears. Then I start battery and DC services, then I start the APU, hydraulics and cabin airflow leaving the remaining on auto. Then I click on the Engine Left Start (or right) button but no light appears on it and nothing happens then. So I go back to DAVE
  4. Hey thank you for your reply. I have investigated since my last message and it appears that I was not correctly using the autopilot. Indeed it is a bit more tricky than heavy airliners. Sometimes if I drag too much the autopilot disengages (low setting in DAVE) and the alarm will only stop if I go back to some sort of idle dragging state even if I disengage the autopilot the alarm is still ringing until I am back to idle. For the Cold & Dark issue this is always a problem, are you aware of it, did you plan to fix it anytime ? :) By the way if you know how can I (if on
  5. Ok for the alarm I found that it was the autopilot and I needed to disengage it using the "Autopilot Disconnect" bar control in order to stop the alarm...
  6. Hi, I am using Aerosoft CRJ 700 (v1.2.3.0) on FSX:SE and I have three issues I cannot manage to resolve. Maybe someone have the solution. 1. When I start cold and dark, I put batteries and APU ON then when I want to start engines, the left or right button "Engine start" does not react when I click on it, even the ignition button. I must use the panel state "Ready to taxi" then back to "Cold and dark" and now it works fine. 2. When I am going up in the sky and I reach the maximum speed, which can be seen with the red dotted vertical line on the instruments I
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