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  1. Thanks for that info, I had the same problem... That being said its incorrect, once the altitude is set in the window, at no time on the ground should the pilot have to ever push or pull the altitude selector. Once the aircraft leaves SRS and above the acceleration altitude it should automatically go into CLB or OPCLB.
  2. Its to bad this project seems dead, because I hate giving "the other dev" money because their stuff is just plain bad... It just seems this version of WSSS is going nowhere fast.
  3. just flew: EDDN/28 AKAN8K AKANU... SID went flawless.. I'll the EDDM SID again later today. 3 SIDS and 2/3 went flawless. I'm thinking EDDM may have been just a random error, but I will try it again. Thanks for your feedback. fyi... on my last flight I did : Gear up.. Speed mode.. Nav mode.
  4. Hmmmm let me give it another shot and see what the results are... Hans are you arming NAV mode on the runway or once your airborne?
  5. Navigraph latest update... Think that might be the issue? It didn't follow the SID at all, I had to go into HDG mode and choose a fix downline, then it flew well.
  6. yep LNAV is still broken. EDDM-EDDN 08R EVIV3E EVIVA... On departure it started the turn north very early and then just flew a circle around the airport. The en-route sector seem to do well, but it couldn't fly the SID at all.
  7. That's the device that makes time travel possible...
  8. I can also agree with this, minus the frame drop. Green needles into KIAD ILS01R it tried to fly me into the trees. was able to disconnect and land. Flew the ILS pretty well, until about 500' above mins, then it pitched over.
  9. Yep... I would say that looks like the same old stuff since V1.00... I've only done 1 flight and it went ok for me as far as LNAV (ILS apprch is still a mess).. but wow... not good.
  10. I just did KJFK-KIAD... 31L CRI climb RBV.HYPER7. wind in JFK gusting to 55KTS. It wasn't perfect but a vast improvement from before... wind enoute 278/120 (massive crosswind) and it tracked it down the centerline all the way. What did you see?
  11. 1. "In real life" a pilot would not initiate a turn a gear up... 400' is usually a minimum alt for a turn. UNLESS the SID specifically calls for an immediate turn after departure and there are not many. KDCA is one taking off to the north. 2. Airlines and operating manuals have minimum altitudes in which the autopilot can or must be connected or disconnected, and all the airlines I've worked at, that altitude is long before clean up speeds and altitudes.
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