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  1. Its to bad this project seems dead, because I hate giving "the other dev" money because their stuff is just plain bad... It just seems this version of WSSS is going nowhere fast.
  2. just flew: EDDN/28 AKAN8K AKANU... SID went flawless.. I'll the EDDM SID again later today. 3 SIDS and 2/3 went flawless. I'm thinking EDDM may have been just a random error, but I will try it again. Thanks for your feedback. fyi... on my last flight I did : Gear up.. Speed mode.. Nav mode.
  3. Hmmmm let me give it another shot and see what the results are... Hans are you arming NAV mode on the runway or once your airborne?
  4. Navigraph latest update... Think that might be the issue? It didn't follow the SID at all, I had to go into HDG mode and choose a fix downline, then it flew well.
  5. yep LNAV is still broken. EDDM-EDDN 08R EVIV3E EVIVA... On departure it started the turn north very early and then just flew a circle around the airport. The en-route sector seem to do well, but it couldn't fly the SID at all.
  6. That's the device that makes time travel possible...
  7. I can also agree with this, minus the frame drop. Green needles into KIAD ILS01R it tried to fly me into the trees. was able to disconnect and land. Flew the ILS pretty well, until about 500' above mins, then it pitched over.
  8. Yep... I would say that looks like the same old stuff since V1.00... I've only done 1 flight and it went ok for me as far as LNAV (ILS apprch is still a mess).. but wow... not good.
  9. I just did KJFK-KIAD... 31L CRI climb RBV.HYPER7. wind in JFK gusting to 55KTS. It wasn't perfect but a vast improvement from before... wind enoute 278/120 (massive crosswind) and it tracked it down the centerline all the way. What did you see?
  10. Are you reading other posts or just your own? There are countless threads on here about the FMS being the cause of many problems including CTDs.
  11. If your friend is flying the CRJ and thinks that on an RNAV SID is ok for the aircraft to veer off the SID up to 90 degrees he either doesn't care about being violated or should look for a new line of work. Most airlines require RNAV SIDs be flown with the autopilot engaged, now on the rare occasion that the aircraft does something strange then of course fly it manually. An RNAV equipped aircraft not following the SID, route or STAR is a "big deal". Once on the ground the RNP status of the aircraft would be downgraded or another system being deferred ie. GPS, autopilot, flight director and this would downgraded the aircraft to no RNAV status. **If your friend wasn't referring to these issues then disregard what I've said.**
  12. 1. "In real life" a pilot would not initiate a turn a gear up... 400' is usually a minimum alt for a turn. UNLESS the SID specifically calls for an immediate turn after departure and there are not many. KDCA is one taking off to the north. 2. Airlines and operating manuals have minimum altitudes in which the autopilot can or must be connected or disconnected, and all the airlines I've worked at, that altitude is long before clean up speeds and altitudes.
  13. 1. Its very possible and I would assume they would be updating the aircraft software to fly RNP and LNAV/VNAV approaches as they are the future of instrument approaches. I don't believe auto thrust is a requirement for an RNP approach, just that the aircraft is capable of RNP0.3 and has a vertical NAV function and of course the company is approved to conduct RNP approaches. 2. Good idea, I don't recall seeing that, but the new next gen models could do that. 3. I do remember that if you didn't put the FMS into INHIBIT mode on the legs page, and flew throw the missed approach area it would start to sequence. The sequencing isn't really the issue, its that I cant get the approach to load again after that. If flying an ILS its not really an issue, but it makes its not possible to fly an RNAV approach if the FMS will not accept loading the approach again. I even loaded another separate approach, and then loaded my original approach again and it still sequenced to the missed approach. Its just a bug that I'm sure you can get to the bottom of. The plane has great potential, and I'm looking forward to more updates.
  14. Han's I am a "former" CRJ pilot (now most of the 6,000hrs I have on it is on the -200 model) I flew about 500hrs on the -900 before moving on to much greener pastures. 1. None of the -200/900s (that I flew) could fly RNP or LNAV/VNAV approaches because they didn't any vertical managed descent modes, only NAV. Without some sort of managed descent ie. VNAV it can't fly an RNP or LNAV/VNAV RNAV approach, because you are now stepping into precision like RNAV approaches. Now again that's the models I flew. I've never heard of a CRJ that has a VNAV function, but I'm far removed from the CRJ now, and flying the French made wide-body so they could be out there now. 2. I didn't use the DIR TO feature very often, but I do not remember it putting a point slightly ahead of the aircraft, but its been 6 years since I've been in the airplane. 3. I know how to manage my speed on an RNAV approach as I have hundreds of RNAV(RNP) and RNAV approaches, and the CRJ here is not holding the course, and as I said the RNAV approaches I flew in P3D anytime you fly past the runway (basically a downwind) it sequences (even in INHBIT) and you cant get the approach back even reloading it, it just goes right into the missed approach segment.
  15. 100% true as stated above. I just did a flight from PHX-KSAF and yes its still broken for sure... While now it does follow the enroute portion of the flight RNAV SIDS are still completely broken. Landing in KSAF RNAV 20 the FMS sequenced on downwind (with INHIBIT selected on the legs page) to the missed approach and I couldn't get the approach to load again, it always just went to the missed approach. While yes the plane is flyable, the advanced navigation functions of the aircraft are totally broken. Maybe its time to do some thing like TFDI did and bring in a 3rd party to help you get this right, because right now what your doing is not working.
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