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  1. I have same issue.. grass over top of the runway.. This is ridiculous as old of a scenery as it is.. We need a new Professional Version for KSMF as well that actually works.. This scenery is old from fsx days.. Time to move it on up to today's sim.. Leave that one in the past.
  2. Copy. .OK I thought for some reason I actually had an actual CRJ-550 performance tag.. but ok thank you
  3. Anyone have a copy of the CRJ-550 PFPX performance ??
  4. You linked me here.. Thats why I posted it here.. Then I am not sure where it belongs either move it where it belongs or delete from the forum and I forget I even asked the question..
  5. Is there anyway of pfpx picking up weather without the sim on the same pc ? I see it says online but then it says no weather even after selecting online.. So basically it has to have a sim to connect too ?
  6. When doing flight plans.. I sometimes get alot of alt errors that come with some of my ofp.. How you update or rid of those alt errors you get ??
  7. Is there anyway PFPX could be part of cloud or if not now someday, to where it doesn't need to be on same pc as the planes are but still function ? Like for example, my Flightsim PC is down & at the shop, and I have a feeling pfpx is going end up getting erased. Due to the fact I'll need a new windows restored on there. Wouldn't it be nice though to be able to have a backup pfpx on another PC, so that if one PC is down and you loose data, when you get that pc backup, you can still send data back too the other computer once you reinstall pfpx & not loose all my airplane data like I had.. I had alot of good true airplane info I am now going to have to go back again and once again build all that back up again, which will take alot of time and effort to do.. However If I was able to send it data from another PFPX on another pc and just send the aircraft data back too it.. Along with all my airplanes I have on there.. Be Alot of time saved.
  8. Before we had a Skywest Blue and white for the old CRJ 700.. Was wondering if we can get one for the Professional version.. It basically doesn't fly anyone carrier, it can fly for any of the ones Skywest operates because it has Skywest colors on it and on tail it says skywest.. Thats the one I am looking to have done for the professional just like we had it before for non professional version.. Then also need a Go Jet for United Express for the 700 actual 700.. Not the CRJ 550 but actual Gojet CRJ 700.. Thanks for the Professional version of course
  9. In much need of a brand new updated KSMF for P3DV4 .. Please consider putting KSMF at the top of airports to redo for P3D in 2020 please.. I am having alot of issues with current one working properly in P3DV4
  10. Looking for someone too make these 2 jets.. Same company with 2 different N tail numbers.. Both for Mesa Airlines run under UALX.. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  11. Mesa - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-Mesa-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-700-CL-600-2C10/4671965?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D GoJet - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-GoJet-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-702-CL-600-2C10/4512675?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D
  12. Hi.. I would like to put in a request for atleast 2 more UE CRJ 700 1 more Skywest with different aircraft number aside from 770SK.. How about Aircraft # N 785SK then how about for Mesa Aircraft # N 552LR.. this way I can have 2 seperate Skywest & not like I'm flying the same one every time & maybe create 2 Mesa Jets with different aircraft #'s so we have 2 different Mesa Jets.. This way you can choose between them & not like your flying the same jet every time.. I have seen Mesa with 2 different ways they have there Aircraft # one would be the LR at the end & the other with MJ.. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  13. Mathijs what is the reason Wing lights no longer work ?

    1. Jetwings32


      On the Airbus, I forgot to say that


    2. The Dude

      The Dude

      Nothing was changed on the   Airbus since almost two years. If the lights suddenly do not work anymore then it has to do with something you changed on your end. 

    3. Tom A320

      Tom A320

      Furthermore, use the forums for posting your questions, and not the personal status pages of forum members.

      As you had already opened a forum topic for this problem this is even a double post of one and the same problem.

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