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  1. Looking for someone too make these 2 jets.. Same company with 2 different N tail numbers.. Both for Mesa Airlines run under UALX.. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content only.
  2. Need also a Mesa Non Fictional to be used with United Virtual cause they keep putting the 900 listed in my flight schedule even though real United Express does not have any 900's Need a nonfictional CRJ 900 representing Mesa as well..
  3. I notice there isn't any good wing views from inside the plane. wondering if you can't like add some wing views in future that I can go too aircraft window view L/R side
  4. Hi.. In very much need of Mesa Airlines version of United Express CRJ-700 .. we have Skywest which is the big one but so is Mesa Airlines another one of our big CRJ-700 carriers riding under the United Express brand name.. Also be nice to have 1 more Skywest one but different aircraft # that way its like your not flying the same aircraft over and over, can fly another one with different aircraft number but in sim its still the same plane but different aircraft # making it feel like your flying a different aircraft.
  5. Well it filled in the fuel weight on the FMS side under the Perf page.. Anyway whether the load plans does anything with fuel or not.. Think next update you guys can possibly put in load planner on Side note book where I can click on the box and add in the fuel amount or use the bars like we do now but atleast have the option too fill in the fuel weight in cargo and fuel load planner section ??
  6. Hi, I had uploaded the route, it took it and everything was right on FMS, but it didn't change the actual fuel in the note pad section of the load plan part on it.. Is there anyway of fixing this so when you load a flight plan and it already puts the correct gate fuel in the box, it will reflect the correct fuel in the fuel mgt page in the load planner over on the notebook side of things. I ended up crashing cause I thought it did that when actually it had weigh more fuel than was required for flight.. Gate fuel for today flight was only 7936 or something like that and it had 15,000 some fuel.. which means I was way over weight.. But I thought when I enter it in FMS, it should link between the two of them.. The one on the note pad really doesn't get that accurate.. Is there a way you guys can add in a typo box along with what's there now, so you can enter the exact amount or just atleast when you send in your load plan it corrects the proper fuel weight accordingly..
  7. Hi.. I have your newly updated KASE for P3DV4.. I am getting Isolated gates and will not let me use GSX to load my plane when its considered Isolated. I've been told by Virtualli that its a developer that puts the Isolation on the gates and FSDT can't do anything from their end but too contact the developer of the scenery.. So that's what I am doing.. Anyway too free the gates of being considered Isolated ? So I may be able to use GSX to load my plane please..
  8. Same to identicle issue as guy in section below.. US ICAO are causing CTD's My sim crashes as soon as I enter a US icao
  9. Every time I load in the origin field it freezes and sim crashes.. This below is what I am getting when I look up in event viewer Source: Application Error Date: 11/4/2018 4:34:04 PM Event ID: 1000 Task Category: (100) Level: Error Keywords: Classic User: N/A Computer: DESKTOP-9KE9RMQ Description: Faulting application name: ATKEX_cmd.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.17134.319, time stamp: 0x5ea0e53d Exception code: 0x0eedfade Fault offset: 0x001117d2 Faulting process id: 0x279c Faulting application start time: 0x01d474861bcfec44 Faulting application path: C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\ATKEX_cmd.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\KERNELBASE.dll Report Id: 2d8d3b90-b9d5-4035-b338-710f17120db2
  10. As soon as I enter my origin airport and go too put it in the field that it goes, it crashing my sim.. Never had this before.. I recently had too redo my P3D because I had other issues. However now CRJ is causing the sim too crash when I go too put in my origin when filling out on FMS.. As soon as I put the icao code for KDEN which is where I am currently so it goes in Origin field. the sim sits and crashes out..
  11. My issue I just had isn't necessarily a CTD cause it didn't actually crash the sim itself, but the error I got did cause my plane to actually crash.. I was coming into KASE and was turning final, I went from LNAV to heading mode and started instantly getting error messages invalid ?? something I forgot now what the it said was invalid but i kept getting message after messaging, finally got rid of it, then after getting rid of it happen again and thats when it caused my plane to crash but because I have crash detection off, i was able to recover and climb back up and then resettle and hand flew her in and landed.. The error came the min I switched to heading mode to direct it myself..
  12. I have an idea, not sure it anyone will consider it or not in Aerosoft but hear me out.. for next update if not already discussed inside Dave... Keeping the portable GPU for those times your off of the gate and no jetway is available yet need Ground Power.. But adding in option to use Jetway GPU when your at a gate that has a jetway.. Jetway GPU makes no sound hardly at all.. If anything its a very faint humming sound if anything.. I am a real life ramp agent here In Detroit,MI.. I hook up the GPU too the CRJ-700 for UALX.. I hear our Air conditioning power unit more than I do the Ground Power.. Cause most jetways now, come with 2 Ground Power cords one for the bigger airplanes and the CRJ & then you have GPU cord for the Smaller ERJ's & Dash & ATR's.. CRJ's use the same power cord as the 737 & EMB-170 on up.. ERJ 135-145 uses the smaller GPU cord.. Then you have the Air hose that's also hooked up too the jetway.. No its not the same as Air Start.. Its actual Heating & Air Conditioning unit hose to cool or heat the aircraft.. Which by the way would hook up on far right side of CRJ just past the lavatory door. Would be nice feature to have an added in GPU cord that comes from the Jetway that makes maybe a faint humming sound if any.. But GPU that comes from Jetway makes almost no sound.. When your next too jetway nice to have in replacement of those loud noisy portable GPU's.. So yea if you can add in that option too dave on the next update would be nice.. Keeping of course the other GPU.. Don't get rid of it.. Just adding a line in their for Jetway GPU as well.. Then when your at a hardstand or place with no jetway you still have old faithful too rely on but when you do have a Jetway, you have much quiet GPU..
  13. Mesa - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-Mesa-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-700-CL-600-2C10/4671965?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D GoJet - http://www.airliners.net/photo/United-Express-GoJet-Airlines/Bombardier-CRJ-702-CL-600-2C10/4512675?qsp=eJwtjcEKwjAQRH8l7NlDRVDoTcWLF4voByzJoMHaht2ADaX/7hq8PWYeMzP5cciY8q0kUEsKFv%2BkFSUWfiu1M71QPqMEY7oPMSO405QEqu54Pbtd05ito%2BRDMSNwxt57JPP%2B%2BUUC5FdBfR1%2B2NHaANJVps3W8hA19Vw3kDn2tCxfXIQzxA%3D%3D
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