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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. lower left of your pic of the pedestal, couple of switches need to be on
  2. Hello Hans, having trouble switching from VNAV to VS mode flying into KSEA HAWKZ7 STAR vector to ILS16L, the aircraft descends as advertised but when I get to vector to the first waypoint of the approach WUMUL at 7000, the aircraft will not descend. The screenshot above shows HDG and VS down 1.1 as active but is not descending, I tried turning off then on both AP and FD but it stays stuck at 7000, had to disengage AP and fly the approach manually. What am I doing wrong? Thanks, Randy
  3. rvx

    VNAV Question/Suggestion

    sorry, should have read Q&A, I opened the acftdata.cfg file and it has an entry VNAVCoupled=1, the Q&A section says to use CoupledVNAVAvail=1, which one should I use? Thanks
  4. The aircraft is tracking the localizer and glideslope but the annunciator shows ALT as active and GS as armed and remains that way to touchdown, happens occasionally, doesn't matter the airport
  5. Hello, the vertical guidance (little * and blue circle) work very well, I use VS to descend, once I inadvertently hit the VNAV button and it caused very strange behavior indeed, won't do that again. How is this button supposed to function? Is it a work in progress or just for looks? Suggestion for a future update, place an INOP sticker over it. After the most recent update, I no longer get a CTD when selecting a STAR on the EFB Charts page, so thanks for that. Randy
  6. Hello, recently purchased this product for Prepar3d v4.5 with HF2, same issue as Benjamin Elder, in flight if I switch chart to a STAR, immediately get a CTD, has happened every time I tried it. Thanks
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