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  1. Motormike

    318/19 Crazy descend rates

    And if you have tailwind, then its gettin real crazy...
  2. Motormike

    Wind in MFD

    Hi, 1. I looked into the manual, but did not find anything. Maybe i overlooked it. The wind in the MFD is shown as 006/2 numbers only, but i think before the 1.1 patch it was with an arrow, too. Have i switched something wrong (for me) now or am i false? And how can i get my arrow back
  3. Motormike

    Uncommanded Pitch Up when Sidestick Released

    Mix Up between FSUIPC and Controller settings?
  4. Did not find it yesterday...:D
  5. Motormike

    Company Message

    What means the company message in the Eicas? Thank you Mike
  6. Motormike

    Inserting flight plan

    I recommend, no problems with this
  7. Motormike

    Airbus goes nuts

    1. Have you had the opportunity to read through the existing threads on how to troubleshoot and correct frame rates? Yes 2. Are you certain that your older system meets the minimum requirements for the Airbus Pro? Please post your system specs. 4790K 4.6GHZ, 1080TI, 32GB 3. Are you running P3DV4.3 (minimum the Client and the Content components)? Yes 4. Have you tried deleting your shaders and rebooting? Yes 5. Have you updated to the latest version of the Airbus? Yes 6. Are you using any P3D tweaks? Process Lasso 7. Are you using any custom/modified shaders? PTA 8. Are you using EZDoc? Chaseplane 9. When running P3D, are you also running other applications? Yes, Photoshop, Lightroom, Video It just because i dont have this with any other palne if the the FPS drops...
  8. Motormike

    Vnav issues

    yes, a few times checked -
  9. Motormike

    Airbus goes nuts

    Main problem is i have 3 Monitors, i can#t switch to an other monitor because naturally the fps drops to low and it goes nuts, but i had to work on the others (Photoshop, Lightroom...) with other aircrafts it is no problem to let them fly, but the Aerosoft don't like it. So i will use it after work
  10. Motormike

    Airbus goes nuts

    If the FPS drops for a second below 15, the Airbus flight model goes nuts for a while. If new clouds or weather is implemented the FPS can drop for 1 to 5s below 15. While this the Airbus get out of control in Autoflight. He dives, climbs or rolls like crazy. I do not have this with any other airplane like PMDG, FSLABS or something else. It would be nice if you can review this.
  11. Motormike

    Vnav issues

    Happens to me all the time. Decent is to late and it dives like crazy, Speedbrakes are out 90% of the time and i could use bigger ones. At the moment i take the prediction from Pro ATC which is way earlier, but as soon as the "real" Glidepath comes in i could use some additional airbrakes...Just an example EGSS DCT CLN DCT CLN M84 EVMEK UM84 KONAN UL607 KOK UM150 PITES DCT EDISA Y852 NATOR UN850 DEGAD Z424 AKASU DCT AKASU DCT SOKBU LIMC. FL390. PRO ATC predicts around a few miles around Nator to start the descent, the Airbus predicts between Degad and Basgo, which is to late. The old Airbus does this way better.
  12. Motormike

    SVALBARD - LONGYEAR X P3D V4 Oslo / Svalbard
  13. Motormike

    WX Radar and Micro-Stuttering

    Maybe, why not try? I have no problems with it, i think it is a problem with your pc
  14. Motormike

    WX Radar and Micro-Stuttering

    Try to switch off C1E and CStates in Bios if you use Win 10 #6