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  1. Same here Zurich, Frankfurt and Genf are not in the List.
  2. Same problem and i do not have Genf in my updater but installed (Balearen, Gibraltar, Milano is in and was installed without problems)
  3. And if you have tailwind, then its gettin real crazy...
  4. Motormike

    Wind in MFD

    Hi, 1. I looked into the manual, but did not find anything. Maybe i overlooked it. The wind in the MFD is shown as 006/2 numbers only, but i think before the 1.1 patch it was with an arrow, too. Have i switched something wrong (for me) now or am i false? And how can i get my arrow back
  5. What means the company message in the Eicas? Thank you Mike
  6. I recommend www.simbrief.com, no problems with this
  7. 1. Have you had the opportunity to read through the existing threads on how to troubleshoot and correct frame rates? Yes 2. Are you certain that your older system meets the minimum requirements for the Airbus Pro? Please post your system specs. 4790K 4.6GHZ, 1080TI, 32GB 3. Are you running P3DV4.3 (minimum the Client and the Content components)? Yes 4. Have you tried deleting your shaders and rebooting? Yes 5. Have you updated to the latest version of the Airbus? Yes 6. Are you using any P3D tweaks? Process Lasso https://bitsum.com/ 7. Are you using any custom/modified shaders? PTA 8. Are you using EZDoc? Chaseplane 9. When running P3D, are you also running other applications? Yes, Photoshop, Lightroom, Video It just because i dont have this with any other palne if the the FPS drops...
  8. yes, a few times checked -
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