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  1. Here is a pic of my main P3D folder. Not sure what steps I need to take. Knock on wood, the CRJ is the only airplane giving me trouble.
  2. I have been having similar issues. I did a complete uninstall of the CRJ Pro and fresh install first time it happened. Loaded airplane and no problems. Here I am about 2 weeks later, I go to fly the airplane and same thing happens. CRJ Pro latest build include HF/experimental builds. Engines running but screens are dark, throttle is firewalled, yoke hanging to left. I am using Navigraph. Most recent version of P3D and HF. Windows 10 64 ver. 1909.
  3. Hello: It would be great to see auto step climb be added as an option. Thank you.
  4. Hello: I keep experiencing this issue. Even though I just sign into charts via the config., I load the sim, load the EFB and I still receive the please log-in screen.
  5. Hello: Would it be possible to include in the next update the option to sync the CPT and FO's BARO setting. Thanks.
  6. Hello: I'm using the most recent navigraph charts with latest experimental update for A330 in P3Dv4.5 HF3. I'm logged into charts in the config. but when I load the airplane and turn on EFB to charts, it keeps telling me to log into navigraph using the config. Not sure why. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for working on this! I've been too busy to be any further help...sorry.
  8. Hi. Yes. I'm using AS P3D beta 7 I think is the most recent.
  9. Hi: I was flying the 550. I was going fast..Mach .80 and the event happened twice while in cruise. KHIO/31L CHISM4 IMB J523 BCE DCT TCS DCT MRF DCT KMRF/31 First deviation occurred somewhere along J523. Send deviation occurred about half way between BCE and TCS. I was at FL380.
  10. Hello: I am using CRJ version 2.2 SP1 in P3Dv4.5 HF3. I tried a test flight today but twice the airplane flew off the programmed flight path. NAV remained engaged. First time, airplane did a 180 degree turn and just flew on its own. 2nd time, airplane drifted of the route by at least 50NM before I terminated the flight. Thanks.
  11. Hello: How do I update to CRJ Pro to V2.2.0.0 SP1? When I open the updater, no update is available and I cannot locate a download link here on the forums. The merchant I purchased from does not have this version listed either. Thanks.
  12. Well the thing is, the airplane never turned to intercept. It just kept flying straight and passed the right to continue on the route programmed. Glad to hear an update may resolve.
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