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  1. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much these cheats would help when non-sim life mingles with flights. Thanks for your feed back. Actually there is way to implement. I just can't get this airplane to do it. I have the Flysimware Falcon 50 - also no autothrottle. If you make a small change in the aircraft.cfg, I've configured the P3D default autopilot speed hold to a button on my joystick. When I press the assigned button on my joystick, the airplane will maintain the speed in cruise at that exact speed. Also, in their first version of the E-jets, Feelthere also had a key command for the E-jets that also allowed for a speed hold cheat. Cheers!
  2. -Flew autopilot ILS RY9 in KCID. Low VIS and strong quarterly headwind (about 25/30 KTS). The CDI (LOC needle) never centered. Tracked the GS fine but the LOC was always deflected to the right. When I came out of the cloud bases, I had to manually correct to alignment with RY. -Using speed to climb to ALT, the autopilot always blows through the ALT by a few hundred feet and then suddenly pitches down to re-capture set ALT. Thanks.
  3. Hello: Two questions please. -How do you remove/CNCL a hold? On the legs page I was flying into KASE and a hold is required over DBL VOR. But how do I remove the hold? -How do I insert a waypoint into the legs page. e.g. if the FLT PLN is SGD, PYE, FOT but want to add ENI between PYE and FOT? When I tried to do it, the FMS was erasing the entire FLT PLN. Thanks.
  4. Hello: -Please add pause at TOD. -Please, please add a speed hold cheat. Not looking for an autothrottle but some sorta key press that will allow us to hold the speed at time of select. I love the realism but sometimes this sim pilot (real life Dad) needs cheats. Thanks for hearing me out.
  5. Hi: Anyway to calculate the flex temp? The EFB doesn't appear to spit out a figure. Thanks.
  6. Hello...? What is it with flight sim developers bailing on their products.
  7. Hello: When I go into plan mode, I notice as I scroll through the fixes on the FMS, the FMS pages don't change. In other words, if I'm trying to see a fix that's on page 3 of the route, it shows on the ND but the FMS stays on page 1. It doesn't scroll through the waypoints/fixes with the ND. Thanks.
  8. Hi: I've been having an issue with the CRJ where/with the autopilot basically freezing and does not follow a route. I left KGRR this morning and flew runway heading from RY35. I turned left and went direct to ELX. Turned the autopilot on, hit NAV on the MCP but the autopilot flew in NAV mode disregarding the course to ELX. I tried putting the autopilot back into HDG to go direct ELX again but the autopilot won't respond. I had to move my joystick to get the autopilot to disarm so I could turn the airplane back on course. On a previous flight, the autopilot was following course but blew right past a turn to the next fix. It just kept flying straight. Again, had to move my joystick to basically "wake" the airplane/autopilot up. I'm not sure what's causing this.
  9. Good to know, thanks. Issue: When I allow PFPX to randomly load payload, it will frequently loads a weight over the airplanes ramp, take-off, or landing weights. Since A/C templates have all the weights included, why does PFPX over load the airplane? Request: On the default PFPX OFP release, there is a line showing the amount of cargo but there is no line for baggage. Could a line for the weight of baggage please be added? Thanks.
  10. Hello: Is support provided in this forum? If we have an issue/request, is/are the Developer(s) checking these forums? Thanks.
  11. Hi Hans: Sorry but I haven't had a chance to do another flight recently. What I was doing wrong (so it appears), I didn't change the FMS legs page between "Auto/Inhibit". After I toggled between those two selections, I was able to get the route to link together on the ND and the airplane flew just fine. I did notice however I might have issue with TOD still. I follow-up with this too though. Thanks.
  12. Hi Hans. Sorry for the delayed response. I think I found the issue; and as usual, it was user error. I'll do a few more test flights but for now I think we can show this as resolved. Thanks for your time.
  13. Hello: Just reporting this issue again. Here is a picture. I removed a way point from the flight plan. The FMS shows it will go direct from HOMIN to WEBBZ but when you look at the ND, the route line isn't connected. Autopilot flies in circles after HOMIN.
  14. Hi Hans: No. KO63G a waypoint before CZQ. So from CZQ I should have gone to SANGO because I removed STORI. I use Navigraph and keep my database up-to-date. So for original post I was using whatever cycle was current then and for my post most recently would have been the current cycle. Also, there is no SID. STORI is a fix on the ILS. Thanks.
  15. I experienced this issue again FALE-FAPE. I was going to fly the ILS to RY 26 which included overflying the PEV VOR. I deleted that fix in the FMS which it accepted. However, the route on the ND again showed no white route connecting the fix before and after PEV and could not get the FMS to link those two fixes together. As a test, I just left it. After the airplane passed the fix before PEV, the airplane went crazy. Started to turn in all sorts of directions and the altitude also went crazy. I had to disconnect the autopilot, hand fly to the fix after PEV and and than re-arm the autopilot. In other words, when I remove a fix, the FMS shows the route fine. However the route on the ND and airplane do not know what to do. Thanks.
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