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  1. When ATIS reports winds as variable, or when ATC passes it along, it usually comes in the format of "Winds 230/12, varying between 200 and 260". As masterhawk said you enter the average which is the first value given of 230 degrees.
  2. Just tried this on my flight, did not see the same issue im afraid. How many waypoints ahead did you put the hold in?
  3. To use the DES mode, push the ALT selector knob in (Left click) To use the OPEN DES mode, pull the ALT Selector knob out (Right click) To use the VS just pull the VS knob out and select your desired rate of decent The source for that information is here : http://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/Airbus_Descent_Monitoring_1.pdf
  4. If you move the thrust levers to IDLE it will disconnect the AT (and remember its not an autothrottle like you have in Boeings its a FADEC system), until you enter a small reigion above the stall speed at with point TOGA lock should kick in, if you put the levers into the climb detent or above while it shouldnt idle, it will not be controlled by the systems. It should not disconnect the AT if you move anywhere between the CLB detent and IDLE, but it should give you and EICAS warning with the steps to take. One possible cause of this issue is incorrect or bad data entered into the I
  5. This can vary depending upon the situation. If your flying offline, it can be set to the the ILS intercept altitude, the Airbus will follow the decent along with any constraints of the STAR and hold altitudes as required on its way down, just be sure to check the FMGC to the charts. If your flying online - it can vary by region what instructions you recieve for the decent. If its a high traffic area you will most likely be given one or more stop altitudes but this will will come with a restriction (for example to reach a VOR by a certain altitude). You can also be told to "dec
  6. I recently posted about the upcoming live stream I am doing for McMillan cancer research, I am pleased to announce that I will be gifting 3 prizes to randomly selected people who donate to the charity. I will be giving away 2 copies of AI Lights Reborn Pro and 1 copy of the upcoming Aerosoft A330. Winners will recieve the copies of AI Lights on the 31st October and the Aerosoft A330 on its release date. Names will be drawn and winners informed on the 30th October. In order to be in the running you need to do the following: 1 - Tune into the live stre
  7. i look forward to it my friend
  8. On the 22nd October from 16:00 (4 PM) UK time I will be running a live stream for 24+ hours non-stop for charity. Please visit the following link to check out what its for. If you can donate, please do, if you can spread the word by sharing this across your friends/family, it will all help. Visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/twitch-tv-sprosey to see what is going on If you want to join me on one of the flights, I will welcome any and all company
  9. I believe you seeing a similar issue to what was causing the same effect on the CRJ, Leo MD80 and TFDi 717. Its to do with Carenado believe it or not, they have been rumered to have some kind of anti-piracy coded in that causes problems for others who own their products, so if your flying in the vicinity of someone in their aircraft, it affects you. If you have any carenado aircraft installed give the following a try and see if it fixes your issue: For those who also have this try the following: (I reccomend to do this before you boot up P3D V4) - Ensure your simulator is not
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