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CRJ 550/700/900/1000

All support and discussion about the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ products. Please always only discuss one issue per topic!


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    • The specs of this NAS are impressive ūüĎĆ(So is the pricetag). I am assuming that those 2 1Gb disks are SSD's setup for additional caching ūüėČ I am currently already on a 1Gb LAN. Not shure whether this is fast enough. Upping the networkspeed would mean for me also replacing modem/router, switches (1 Gb ports) and cabling (Cat 5e). Price is only one aspect. This mapping of shares to a drive letter makes things easy. I however remember that some addon software had problems with showing up of mapped drive letters in f.e. dialog boxes, depending on the language used for developing the addon.(The dev pointing to Microsoft and Microsoft to the dev,...) This was a long time ago. Software evolves and this works for you, so I can safely assume that it will work for me too. I wish I had not read your post, as I am in now for some sleepless nights before deciding which road to takeūü§Ē ¬† Thank you for sharing ¬† Johan ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†
    • Hello, ¬† Here you have a couple of screenshots¬†and the log. ¬† Greetings, ¬† Jordi Log.txt
    • You should not use Lorby for such tasks! In Orbxcentral under settings you should use the Library insertion point to move all Orbx addons, to the correct position. Using Lorby can have unforeseeable side effects.
    • Bald sind 3(!) Monate vergangen, seitdem ich diesen relativ einfach zu behebenden Fehler in der Beschaffenheit vom Taxiway gemeldet hatte. Und nix. Es gab nicht einmal einen vor√ľbergehenden Patch wie man es erwarten k√∂nnte. Sehr entt√§uschend irgendwie.
    • Hello Mark, ¬† Many thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it! ¬† I am clearly missing many steps in the merging,¬†converting and flipping process. I might be OK with merging and converting however, but flipping is something new to me. :)) ¬† I will nevertheless try the steps you wrote above and hopefully I will succeed. In any case,¬†is there perhaps a step-by-step guide for the entire process? It would defintely help a lot. ¬† Thanks and regards, D√©nes
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