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CRJ 550/700/900/1000

All support and discussion about the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ products. Please always only discuss one issue per topic!


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    For discussion how the aircraft looks and sounds and about the manuals.


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    • Which specific approach and transition? I will check.
    • Making that switch work 100 percent accurately would require the ability to disable the inputs from external hardware controllers (specifically, the rudder axis) from within the running simulator, and that is currently not possible in MSFS.  For the same reason, ailerons and elevators will not move in the real aircraft without hydraulics, but they will in the sim. External hardware controllers for pitch, roll and yaw are always “live” even when the aircraft is powered completely down.   However, the nose wheel steering switch does have an effect. If you look at an external view, you will see that with the switch off, the nose wheel does not move with rudder pedal inputs, but with the switch on it does move. This is not just an animation. The effect of nose wheel tire friction is part of the flight model, and with the switch on, it is much easier to make sharp turns at low taxi speeds (without having to use a lot of engine power), than with the switch off. 
    • I am having trouble with the FMS as well. I put in a flight plan, check for discontinuity, execute and verify all waypoints are in correctly and in the right order.  In this example I was flying out of YYZ and hit direct to kepta and exec and some random waypoint shows up nothing to do with my flight plan. I manually flew the aircraft until past kepta and then hit direct to bmpah and then the flight plan broke still with the same random waypoint but now a disconnect after bmpah but nothing wrong in the FMS as far as waypoints.  Tried on a few other airports and the same thing. In this example I loaded the flight plan manually but have also tried loading a company route generated by simbrief and still the same thing.    any help would be appreciated  John Orton
    • Hi @marki   Have you already tried the steps here? https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015999539-Stuck-on-the-blue-bar-TBM-loading-screen-loading-stops   If you haven't, I'd recommend giving them a try since it generally covers most startup issues. In terms of the steps you took to reinstall, they're just fine and shouldn't cause any issues.
    • Same problem here. I observed on the outside view the two gauges who show the percentige of thrust beeing given to the aircraft. When I throttle at max the thrust goes back to 75%. When I take the throttle on my joystick down to zero (idle) the thrust in the gauges of the outsideview show that it remains on 51%. So something forces the throttle to be somewhere else than on the joystick. I tried to calibrate my joystick (Saitek Cyborg) inside the aircraft on the panel and noticed that when the calibrate menu window is open and you leave it open and go back to outside view the thrust works 1:1 with the joystick and the aircraft so Im able to hit 100% thrust or decrease the throttle to 0%. As soon as I close the calibration window on the sidepanel in the aircraft the problem persists again.   I hope this infos can help the defs.  
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