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  1. if i'm buying pfpx now will i get the update for free?
  2. DolevRavid

    Problem with HUD

    i've the same issue.
  3. have you tried to completely remove the CRJ and make a new installation? I use the same version and the performance is very good.
  4. Hi! I put the mouse hover the V/S selector and i got that when V/S not enabled on the MCP it's use for PITCH. i think i didn't understand it well , can you guys explain me what am I missing ? thank you
  5. DolevRavid

    Fix ring ?

    are you talking about holding ?
  6. there's an airbase near the airport. I served there. why can't you guys just open it up for every airport? if I would like to land in 1400m long why the FMC ignore this? I think it's supposed to be a pilot decision not in FMC issue. but that's only my opinion
  7. Howdy Hans, Can you tell us when will be released the next version?
  8. Sorry for the double post but i just opened CRJ-700 on wikipedia and saw the following information: then i went to and find that CRJ700ER has range of 1732NM. aerosoft published this aircraft without clearly information: in the aircraft description on P3D you can fly 1500nm but in the docs you're only able to fly 1300nm. in wikipedia it's 2500nm, in Bombardier it's 1732 (with 100kg PAX). i'm confised...
  9. I just compated my first flight on the CRJ-700 and first of all i must to say that this is an incredible aircraft. The manuals and the reviews that i read assiste me in the first staps. After landing in Napoli I saw that the front landing gear wheel can make 90 degree turn. how ? isn't is bug?
  10. Of course it doesnt. there is no international flights to Haifa. But how do i fix that ? i like to fly over there ...
  11. Hi! I'm trying to T/O from Haifa airport (ICAO: LLHA) but FMC doesn't find that airport, so i update the AIRAC but it still dosn't find that awesome airport. any help ?
  12. Hi! Can somebody make repaint for CRJ700ER House Color? the file in the liveries dipository doesn't work ... i'm talking about the following repaint: any help ?
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