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  1. For anyone experiencing an unexplained loss of airspeed or altitude in cruise, if you are using a hardware axis lever in MSFS assigned to “spoilers” I recommend removing that controller binding for now. Although MSFS does provide that axis, it does not work correctly with the CRJ, and could possibly lead to the spoilers becoming extended (aerodynamically) without being deployed visually or on the flight control synoptic page.
  2. The s-turning on headings close to north with a crosswind is under active investigation by Hans and the test team. No solution yet - development got a bit sidetracked due to issues caused by the sim update, but this is definitely being looked at.
  3. I have seen this happen once, but only when spawning the aircraft on the runway threshold, and only on the very first flight right after initial installation of the CRJ into MSFS. Try exiting MSFS completely, then restart the sim and reload the CRJ.
  4. This is already on our bug tracker. You are correct that the external power avail light should illuminate with GPU applied, even with the battery switch off. Although in the real CRJ you can indeed apply external power without first turning on the battery, doing so is not recommended. There are multiple relays that close simultaneously in both the DC and AC electrical systems when the GPU power is applied without battery power, which can sometimes induce faults in various computers. Applying battery power first will close many of the DC relays before the external AC power is brought on
  5. Thanks to the kind assistance of a real CRJ captain, Hans has been provided with V speed data for airport elevations up to 10,000 feet, which I assume will be incorporated into the EFB in an update.
  6. There is a known issue where the aircraft will oscillate left and right with a crosswind when the course heading is very close to north, which I have posted on our internal bug tracker. I loaded your flightplan above into Foreflight, and it shows the leg from JDOGG to TRONCE is 357 degrees, and from TRONCE to ROKKK is 359 degrees, so those two legs would likely be subject to the problem. The cause for this is under investigation.
  7. I have no insight into the update schedule, but I doubt it.
  8. @mich_er @jimsomThe lockups for both LIME and KBHM were caused because both approaches use DME arc transitions, and the DME arc functionality is broken in the current version. DME arcs have been fixed for the next update, and I have confirmed that both of these ILS approaches can be selected and flown with no problem in the current test version.
  9. I flew this approach and confirm that the aircraft turns the wrong direction for the teardrop entry to intercept the localizer, even though the turn is correctly depicted on the MFD. Reported to our bug tracker.
  10. Apparently the WASM issue affects stand-alone modules written in WASM, but not aircraft that includes WASM code. I have done two CRJ flights since the update today, and both were fine with no crashes. However, I know that many CRJ customers with external panels or custom controllers have been using AAO or SPAD to interface with the aircraft systems, and people with those kind of setups probably will be impacted by the new MSFS WASM problem.
  11. I am able to duplicate this problem. I flew YSSY CRAVN COOPA SANAD YBBN at FL330. Initial course from YSSY to CRAVN was 002 degrees with a left crosswind of 45 knots. Indeed, the aircraft was constantly hunting left and right trying to find a stable wind correction angle and failing to do so. The legs from CRAVN to COOPA to SANAD were chosen to move the course track from 002 to 318 degrees, and as soon as the aircraft turned to the new heading the aircraft found and held a constant wind correction with no oscillation at all. I definitely think this is induced by having
  12. Definite problem on the MFD progress page. I have posted this to our bug tracker. Thanks for the reports!
  13. It will in the next update. Standard DME arcs were accidentally disabled in the current version, but that has been fixed and is working well.
  14. The gate position entry is a leftover from before the advent of GPS. In those days, every airport gate was surveyed for its lat/lon, and the that data was stored in the FMS database. It was (at the time) easiest way to input the aircraft’s current position into the IRU for alignment. But now, using GPS position is the preferred method - it is far more accurate - both in the real world and in the sim.
  15. This definitely appears to be most common in a situation where the desired ground track is on one side of north and the required wind correction angle is on the other side of north, which appears to be the case in your screenshot. Because of the way that the standard mathematical algorithm for calculating a great circle bearing works, I can see how this might happen, but I need to do some more research while in flight. During testing I have had several east-west flights with 100 knot+ crosswinds where the aircraft held a rock-steady wind correction angle without any oscil
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