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Alle Fragen dazu wie das Flugzeug fliegt. Bitte nur eine Frage/ein Problem pro Post, der Übersicht halber. Keine Auflistung von mehreren Fragen/Problemen. 

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    • Try SAN-PHX (HYDRR arrival). I always load the route manually.
    • Thanks guys and not a big deal. Just found it a bit funny 🙂   Wishing both of you a great weekend! 
    • Yeah, try getting rid of the slashes.  I think they've given me headaches in the past.
    • Dave, suggest you try this flight plan KCLTTAPA01.  It was created at www.SimBrief.com.  This is the plan I was flying yesterday in v1.2.2.0 when the managed speed dropped out in CLB and CRZ.  All of my failed flights have been with SimBrief created flight plans.  I also load the A319 in TAKE-OFF state in P3Dv4.4.   I'm planning another long flight tomorrow, KCLT-TNCA but I'm going to input the flight plan manually and see what happens re managed speed.   Harold   KCLTTAPA01.flp
    • Hello WebMaximus,   i will send this issue to the developers... But at a workaround you can use the tower view and then use the free camera (c) and move your view up some feet with the curser key (up) of your keyboard.   Greets Heinz