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  1. What is the Change Log from Thanks Frank from EDDM
  2. Which folders should be deleted after uninstall (A3xx) to clean up the System. After this i will install the new version Thanks Frank
  3. Hallo Support Team, you write in Version - Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction. it will not work after a new Installation with deleting all old Folders works perfect with GSX 1.2.4 Bording and Cargo are not working Thank for Help Frank
  4. works perfect with GSX 1.2.4 Bording and Cargo are not working. Frank
  5. This attachment is not available. It may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it to this location. Frank
  6. With version I could switch between all models without CDT. (between A3xx models ) With version (4) this does not work anymore. (between A3xx models and others) No matter which model I want to load.ECAMD2D.dllI made my image back to version Frank
  7. Today i make a flight from LFSB to LOWW and have the Speed Drop Problem. (LH A320) Then i start after landing the same flight from LFSB to LOWW and turned on my wing anti ice and Engine anti ice. At this flight i had no Problem with the Speed. I remember for some years i had simliar Problems, the Problem was the wetterengine (Aktiv Sky) when it was very cold. I lost allways Speed without the window heat. Sorry about my bad englisch.... Frank from EDDM
  8. Hallo Aerosoft, leider hat noch niemand auf das Problem geantwortet. Auch mit der Non Experimental ( Version kommt kein Papier aus dem Printer auf der Mittelkonsole. Natürlich habe ich eine Neu Installation gemacht. Ordner gelöscht, neu gestartet. Das ganze Programm. Wie gesagt man hört Ihn. Fährt man dann mit der Maus an die Stelle wo das Papier liegen sollte und drückt die Maustaste geht zum Seitenfenster vom Pilot , drückt auf die Maustaste an die Stelle wo das Papier angeklippt sein sollte, dann öffnet sich ein Textfenster mit dem Ausdruck und man kann es lesen. Einfach blöd diesen Fehler zu beschreiben. Das ist vor dem Abfliegen und auch nach dem Landen so. Es hat auch schon mal funktioniert. Habe keine Ahnung warum es mal geht mal nicht. Sonst fliegt der Bus ohne großen Fehler. Wird immer besser ! Frank
  9. I need some help. i do not understand what i must klick in the Airbus A3xx Configurator (FADEC) Invert axis ON or OFF. Throttle axis Count ON or OFF I do not know what this Funktion are doing and what i must set. thanks Frank from EDDM
  10. Yesterday i make a new Installation from Version Then i start the update to Version via updater. At this time i have no experimental Update in the files. After this i make a flight from LPPT to LEMD and all works fine at this flight. (321) The 3 flights bevore the new Installation with experimental updates on board do not work perfect. (Speed + Printer) The Printer works alsow perfect after the new Installation. I think the experimental updates making the Problems. today i will test a another flight P3DV4.4 ASN UT Live No Corenado airplanes Frank
  11. I also have the problem that suddenly the speed decreases during the flight. Did yesterday 3 flights with the a321 made. EDDP - LOWS FL 190 - flight without problem EDDS - LEMD FL 360 - Speed lost LEMD - GCRR FL 380 - Sped lost Unfortunately, my english is not so good for the error description. Unfortunately, you can not leave the cockpit until the TO because otherwise the plane crashes. Actually only fly boeing but for quite some time also airbus. I have no idea how to fix this error in flight. I turn off the autopilot, move the throttle and turn AT on and off. Then I get everything under control again. But that is not a solution. That was not before the update to version I fly with UT Live, Aktiv Sky, P3DV44, I have no Corenado AIrplanes Frank
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