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  1. @ageva Good morning, you write "We are still working on the autogen issue with P3Dv4, this will go into next week." Is this Autogen issue onlly in V4 and not in V5 Thanks Frank
  2. Hallo Oliver, some news for the weekend. EDDH ist out and the EDDM Update is waiting. I can not understand this. Thanks Frank
  3. that sounds good. Long live the P3D V5 Frank
  4. when can we expect the update that was announced for the end of this month !? Thanks Frank
  5. Good Morning , I wanted to ask how things are now with the update for EDDM. Since MS2020 it has become totally quiet here. There are still a few things to do in EDDM. I haven't read anything from Simwings about eddm. Thanks Frank from EDDM
  6. Hallo Winstonwolf,


    habe nur eine Frage. 

    Wie hast Du das DL in EDDM geändert. Du schreibst Oliver hat es in einem Tag geändert. Wo finde ich das File



    Grüße aus EDDM



  7. 479/5000 I miss a lot of trees around the airport. The airport is surrounded by trees like a green island. Autogen is missing. Trees I also find the apron textures not very successful. The Afcad should also be adjusted, please. Lots parking positions are wrong (Airline Codes) Buildings look very pale. The glasses have to be a little greener. The DL also needs some work. If th
  8. it is not working better. the same Problem. Frank
  9. The light at the top of the plane are not working. Very, vey smal light. Under the plane it is working. Frank
  10. My beacon Lights are not working. P3DV5 with A330 V5 Thanks Frank
  11. What is the Change Log from Thanks Frank from EDDM
  12. Which folders should be deleted after uninstall (A3xx) to clean up the System. After this i will install the new version Thanks Frank
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