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  1. You must wear a cycle helmet in this case! You are right, Matthijs; it's not flesh nor bone. I'm afraid the competetor will be out before V5 is as usable as V4.x is.
  2. Thanks Oliver, so I have to search more to find out what's wrong here. But good to know that I don't Need an older Version of EDDF. It's curious, just did a test with the A320; super frames after starting the scenery at gate 18 and during driving up the systems of the bus, the frames slowed down to 11, see Picture (here I Show the PMDG747 with the same behaviour). In EDDK I acchieve about 30 fps with the same Settings. Kai
  3. Hi Oliver, thanks for your answers. No, I'm still on HF1 again, but I tried HF2 before noon this day. But I've had performanceproblems too (poor fps) so I went back to HF1 by installing the three HF1 modules of P3Dv5 again and backplaying a backup, made with simstarter before. So everything is working fine again and situated like before, except Frankfurt. The situation occurs at daytime In the Cockpit I start with About 25 fps but after going outside and back into the VC, having some movements there the Frames are dropping to about 11-14fps. Maybe you can find out something, that would be nice. Kai
  4. hello, is it possible to get the original version 2.0 of EDDF for P3D5? Today I downloaded and installed the 2001 Version, updated afterwards to 2010. But ist performance is terrible now. With the PMDG 747 at gate A20 fps are dropping after about five minutes to 11; coming from about 25. Never had this with the older version and switching to EDDB e.g. the frames are rising up to 35. Unfortunately I have no backup from version 2.000. So I ask you tp put it in my account back again. thanks Kai
  5. Guten Morgen, in der Liste der P3D5-kompatiblen Addons steht seit ein paar Tagen US Cities Boston drin, zu laden über den Account. Da ist bei mir aber nur die Version für den P3D4 von 2017 zu finden. Wird das noch aktualisiert? mfg Kai
  6. Hi Peter, is it possible to sort addon packages in groups to activate/deactivate a group; like I would do it with scenerys which are active via scenery.cfg? Kai
  7. Hi Emanuel, yes, I'm quite sure. It's not a Boeing; in an Airbus you have to push the altitude-button for descending after the messeage "decellerate" appears, and the wanted altitude has to be preselected already. Kai
  8. Hello, when my descend begins (during overflying the white "stick" in the ND) there is no message "decellerate" in the PFD. Even the little yellow or green ball beside the altitude tape goes downwards; the stick in the ND vanishes - but there is no message. Not in the airbus-family A319-321 nor in the latest 330. Is this a known bug or do I have have to make some settings to see the message? Kai
  9. good morning, does anybody knows already if it is possible to mount both honeycomb articles (yoke and the awaited throttle) on the wheelstand pro where I can mount the saitek hardware? Thanks! mfg Kai
  10. I love this bus very much, it's a wonderful piece! I very enjoyed my first flight this morning. Only the EFB is to white (lighten) for me. So I didn't use it. But I don't want to pull down my bloom-settings because I like the sim a little bloomy in general; without it the light seems to be too flat for me (I have a large monitor). So maybe in a future update it will be possible to dim it a little bit? That would be nice. By the way, in the CRJ I can read the tablet without any problems. Is there the same technology in use? Kai
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