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  1. Otto, don't you know your own products? Here is just a copy from the description of the CRJ: Umfangreiches Flight Management System und Honeywell ProLine Avionik inklusive Advisory und Coupled Vertical Navigation mfg Kai
  2. hello, I bought Polish airports Vol 3 V4 for P3D. For simmarket-customers an upgrade-rabat is available. Can I ask for such an upgradeprice at Aerosoft too? greetings Kai
  3. Merkwürdig, ein Shop gibt Discount, der andere nicht... Ich dachte immer, der Entwickler entscheidet, ob er das Produkt als Update anbietet, aber scheinbar ist es nicht so. Na ja. mfg Kai
  4. Hallo, wie ich gerade gesehen habe, gibt es jetzt EPSY von Drzewiecki auch im Aerosoft Shop. Bei Simmarket bieten sie einen vergünstigten Updatepreis im Falle eines Vorbesitzes von Polish Airports Vol. 3 an. Ist zwar nicht sehr viel, aber immerhin. Wird dieses Angebot bei Aerosoft auch noch eingepflegt? mfg Kai
  5. Sounds good. But I'm afraid the updatefunction of of AO won't work anymore after doing that. Kai
  6. Addon Manager is a wonderful tool, comparible with simstarter for P3D a little bit. A very easy and comfortable way to have only these addons active I like to use at the moment. Very helpful to handle the tons of freeware which are out already and for evaluating purposes IMHO. Kai
  7. AO uses symbolic links and addon manager does it too. Is there a way to have the AO library can be read out by addon manager for using it in the manager like other addons too? Michael, did you check this already? Kai
  8. I'd like to give a positive feedback too: just finished my leg from EGLC to EGPE. Everything was working perfectly and smooth. I made a wonderful ILS-landing in Inverness. Nor more graphic and speedtape issues, the plane gives a lot pleasure to me. Many thanks are given to the Aerosoft-team!
  9. This is a HF2 thread (not only CRJ) so I can say and hope here that delevopment of the planned traffic tool that was held back unfortunately can go on; maybe the issues are ironed out now.
  10. Good morning, for the airbus(ses): will it be possible imprting a readymade flightplan from PFPX or Simbrief like it is possible in P3D? Or asked vice versa: will there be a flightplanfolder (for AS-busses) where the flightplans can be saved and imported into the CDU?
  11. Details and immersion are one of the highlights of MSFS. There are other sims at the market which show much less details because of the above meant reason and their outdated architecture. So maybe it could be a good idea to meet one of these sims if somebody doesn't need these "quantities" of details?! I read a lot of comments like "too much details, not nessessary, too much lego, no time looking for it because I have to handle a systemdepth plane during approach...". Fun! I use the CRJ and the FBW bus and I have always time for a small look outside the window to enjoy myself seeing the overwhelmed landscape; even during approach! Never forget, these details are mirrors of the real world! Not the older landclass architecture.
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