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  1. Oh no, I understood right! That was my intention too: both sims having "naked", without addons. This would be an objectiv situation for comparing. Maybe I didn't take the right words :).
  2. Do you mean comparison between P3D and MSFS? I f yes, for me it makes the whole sense. I only bought MSFS because it has its outstanding look, regarding the landscape as well as the aircrafts too. From the beginning I knew that I have to wait for proper airliners but it doesn't matter at all. In MSFS I discovered VFR; I never spent so many time flying over landscapes in P3D like I did in MSFS. Underlayed with a good music it is so satisfiying for my soul...!
  3. Not true, it is a simulator already. I can fly (at the moment mainly with GA-aircrafts, but they are very well built) simulating weather, day and night, fueling, icing, using pitot heat or not with remarkable differences, using flightplanes... Even the A32NX mod is very progressive already and simulates a lot of systems. Before you say, these "systems" are dummies: I don't know, how real the "systems" are, which come with the payware-airplanes of FSX/P3D or how much they are standard too, wrapped into a nice VC.
  4. @Gregg Please don't compare the abilities between P3D5 and MSFS - I'm sure, P3D will be the looser. Speaking of vanilla-sims of course. P3D without ORBX, GSX, activesky, REX and the systemimanent airplanes - it is not the half of what MSFS came out :). Even the SDK of FSX (the father of P3D) was far off complete at all (it's just even MS:)) at the beginning and the first PMDG NGX was out in 2011, five years after releasing FSX; just for reminding. I don't know what should be infantile in the SDK of MSFS? Maybe you didn't choose the right word of what you mean, maybe incomplete? But i
  5. For that point I fully agree: a leading person in a company should be neutral; his personal preference and taste can be in a matter; but this should not be used as an official measurement . Especially regarding customers who were loyal all over the years where P3D was the state of the art platform (and maybe for a certain time it will be). Don't get me wrong: I'm very fascinating in MSFS, in another german forum I'm voting very actively for it everytime and I don't buy addons for P3D anymore because I don't have the time and money to use two simulators over the time but I never would say
  6. Ah yes, thanks a lot, that did the trick! I also use a scenery manager which is setting symilnks in the communityfolder only. It doesn't matter at all, but the updater doesn't "see" this situation and puts its updates in the communityfolder. The same happens to Paderborn and Trondheim too. Just copying the updated files to the place where the original folder took place is the right solution.
  7. hello, are there videos showing the latest SimWing releases Ibiza and La Gomera for MSFS? These little pictures we have in the product description are not very representive; at least for me. Kai
  8. I hope so too. Just doing a leg from EDDF to EDDB with the A330 in P3D and I'm thinking: wow, this amazing aircraft in MSFS would be a hammer! Especially when I look outside viewing the surrounding in P3D5.1. Kai
  9. Will there be an update discount for P3D customers? Kai
  10. Yes Emi, you are right. But as far as I know there will be a little transition time after opening and before closing so that BER will have its own frequencies from the beginning. The frequencies of Tegel will be deleted, I suppose. But in game, it will last, (like Otto's VHHX and EDDI in Berlin too :)).
  11. As long as they don't disturb each other (ingame of course) everything is fine :). The issue that one addon doesn't want to coexist with another one which is already existing has a very long bad and ugly tradition. With the new MSFS there is a chance to avoid these things. I hope, developers are being carefully in future; especially if they are knowing that certain addons are out already. I won't buy addons in future where I have to start fiddling things like layers, priorities, meshes and so on again. In this sim a lot of stock airports are just too good designed for not using them.
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