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  1. Today is my day of rest and I decided to do color correction of aerial photographs of Liepaja airport, which will be included in the landscape. Of course, you still need to work with the transitions, the water surface. As I said earlier, the airport in Liepaja is small. Basically, the airport carries out charter flights, regular flights to Riga. But at the airport, there is an airBaltic cadet training base. The highlight of the project will be the landscape. Beautiful nature, sea coast. I will try to make a small, beautiful, and cozy airport. A city will also be made.
  2. Это последний штрих в редактировании аэропорта. Мне осталось еще раз все проверить, подготовить архивы, описание, и в понедельник я отправлю проект издателю.
  3. Of course Patricio, I will continue to work on the scenery. I have already been sent aerial photographs for Liepaja Airport (EVLA) in Latvia. Almost immediately, I will move on to work on this airport. As I wrote earlier, the scenery of Liepaja is 70 percent ready and should not be left. In addition, while working on Liepaja in parallel, I will study export to MFS. If everything works out for me, by the summer, perhaps in the summer, Bratislava for MFS will also be released.
  4. It's winter In a few days, I plan to finish all the work related to editing the project and send it to the publisher next week. Bratislava was created before your eyes. I am grateful to everyone who helped with information and photographs. With your participation, it was much easier for me these seven months
  5. You can also go by car, Patricio Meanwhile, we are getting closer, closer, and closer to the end This is how Bratislava will look in the rain. The rain will be visible not only on hard surfaces but also on the ground. Puddles are connected separately in the off-season. In the evening, in the morning, and at night in May and June, in September - October, puddles can be found during the day. Also, puddles without rain can be turned off Now I am dealing with the winter season. Actually, work is underway
  6. Quite a lot has been done these days. I'm practically finishing editing the airport. Added grass. The grass is located mainly near the apron and at the intersection of taxiways. The tanks were made, which are located parallel to runway 04. The night textures of the buildings were significantly edited. Boeing 737 Ryanair will occupy parking lot 10. There will also be a crew near the plane. Christian Bahr inspired me to create animated people. With his help, I learned how to make animated people. Christian, if you read this post, I can say that you are not only a talented developer but
  7. Yes, everything is correct. One AFCAD file will be with active parking 35 for traffic. In another AFCAD file, parking 35 will be disabled for traffic, since parking lot 35 will have a static A320. If the user turns off the static A320, he can also replace the AFCAD file, so that parking 35 is used for traffic.
  8. There will be a static A320 WizzAir at parking lot 35. If desired, it can always be turned off. There will also be two AFCAD files. Also, three Austrian Airlines Airbuses stand near the ATB hangar. They can also be disabled if desired.
  9. A little bit today I decided to fly and show screenshots of Bratislava from a bird's eye view
  10. Hands have not yet reached the rain. Next week, I think I will take on the puddles. I have one friend of mine who is also a developer. And he loves to criticize terribly. Always gives a magic kick, after which you start running. After his criticism, it always turns out better Edited night in screenshots.
  11. Patricio, don't praise me too much. Not everything is perfect, as you write But I, try to do well. Not everything works out, I have to redo it. But there is progress
  12. Thank you, Rastislav! I wish you and all the forum visitors all the best this year!
  13. The first day of 2021 was fruitful Dynamic lighting is connected at the airport. How does Bratislava airport look like at night can be seen in the screenshots.
  14. Everything has its time There are no such things that could fully satisfy the desire of a person. I am a little surprised by something else. MFS has been at the testing stage for a long time, after the release half a year has passed and still no PMDG or Majestic level models have been released for the flight simulator. Microsoft management had time to negotiate, to introduce leading teams to the MFS insights that create the models. All this reminds me of a game with only one goal when the referee switched to the side of one of the teams. And I don't like this Fortuna
  15. TFDI DESIGN - 717 except ORBX, can be bought on simMarket. Although on simMarket, for some reason the version for Prepar3D v4 and earlier is included. Also, purchase from TFDI DESIGN home store https://www.tfdidesign.com/cart.php TFDI became ORBX partners literally this year, so I decided to take this opportunity, especially since I never made a purchase through Orbx Central. Before that, I was shopping directly through the ORBX website. I can say that shopping at Orbx Central is very convenient! Patricio, read the reviews about 717. Some users like this model, some do not.
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