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  1. I am in the final stages of working on the Bratislava MFS project and plan to send the project to the publisher in a few days. While you can see the screenshots
  2. The work done over the past period can be seen in the screenshots. What's left to do. I'm on my way to the terminal. Fencing will be done at the end of the project. More dirt will be added to the hard surface, lighting for the masts, there are still a number of small nuances that need to be done. Regarding the completion of the project, I am practically going according to my plan and hope to complete the work at the end of October. The mistakes that I made in the Brno project have already been taken into account in Bratislava. As I said, after the release of Bratislava, I will prepare another update for Brno.
  3. Air traffic control center of Slovakia. I think my friend can now go to work without leaving home
  4. The work done can be shown in the simulator From tomorrow, I am starting to build an air traffic control center in Bratislava and then I will move towards the terminal.
  5. New buildings that I prepared for the Bratislava MFS project. Practically and from an old project that I did for Prepar3D, about 90 percent of the 3D buildings will be made from scratch. After the release of Bratislava for MFS, these buildings will be included in the Bratislava update for Prepr3D
  6. Sometimes you want to fly the route, which is now an exceptional rarity. But today I made a small flight from Brno to Liepaja on TFDi Design 717 in Prepar3DV5
  7. After the Brno update, I immediately continued work on the Bratislava MFS airport project and will be working on this project until the release. On the screenshots you can see the hangar of Air Livery Ltd, which is engaged in painting aircraft and the territory where the base of fuel and lubricants of the airport is located.
  8. This is Bratislava. I already immediately made changes in this project. I think you will be sympathetic to the fact that we will correct this shortcoming towards the end of the year. It can be fixed within half an hour, but... Thank you!
  9. Thank you for pointing out this nuance. I will keep it in mind. I think that preparing the next update right now is not worth it. In my project, I will fix it and include it in an update that I plan to do at the end of this year, perhaps even earlier.
  10. I finished doing the Brno MFS update. In addition to the above, I fixed the rotation animation of the locator antenna. Now the animation is smooth, with one translational speed, without jerks. In addition, I edited the 3D models of the radar, VOR, corrected the night textures, now these objects do not look like a "sore finger" at night :). Moved the rest area for airport visitors outside the service area. Upon completion of the preparation of updates for publication, they will be available after a certain time. You will know about this news. Brno Prepar3D updates have also been completed and sent to the publisher. Well, I'm focusing on work on the Bratislava MFS project and when Bratislava is completed, I'll do another Brno update. I wrote down all your suggestions for improving Brno and will definitely return to them. You can always write to me on the Aerosoft forum, send a private message, email me or find me on my FB page
  11. Of course, I will be happy to contact you if necessary. Moreover, I associate my projects with the Czech Republic, Slovakia, so ... Regarding updates. I've edited the properties of the parking areas, now users will be able to upload in-flight meals, luggage, etc. Made custom lights (edited lights along the taxiway and new lights along the runway) and connected lighting to them. Now the runway lights do not intersect with the taxiway. The area that is not covered by snow is covered. Regarding PAPI. It's not hard for me to move them. But they are based on the bing maps aerial photographs that Microsoft uses. According to bing maps, PAPIs are placed correctly. In 20 or 21 there were changes at the airport and bing maps apparently have not been updated since then. For now, I'll leave PAPI where it is. I have a valid license for mapbox, I used it to make Brno for P3D. I'll make a projected mesh for the ground on the airport grounds and place PAPI over it. So I have already done in Bratislava for MFS. Now, in Brno, I do not want to do this, because one change can lead to the next. Therefore, we will leave it for a later date, but we will definitely return to it. Now regarding the night textures. I have night textures on all objects. But, some objects that I use night textures with an alpha channel look like there are no night textures for them. I'll see what can be done, check the properties, and if it works, we'll fix this shortcoming. While such news. This is a small update, as I said, I will send to the publisher on the 22nd.
  12. I finished making Brno updates to P3D. This is how Brno looks like now. I gave a list of updates a few days ago. When the updates come out, I will duplicate the list. The Brno updates have already been sent to the publisher. It will take some time to prepare and updates will be available. I will make a small Brno update to MFS right away and try to send it to the publisher next week.
  13. Hi! It's great that you analyzed Brno in such detail! I am grateful to you and in the future, with your consent, I will contact you as a tester. Let's do it this way. Now I will prepare an update to Brno MFS. I want to send an update to the publisher on the 22nd. First of all, I edited the parking lot properties. From your list, what I can include in the update will be a couple of items, say such as (I will move the place for visitors outside the airport service area, edit the projected mesh somewhere). The rest of the points, especially those that directly affect the model, we will postpone to a later date. Thanks again for such a detailed analysis!
  14. Of course, Kosice will be next after Bratislava, then Poprad. Only when these listed airports are made by me, I will be engaged in other projects.
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