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  1. The runway in winter under two different weather conditions: with and without snow, and the work of lighting the runway in winter.
  2. The weekend was successful I started work with lighting. Connected dynamic lighting. Now I connect the runway, TAXI. The next step is connecting ALS. Lighting will work depending on weather conditions around the clock with: fog; rain in the snow. Constantly at night.
  3. The debugging scenery is almost complete. Today launched car traffic on the freeway. It is not tight, but it looks pretty nice. A train is also moving along its path. It remains to implement two small but important stages. This is lighting and animation of people. In one of the screenshots of the Yak-40. Next to it will be a miniature maintenance scene. On top of the ladder will be a technician who will perform simple movements. Also, one of the technicians will move from the plane to the hangar and back. I think Christian can handle this successfully
  4. With static, the question is practically closed. It remains to fix small strokes and you need to decide on the animation of people. Where and how people should be located, what they should do. With traffic at Poprad Airport, there is no particular choice. A small car will move in the transport zone opposite the platform.
  5. Actually, the project is already being finalized. Work on the roughness. And I can finally send the project to Christian to create living people
  6. In principle, I started editing and fixing the errors that I see. This will take several days. Something will be added from statics and I look forward to the moment when Christian can revive people. Will need to think about where to place them, what people will do. And while Christian will revive people, at this time I will make lighting, arrange puddles in the rain and can be given for testing.
  7. Now I am actively engaged in statics. Already some models exported to Poprad. With the Yak-40 will be a miniature maintenance. Next to the engine will be a stepladder, not a technician, an installation for connecting power.
  8. Such screenshots that I wanted to go swimming. Unfortunately, there is only a river and a lake nearby
  9. Well, what airport in the Tatras without its stable Next to this lawn will be a small complex. In winter, the horses will end up in horse blankets and in the stable And a small evening flight to see the flaws. Actually, it’s not bad
  10. For a long time I could not understand what kind of house it was They say that it is a hunting lodge. In any case, the house in Poprad - Tatry is already there A few screenshots of Wizz Air
  11. Добрый день всем. Я могу показать зимний сезон и рассказать немного об этом. Зимний сезон неплох, на мой взгляд. Почти всю зиму взлетно-посадочная полоса будет немного засыпана снегом. Вдоль взлетно-посадочной полосы будут небольшие сугробы. Когда идет снег, взлетно-посадочная полоса покрыта большим количеством снега, это будет сразу заметно. Появляются дополнительные сугробы, которые частично покроют ноги фонарей вдоль ВПП. Палочки, которые расположены на фонарях, будут только в зимнее время года. Есть некоторые части пейзажа, которые еще не покрыты снегом, но они в работе
  12. Very beautiful screenshots! I liked it in Stuttgart like airport buildings made, transitions between concrete and grass. Wonderful scenery, made very neat, believable and beautiful!!!
  13. Hello everyone and have a nice weekend. I go to the finish line. At this stage, I do the seasons. Autumn is ready. A few days will take me winter. But I can say with confidence that I will make the winter season good. There are already achievements in the winter season, but it is too early to show them. After the winter, I will go in for static models. They are almost all ready. There remains lighting and animation of people. In early June, I expect that work in Poprad will be completed.
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