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  1. The Kosice project is completed. What I wanted to implement in it has been done for the most part. I’m not ready to say when the release will be, but I hope it doesn’t take much time. Now I am collecting material on a new project for P3Dv4. The new project will also be in Slovak Republic. But about him a little later
  2. One of the areas of residential buildings that will be in the project
  3. I ended up optimizing and assigning shadows. Left a little In the screenshots of apron 2 on which there are two parking lots 15 and 16.
  4. Steel Košice in flight simulator. I continue to build buildings in the city. There will be few of them, but they will add a sense of realism to the project. It is also necessary to devote some time to optimizing the project. As planned, the finish should be in September.
  5. I think the Steel Kosice made in sufficient detail. Nothing more will be added to it. Later in the evening I will show how it looks in the flight simulator
  6. Я решил посвятить конец недели оптимизации сценариев. Были отредактированы некоторые статические модели, разработан уровень детализации и протестированы различные LOD. Тени были назначены на материалы. Эта работа займет некоторое время. Также сделан интерьер пассажирского терминала.
  7. Thanks for the helpful info! The worst of viruses is the leak of personal data and the threat to bank accounts. To store them, I use a separate computer that practically does not go on the network. I don’t trust Kaspersokm after he was the distributor of the virus several years ago. On a computer that is used to relax, surf the Internet, I use the standard tools of Windows 10.
  8. Started working on u s steel kosice. This is a steel mill. It is located parallel to the glide path and is very clearly visible. In addition to administrative buildings, there will be workshops, houses that are located along the road next to the factory.
  9. Today is my day off and I tested the model Carenado atr 42 Pleasant aircraft, cockpit good experience. Active Sky has loaded cloudless weather. Indeed, overboard more than 30 degrees of heat
  10. A bit about the settings. The performance of the computer on which the project was created and tested. Intel Core i5-3450 3100 МГц MSI GeForce GTX 1060 GAMING X 6G, 192-bit GDDR5, MHz / 1569 MHz / 8000 MHz Kingston DDR3 SDRAM - 16 Gb This is a pretty average performance computer today with a 2012 processor. But this is even good for testing. Who has a better computer architecture, frame rate will be higher. During testing, aircraft models were used: PMDG_737_NGX; Aerosoft_CRJ 700-900; Alabeo C207 Skywagon; carenado saab 340. With the flight simulator settings that are shown in the screenshot, at the airport, on takeoff and landing, the average frame rate is from 35 to 45. In flight, it is slightly higher. I use 8xSSAA anti-aliasing When dynamic lighting is on, there is a slight decrease in the frame rate, so whoever feels uncomfortable, I recommend reducing anti-aliasing to 4xSSAA. These are the moments of settings which I consider important. In the project, roads are laid around the airport, city buildings will be partially implemented, but I recommend using the script together with FTX Vector and FTX OpenLC Europe. The project will look more harmonious. I continue to deal with urban buildings and plan to complete the project in September. Now a few screenshots of night lighting. The interior of the passenger terminal and the control tower will be added. But I think that these additions will be with project updates.
  11. My night lighting is almost ready. We will talk about him and the settings as I promised on Sunday. Now a few screenshots in the winter
  12. I would like to show some models that were being prepared for this project. Models and screenshots made in SketchUp
  13. With GP editing, I am done. GP textures are executed in Adobe Photoshop and masks are applied on top in png. In the lower screenshot you can see the empty places, on them objects of the city buildings will be located.
  14. Now the GP is being edited and some points that I wanted to fix. Actively creates night textures. I will talk about night lighting on Sunday. I can say that night lighting will be combined. There will be night textures and dynamic lighting. Recommended settings and characteristics of the computer on which Kosice is tested I will describe in detail. I want to finish editing the airport this week and start building projects in the city. For this I will need another month. This is the territory of the airport.
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