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  1. Beautiful airport scenario, beautiful screenshots!
  2. A few days ago in Kosice, the weather was really disgusting Low clouds, fog, rain and snow. I also had difficult landings. Autopilot helped out
  3. In principle, any photographs of the observatory, of the place where it is located. I looked, there are a number of buildings, they can also be photographed. The place where the cable car starts. Cabins of the cableway. Photos do not have to be perfect. Enough to have an idea of how these objects look to make 3D. This is not in a hurry when there is an opportunity. I looked at Facebook photos of the air club in Kosice, in my opinion someone photographed the observatory from the air. I will look for these photos. Imagine you are flying a helicopter to the observatory. The cabins of the cableway move nearby and people in them greet you with your hand and laugh I have already introduced. Looks great Photos can be sent to me at karai1971@yahoo.com Thank you again for your help!
  4. Wow, this is an astronomical observatory !!! Sechas read the paved cableway there. For the weekend I’m exploring these places in the simulator. I will load there by helicopter. I'll see what can be done. I’m thinking of finding a suitable flat platform or leveling it and making an improvised platform for helicopters I'll see how the cable car goes and also simulate the cable car. I think those who like to fly by helicopter will be interested to fly to the observatory in the Tatras Thanks!!! P.S. I will definitely make an observatory, cable car and ski jumping town;)
  5. Thanks! I think that I will not redo the mountains. I would be glad if I were told where the objects shown in the photographs are. Maybe someone will recognize them. Please send me the geographic coordinates of their location. If they are visible during takeoff and landing, I would make a model of these objects for LZTT. I am also interested in a helipad located in the Poprad City Hospital. It would be nice to have her some photos. Photo by Richard Sopor
  6. Considering that the passenger terminal and administrative buildings are located just a few meters from the parking lots, the objects will be completed in sufficient detail with volumetric shapes.
  7. An-24 is a legendary aircraft that deserves a lot of applause and criticism at the same time. This plane was good for its time. Now it is almost never used. This is for the best, he earned his place in aviation museums How long have I not made virtual flights. The maximum that was enough for me was a 20 minute flight from Kosice to Poprad and back on small planes Need to plan a flight Kosice - Kyiv
  8. Thanks! You can write inaccuracies and flaws to me at karai1971@yahoo.com or in a personal message. Uzhhorod Airport I wanted to make freely available. But while I do not have time. This year I want to definitely make Poprad and Bratislava. Unfortunately, Uzhhorod almost does not accept flights. There are plans to create Lviv and a large project Kiev: Kiev Airport (Zhulyany) UKKK and Boryspil Airport UKBB. I took these photos at the Uzhgorod airport 2012.
  9. Thanks Jano! I am very worried and your kind words warm me on this evening winter evening I will try and Poprad will also be a very nice and beautiful airport I will note the shortcomings that are in Kosice and try to fix them in Kosice updates.
  10. Guys, I'm a happy person. The dream to which I went for a year. This is my first job. Perhaps there are errors in it. I will take them into account when updating. The next project of Poprad Airport will be released approximately in the region of April - May of this year. So, Kosice Release Animated people are present in the scenery of Kosice: technicians, passengers, and also the pilot. Beautiful models were created and revived by our colleague on avisimulators Christian Bahr, for which many thanks to him !!!
  11. Poprad at work. A detailed interior of the passenger terminal is planned. Reception desk, sofas, tables, air conditioners, lamps, sockets and most importantly, a bar for passengers Glass should be mirrored on the outside and transparent on the inside. These are plans for the near future.
  12. I live not far from Kosice. In Uzhhgorod, Ukraine, less than 100 kilometers I really like Kosice. It is good that you live near Bratislava. Letisko Stefanika after LZTT will also be my project. Well, after that I want to make the airport of Lviv (UKLL). Lviv after reconstruction looks pretty attractive
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