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  1. Rastislav, I remember this conversation. The two parking lots are at an angle. They are really arranged in this way, I showed you the AIP diagrams, but we decided that they still need to be edited. I have already edited them. and will include in the update. Thank you for reminding me.
  2. Hi Rastislav! I am finishing Brno and will be back to renewing Bratislava. Please write to me on my mail or here, a private message. I honestly don't remember your report. I may have missed it. For two months, I had a forced break, and therefore, now I work mainly in Brno. Earlier we discussed that it is desirable to edit aircraft parking, I want to make PBR for the runway and taxiways, etc. In a word, I expect a letter from you.
  3. I didn't plan to make Brno for P3DV4.5. The plans were to make Brno exclusively for P3DV5 and higher. But since a lot of users write to me with a request to make Brno compatible with P3DV4.5, then I will make Brno also for P3DV4 +
  4. I carried out this testing already on Prepar3DV5.3. I was pleased with the update of the simulator, I will not hide it. In the course of two, three days, I will finish my work at the airport. It remains to correct some points and that's all. As I said earlier, the city will be made separately in some locations. In my opinion, P3DV5 together with ORBX Vector and OpenLC Europe implemented the city in Brno in detail and well. Yes, street lighting regardless of that, I've done all over the city. Something turned out better for me in the project, it is desirable to work on something in the future. The work done can be seen in the screenshots. In 10 days, maybe a little earlier, I plan to send the project to the publisher.
  5. I show quite a lot of screenshots from the process of working on creating a project, I think it's time to show some screenshots from the simulator
  6. The screenshots show an arched concrete shelter. At this point, I finish making the buildings that are located directly at the airport. In concrete hangar number 8, I will make a parking lot for the Cessna, you can load before the flight directly in the hangar.
  7. Our DHL building complex in the Brno airport project has been completed. I think today I will make PBR textures for it and we can proceed to the buildings of Brno Airport Logistic Park.
  8. Practically, tomorrow I will already start work on the building of the DHL company, then the autoport complex. All that remains is to make arched concrete hangars and almost all the work on the airport will be completed. The most complex and voluminous work in the Brno airport project has already been completed.
  9. Work on the creation of PBR textures for the Brno project. At this stage, I am doing PBG textures for the complex of buildings, the models of which were shown earlier. The screenshots show how they look in the simulator. Hopefully this weekend I can show more, including the tower of control.
  10. Спасибо! Несколько зданий из проекта аэропорта Брно. Все постройки, которые будут включены в проект, будут иметь текстуры PBR.
  11. Hello everyone! I have moved away from the previously planned schedule a little, but the work continues at an active pace. There was no news from me for a long time and I decided to intrigue users a little, especially those who are waiting for Brno and show some screenshots The screenshots, of course, show only a part of the work done
  12. Yes, this is a forest. But there are no trees yet, they will definitely be. Color correction will be done additionally.
  13. The terminal took its place at the airport. One of the tests. For several days I will prepare textures for the PBR terminal and move on. The next step is to create the airport buildings and structure, control tower, etc.
  14. Part of August and the first half of September, I had a small vacation. Now I have returned to work and am finishing work on the passenger terminal. I think I'll be showing the passenger terminal in a simulator at the end of next week. For the terminal, PBR textures will be made, the windows will be made with a small degree of transparency and have reflections. The terminal will have animated passengers that can be disabled in the configurator. At the end of October, perhaps the beginning of November, I plan to give the airport for testing to the publisher. In addition, my good friend is testing the project in parallel. During testing by the publisher, I will make some areas of the city that I plan to include in the project. Such news
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