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  1. Thank you! Friends from Bratislava help me with the material, some of them are directly related to the Bratislava airport. But I would appreciate any help. Therefore - thanks again! I finish making signs at the airport. I was guided by the documents, but I had to watch a lot of amateur videos, photographs from all possible angles to get the necessary information. It turned out about 100 characters, I already lost count But today I'm finishing my work with signs)
  2. I was looking for additional material and saw this photo, which I really liked. Photo: Michal Hergott. Website COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links to such content instead. Thanks, I'll take that into account! Here is the link to the photo
  3. Basically, I'm finishing the lighting. Maybe not everything worked out the way I wanted, but overall I'm happy with both the range and the SFL. It remains to make an axial green light from the taxiway to the platform, but that will be tomorrow. In part, I have already installed trees from lane 31, PAPI. It is necessary to make a locator, ILS DME, Anemometer, a fire station in front of the apron, masts on the apron, and it will be possible to start construction of the passenger terminal and hangars in the second half of August. Video shows SFL and runway lighting 31.
  4. Sure. I plan to implement my work, which I have already done and am doing, in MFS2020. We need to wait for the 2020 release, get acquainted with its capabilities for creating scenery. For me, working on projects for P3D and 2020 will be a priority, this is definitely.
  5. I was asked if there would be a city. I have not given an exact answer. Now I can say with confidence that the city will be. I will order aerial taking into account the whole city park. The buildings around the airport will be made in accordance with the original buildings. There will definitely be a Bratislava castle, main bridges, possibly a stadium. I also want to see what high-rise buildings there are in Bratislava and make them.
  6. SFL ALS Run22 CAT 1 LZIB In this section, it remains to highlight the taxiway center line on the apron and the exit from the taxiway to runway 13. Edit a few points of the markings on the apron. After that I will deal with the lighting of runway 31-13. ALS runway 31 is pretty interesting. Lighting poles run across a small water channel and bridge. Apparently I will make a water canal, a bridge and only then the ALS pillars taking into account their height, bridge height, angle of inclination, etc. In addition, on RWY 31 there are touchdown zone lights, runway center center lights. Quite an interesting job
  7. The screenshots show the new markup, of course this is only a part of what can be seen in the screenshots. Some parking lots changed the markings completely, some changed the inscriptions on the stands and added new ones. If not for my friends from Slovakia, I would not have had information about the new marking in full. For which I am grateful to them. Apron and taxiway lighting is also already in the simulator. Lighting works the same as in previous projects, depending on weather conditions, but is no longer connected via SODE. Now a little about the plans. Work on Bratislava will be a priority and I will not switch to another project, namely Liepaja, until the completion of work in Bratislava. Why is that. Bratislava, this is a big project with a lot of work. In November, I think I will be in time, I will give Bratislava for testing. In the process of work, Bratislava will also be tested. When Bratislava is getting ready for the release, I will take care of Liepaja. To prepare Liepaja, I will need from strength to two months. Therefore, both airports will leave practically together. Briefly about the plans for 2021. I will contact our developers from Ukraine and if no one is involved in Kiev the next project on which I want to work is the airport of the capital of Ukraine "Kiev" UKKK. Also one of the airports of the Czech Republic, I will not talk about it yet, and perhaps the airport of Riga "EVRA", again if no one is working at the Riga airport. If they work on these airports, I will "stay" in the Czech Republic. But I definitely look into Slovakia
  8. Revised runway coverage, lighting and runway SFL operation 24. I am returning to Bratislava in a couple of days. In Bratislava, the markings have already been changed, changes have been made, the markings at LZIB airport comply with today's standards. There is a lot of work to be done on lighting in Bratislava.
  9. Airport equipment is under construction. LOC is on a concrete base, next to it is a lake shore, a new VOR and ALS lights. Runway 24 uses a CAT 1 precision approach lighting system.
  10. Quite a lot of work has been done in Liepaja over the past week. The airport is taking shape. Also added ILS which was not by default, corrected VOR frequency and runway numbering. Today Liepaja looks like in the screenshots. Perhaps at this stage I finish the work with lighting, make models of masts on the apron and return to Bratislava.
  11. If we succeed, the release will be at the end of July, if not, the first half of August.
  12. Hi! Sure! Poprad - Tatry will be for both versions of the flight simulator: P3DV4+ and P3DV5. In the future, all my work that I have already done and plan to do will also be for MFS 2020. For this, of course, need to wait for the FS2020 to come out, get to know it, and so on.
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