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  1. Good evening everyone. By the title of the topic, you can already say that I started working on the Brno-Tuřany airport, LKTB in the Czech Republic. I've been doing it for several weeks now. The concept of building the project will be as follows. Naturally, the airport itself will be made. Scenery will be recommended for use with Orbx openLC Europe and Orbx Vector. The city will be built in separate locations. For example, such areas where the city hospital is located. On its territory there is a helipad, which will be implemented in the project. The area where the tower building in Brno is located, the castle and others. Most of the textures in the project will be PBR with a resolution of 2048x2048 pixels. To date, almost all work related to land ranges, runway, markings and so on has been completed. Tomorrow I will start making lighting. I plan to finish the project presumably in October. From time to time I will write about the development of the project.
  2. Ahoj Roman! I cannot boast that the export process is going as quickly as we would like. I'm working on it. I devote a lot of time to other projects that are created exclusively at this stage for Prepar3DV5 + I finished working on Liepaja airport. It is currently undergoing testing and organizational preparation for release. Also started working on a new project and has already done a lot for this project, this is Brno Airport (LKTB). I have not yet made an official announcement that I have started work on the creation of the Brno-Tuřany airport. You can say that I did it now. A little later, I will start a forum thread about LKTB, also news regarding work on Brno will be on Facebook. For Bratislava before the end of the summer, I want to make another update. The update will include creating PBR textures for the runway and the rest of the coverage. A little bit also needs to fix the AFCAD. Such news, Roman.
  3. Work on the Liepaja airport project does not stop for a single day, and I am getting closer to the finish line. In parallel, the scenery is being tested by a good friend of mine from the United States. You can see what has been done in the screenshots.
  4. Testing Liepaja in P3DV5.2 with REX Sky Force for Prepar3D v5 and FSDT GSX enabled. Everything works fine, I liked it
  5. Night and winter in the Liepaja project will look like this. In more detail, at night I will be able to show the city in a few days. The territory which in the screenshots is parallel to the runway 24 glide path.
  6. On the screenshots of Liepāja, you can see the drupas fort, which belongs to the northern fortifications of Liepāja and part of the Liepāja fortress, also in the center of the city there is a concert hall "Lielais Dzintars", the Lutheran Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, which is the seat of the bishop of Liepaja and Liepaja diocese. And of course, City Name On The Beach. The scenery is recommended to be used with ORBX Vector, Liepaja is fully compatible with this application. Car traffic with this application on the roads of Liepaja looks just great.
  7. I have completed all the work that I planned to do in the city. You can safely start creating seasons, nights, street lighting. At the final stage, I will edit some points at the airport itself. Thus, at the end of July, I will go to the finush.
  8. This is what Liepaja looks like from the sky today. It remains to make the city center and you can start drawing the night and winter. Street lighting will also be done.
  9. Wind farms are animated. The blades and spinner of the windmill rotate. Also, one windmill is located on the seashore in front of the entrance to the harbor of Liepaja. Now I continue to work on the city and I think that at the end of next week I will be able to show you the city.
  10. Liepaja cargo pier which will be included in the project. There will also be a pier on the other side of the harbor, and a lighthouse will be built. There will be an animated ferry made by the company StenaLane, which runs between Liepaja and the European countries on the Baltic.
  11. Liepaja airport runway cover, taxiways and apron clad in PBR texture. In parallel, work is also underway in the city. I think that at the beginning of August I will be able to finish work on this project.
  12. Hello everyone! I returned to work on the project of the airport and the city of Liepaja. Attention will be paid not only to the airport, but to the nature of this region, as well as to the city of Liepaja. Latvia deserves attention to be represented in the simulator not only by large airports, but also by small ones Let me remind you that a branch of the airBaltic Pilot School is located in Liepaja
  13. Grass at the airport Uzhgorod UKLU and houses located near the airport, in the project Transcarpathia VFR
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