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  1. Model of Uzhgorod castle for the project "Transcarpathia VFR"
  2. I do the Transcarpathia project in my spare time from other projects. It will be free in distribution. I also want to make several cities, including my hometown of Uzhgorod, Mukachevo. Models of castles, significant buildings, historical buildings will be created. As the work on the project progresses, I will lay it out in parts. Transcarpathia VFR project will be great for visual flights
  3. Well guys, I'm done working on the updates. In the screenshots you can see from the new one, these are houses next to runway 22, the smoking pipes of an oil refinery. I also made fences around the airport and finally I was able to solve the problem of the intensity of the illumination of the runways. The lighting is fine now. All I have to do is collect the archives, prepare a description, and on Monday I will send them to the publisher. When the updates are ready for release, they will write about it.
  4. I am getting closer to the moment to complete work on the updates of Bratislava. In addition to the works listed above, the character animation has been significantly changed. Some animated characters will be inside the gateways. I am convinced that there is no need to put people in front of the passenger terminal from the city side. I think this is superfluous. In addition to the above, 3D pipes have been installed at an oil refinery located near the airport. For them, it remains to prepare the textures.
  5. Thanks, Rado. In just a week, I will start exporting the airport to MFS. I will not name the timeframe, but work in this direction will begin this month In principle, this is how the updated terminal at the Bratislava airport looks now day and night
  6. Our interior is actually quite simple. Highlights of the interior are selected, without details. There will be several more groups of people. Animated people affect performance, so they will be included in a separate configurator menu. In the simulator, the interior looks like this.
  7. The texture painting is in full swing. I think in order to finish the terminal, I need a few more days. And what would be interesting for you, a couple of screenshots
  8. Now I am almost satisfied. For a long time, I could not do good color correction for P3DV4. The aerial was out of tune with the world around them. In P3DV4, the world around Bratislava, primary fields in green shades, on Aerial, which was provided by the supplier, on the contrary, the shooting was carried out apparently in the after plowing the land and light colors prevailed. In practice, I had to work in almost every field. But now in my opinion it turned out as it should. You can, of course, criticize a little, but I think I leave it that way Yes, I can also add th
  9. Work continues Yesterday I decided to take advantage of discounts to buy Global Buildings HD. There are also default houses around Bratislava, they look great, I liked it. You can find more information on this addon on the publisher's website. For those who make additions themselves, their own city or favorite airport and use the capabilities of QGIS and scenProc, this is a very good addition to the flight simulator. And so, I'm getting closer to exporting the edited terminal. What I get, you can see at the beginning of next week.
  10. Autoport I finish working with the approaches to runways 31 and 22. You can see how these changes look in the screenshots.
  11. Hi Patricio dear friend! It is possible with a lion, of course Here is an interesting photo from LZIB. When I was preparing to do Bratislava, I reviewed many photos and videos, among them there were these Judging by the building of the fire department, it was quite a long time ago. The building still an old painting.
  12. You can even imagine yourself as an air police patrol For those who are still poorly oriented on the terrain, this is the territory that is located under the glide path of runway 22
  13. How good it is to make detailed landscapes Now I know where in Bratislava you can find a veterinary hospital She is certainly not alone in Bratislava, but I can definitely find this one Guys, of course, this is a joke. Well, as on Saturday, a beautiful spring day not to joke And then I very serious, I'm doing Bratislava By the way, this veterinary clinic for cats is located near the airport, so keep in mind if you arrive in Bratislava with a cat
  14. This amount of work needs to be done, say, by Monday. Next week I will be exporting the edited terminal to the simulator. I plan to send the updates to the publisher at the end of March. I delayed a little, but you can see for yourself that besides fixing the shortcomings, the amount of additional work is quite large
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