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  1. Actually, the idea was to make the Danube river navigable. I think it will be enough to make animated two dry cargo ships going to meet each other along the river and a small boat.
  2. Fleet on the Danube River. This is not all, of course. There will also be small boats, a container ship, and a small cruise ship. The main thing is that the ships pass under the bridges
  3. P.S. Kamzik in the simulator. The bridges are also ready. Starting tomorrow, I will start working on City Panoramas. I think that I will need to work with the city for two or three weeks and then I will return to the airport. By the end of this year, I plan to complete the Bratislava project. The organizational work will remain with the release and I hope that in January 2021 we will see Bratislava.
  4. Well guys, the Kamzik tower is made. The building that is the base of the tower will also be there.
  5. I thought about how best to make Kamzik. And I decided to cut Kamzik like a pie Of course, I will remove everything superfluous
  6. Guys, work on Bratislava does not stop for a single day. Hopefully next week I can show screenshots from P3DV5. At this stage, there is not much work left. Arrange trees in some places. I need to finish the bridges and edit small moments, and then make Panorama City. And return to the airport
  7. Quite a lot has been done these days. Houses built between Lafranconi and SNP bridges. The bridges themselves are also made. The default bridges in Bratislava no longer bother me, I found a solution to how to remove them, made several ships that will move along the Danube river. The screenshot of the Lafranconi bridge.
  8. OK, thanks. I download and watch it. When updating Poprad, I will edit them. Thanks again.
  9. Tomorrow you can go to parliament to vote, and then arrange an excursion to Bratislava Castle
  10. Good afternoon! EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList specified directories with the name of forest models, which are in this xml in the SimObject Name sections. The xml has a large list that should be in the ClientList. In ClientList, I did not specify all of it, since all models are displayed correctly in the simulator. As a rule, in the EnvironmentalDataProbe ClientList section, I specify only the first directory with a SimObject Name. I do not see any problems with this, since all records that are present in the xml are displayed correctly.
  11. Good evening everyone. I think that I have finished the main stage of work with this section of the city. The arrangement of trees and lighting is planned. If you paid attention, the screenshots do not include the Bratislava Castle and the Parliament building. I deliberately don't take screenshots with them. From tomorrow I will continue to work on the
  12. I apologize to the moderators that there are so many posts in a row. But I wanted to show it today. The screenshot of the Panorama Towers house. Default bridges will need to be removed. So far, my attempts to remove the bridges have failed, but I think it will be necessary to consult with more experienced developers.
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