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  1. Have you tested the attached file?
  2. The MCDU does read a special Active Sky file or a .wx file. I don’t know if REX supports that wx file. That wx file is a standard established by PMDG and we use the same, so the addon developers won’t have to support different files. A wx can also be created by PFPX or Simbrief.
  3. You had green and yellow flashing L/DEV at same time? Which version are you running? NavdataPro or Navigraph? What was the RNP value at lower left at the PROG page?
  4. Yes, the file will work for 318/319/320/321
  5. In the old IRS INIT page a manual trigger was included. In the new one, that isn't pressent. We handeled that internal in the fmgs.dll. Now I removed it fully in the xml. I will forward the file to our devs. So it will be included in a future update.
  6. Hi, can you try this file? AB_IRS.xml Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_Systems
  7. A Version with Glass Cockpit would also be my favorite. With G950 for example
  8. The weather source in MCDU3 is only for the printed messages. If you want a special weather in the sim, you need a weather add on like ActiceSky, REX, FSGRW, ... The weather uplink for the f-pln will read a ActiveSky file, or if you use an other weather program a *.wx file, that has to be created by this weather addon or for example by PFPX. P.S.: If you use real-time weather in the sim, best is to set the weather source for the messages to hoppie. That real weather should match. So you will always get the message short after request. The sim has a limition, so you will maybe not receive any arrival weather, if the source is set to sim.
  9. What you show us (lighting bolt on windscreen, black displays, grey out options MCDU) does look like the issue, people had with a corrupt P3D install. Installing from scratch solved it for them. Did you use a full installer to install 4.5 or did you use a older full install and then updated the client? The my documents folder is in the cloud? OneDrive? That will not work. You have to unlink your my documents from OneDrive. Please check:
  10. No, initial release will be A330-300 with RR engines. More might be done later. But the decision will be done in future.
  11. Are you using FSX steam or box version? ORBX is not the problem, if the entry in the scenery library is missing. Have you installed with admin rights? FSX was shut down during install? You can try to rerun the installer or you can manually add the correct folder to the library.
  12. Hi Jack, please follow up there:
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