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  1. masterhawk

    Problem Fuel planner and instant load

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. masterhawk

    Ground Temperatur in INIT A

    Yep, today I was told by one of our test pilots, that this value IRL should be left at default if you use weather uplink.
  3. masterhawk

    Panel Lighting A3xx Professional

    Any screenshot please! If you installed to a long folder name structure P3Dv4 maybe can’t load the texture as it is maxed by the sim to 256 characters.
  4. Gents, there is no need to discuss further the issues. It was a buggy release and we recommend to roll back to There will be soon a new update.
  5. masterhawk

    Flight phases in perf page MCDU

    Let me jump in here. I have done several flights with the 321. 1. your dropping managed speed is the known managed speed bug. Please read this and follow up there: 2. don’t use it was a real buggy release. Roll back to 3. EFOB... how do you calculate? With our fuelplaner or with other tools? Have you switched the fuelplaner to 321 before generating the loadsheet? Are you using weather and added the wind component into the planer?
  6. We are currently working on it. Should be in next update
  7. Hello, I want to share some preview pics of my work from the last few weeks. It is still WIP and some things might change. You can expect it with one of the next updates. So let me start with the pics. The new FCU: The new RMP, XPDR and RUD TRIM: The new BAT (left new, right old): The new Clock: one of the latest for the FCU:
  8. masterhawk

    PFD showing no data

    Have you pressed IRS INIT at the IRS page on MCDU? Accessible via INIT A page.
  9. Alta is working fine for me. Almost everything is loaded via SODE. If you change the install folder and have black textures, you have to edit the texture.cfg of every simobject. Will Test ENTO and ENVY next few days.
  10. masterhawk

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    For me EDDF and EDDK are working fine. I have currently no idea what could cause the problem for you.
  11. Hi no problems in EDDK with Dyn light. Are you using any shader tool?
  12. masterhawk

    P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Hi, EDDF should work. I haven’t tested the other. But most time it is a missing controller for the effect.
  13. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I will check myself and forward it to our model dev.
  14. masterhawk

    Red X's Mega Airport Oslo

    And if you installed Oslo outside P3D in a external folder. You might need to register the Oslo simobjects manually.
  15. masterhawk

    Red X's Mega Airport Oslo

    You have to define in the configurator of Oslo the SODE folder.