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  1. Hi, you have to check your key and axis bindings in the sim setup.
  2. What Heathrow addon and version are you using? Is your EGLL above the ORBX in the scenery library? Or in other words have you set the insertion point in ORBX central? Maybe it’s just to much for the sim, as London is a very heavy region. Have you tried lower settings?
  3. The Airbus range is using the same code base. The A330 has the independent ND compared to the A32S and a PBR model. Of course the A330 has his correct systems modeled. But all same target: SOP
  4. Highres VC setting in the settings of the sim has to be enabled.
  5. Same answer, as same code base.
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Because it’s not finished and we are still testing. It will be released, when it’s ready.
  8. No, not that I’m aware of. That part is hard coded. If we increase that, the CPU usage will be higher.
  9. It’s not an error, just a regular memo indication.
  10. That section is for custom changes of the throttle axis if someone is using moded detends for the TM TCA Quadrant that match more IRL positions. It has nothing to do with the Flaps lever.
  11. Gents...for the flaps we need to adjust our code. It will take some time. So please, be patient.
  12. Not sure, but most likely it is such a selection of some small or one large aircraft IRL. In the AFCAD then only the small ones was modeled to avoid overlapping AI traffic. You have to edit the AFCAD to your requirements.
  13. Please enable experimental updates. And install
  14. A330 and A320 use different technology for lightning. Nothing we can change right now.
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