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  1. I also tested now without EA. I didn't notice any Problems compared to 5.2
  2. Das kommt ganz darauf an. Ob es eine Phototapete ist, ein Exclusion irgendwo separat ist oder das exclusion in einer anderen Datei mit dabei ist. Da hilft nur Datei für Datei ausprobieren, damit leben oder eine neuere Scenery kaufen. So direkt, kann ich dir keine Datei nennen.
  3. For every airplane a separate file: "E:\Prepar3D Addons\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Pro V5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A321 CFM Professional\Panel\panel.cfg"
  4. Was just an idea by me. Sorry that it doesn't work. Maybe LM or the scenery dev have an idea.
  5. Just for testing, I compiled the bgl again with the 5.3 SDK. EDDF_ADEV5-OP01.bgl
  6. There is no need to reference to the windows font folder in the add-on.xml. The font entry in the add-on.xml is just not required for this addon.
  7. Also for our A320 Series it does all look like it was looking in 5.2. I personally expect all to work. I tested in default v5.3 with HDR and EA plus ActiveSky. No shader tweaks.
  8. Ok, in the A330 for me all was working as expected like in 5.2. Did a 9h test flight. This evening I will check the A320 lights and model.
  9. Clickspot is the row of lights at the top edge of the MCDU. Or in the A330 the third MCDU. You can experiment with the panel.cfg in the A320 to display the options MCDU at mcdu2 permanently.
  10. That is the Box of the MSFS Sim sold by Aerosoft. The Airbus on the cover is the default one of the sim.
  11. No problem to have both on the PC. Both sims have their advantages. MSFS is great for VFR. And v5 is great for Airliners.
  12. Hi Gaz, Aerosoft sells just the boxed version of the same sim. If you already bought a digital version via steam or Microsoft store, you are fine. But support for general sim you will get directly at the official forum or other community forums like avsim. The A320 you are referring to, might be the freeware from flybywiresim.com
  13. I willl test during weekend. First Impression, the VC is back again brighter in HDR+EA.
  14. Yes, wrong topic. Will move it. But you can use the old livery, but you have to adapt them manually. Check the pinned topics in the repaint section.
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