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  1. Fire test is fixed and will be released with next update. And please separate topics for each bug in the correct section.
  2. Do you have any other AFCAD for EDDK installed? For example with openVFR germany? An alt correction file from an other addon in scenery/world/scenery?
  3. For sure there will be still addons required. MSFS is not a simulator where you will get worldwide high end airports. Default is better than FSX default, but still default. Even the deluxe default airports will require addons. Cologne is for us an important POI. But not for other. Asobo can’t model worldwide every POI. Most is still autogen generated by AI. And it is based on bing satimages. So go to bing and you see what you can expect in different regions (age and quality of satimages). So at the end MSFS is still a giant step and a great future sim, but we will still have to buy addons.
  4. Milviz did that also for the P3dv4. So it’s likely they will do it for MSFS.
  5. You noticed that it’s not decided yet do make first the A320 or A330. So nothing we could have tested.
  6. Of course you can do that. But that’s not what I’m talking about. Different AC have different stoppositions at a gate. And in the AFCAD is only one.
  7. So, just reset in the ORBX tool. Should do the trick.
  8. That’s a known problem related to the legacy (non PBR content) shaders of P3Dv5. Maybe it will be fixed by LM in a future update.
  9. Die LiDo Charts sind nicht alle GeoRef. Die gibts von der LH auch nur so. Nichts was wir ändern können. Die Piloten sollen beim Taxeln halt aus dem Fenster schauen und nicht auf die Monitore.
  10. Almost nothing can be done. The sim knows only one parking position defined in the afcad. The sim doesn’t make a difference between the size of aircrafts in parking positions. There is one reference point of a aircraft model, that is placed to the afcad parking position.
  11. Yes the value is used and has to be entered as value. If you have a variable use the average.
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