We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. known issue...EFB in the smaller Buses is mainly for the Charts.
  2. As you self discovered, it's prague. So just check this topic. In the first post is the link to the developer forum.
  3. Which Airbus and Sim? All engine models or only a specific?
  4. Ok, thanks. Will make note.
  5. Can you post the full FPLN please? We know a bug where the managed speed drops below green dot, when the speed constr. is below green dot. Something other, but similar.
  6. Please, can you add some more info: - Engine Version - QNH - Temp - both engines or only one engine? - Starting order (left/right)
  7. Ok, that one doesn’t include any A330. And the other cfg file?
  8. Evtl. mal geringere Einstellungen versuchen. Zu dem Thema gibt es ein sehr langes topic im P3D Forum.
  9. Please upload your add-on.cfg files.
  10. You have the key but no serial number? I can’t follow you. Just as reference: The key/serial number is entered together with your Mailadresse in the installer during install process. When you buy in the Aerosoft Store you can enter during checkout the serial number/key to obtain the discount, if applicable.
  11. It is not directly supported. You can edit the export folders. So just point the p3dv4 tab to the v5 folder. Updates, no idea.
  12. There had been several sceneries using it: Tegel, Zurich, Split, Prag. The only current product still using it is Prag.
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