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  1. Hello bob Many thanks for the answer. I assume that creating such, missing, variables is not a priority? Maybe I'll find another way. Greetings Stephan Hallo Bob Vielen Dank für die Antwort. Ich nehme an, dass die Erstellung solcher, fehlender, Variablen nicht prioritär ist? Vielleicht finde ich einen anderen Weg. Gruss Stephan
  2. Hi I have created my own overhead panel and am currently controlling various LED diodes. Several diodes work the wrong way round (e.g. the FLT CLT and GPWS and HYD ENG1). When the button is ON (dark) the diode lights up and when the button is OFF the diode does not light up. I've seen that there are several LUA variables programmed to work properly. E.g. the AB_OVH_HYDR_LIGHT_OFF. Is there a possibility that I can program such variables myself, because there are e.g. B. no AB_OVH_HYDL_LIGHT_OFF? Thanks for the feedback Stephan
  3. Hi The same is with A318 - A321 in P3D v5 HF2 and my VRinsight MCP-Combo and LINDA Thanks
  4. Thanks for the detailed answer. Another question: what happens if I am above the MZFW?
  5. Hi Bob Yes, i can make this in the .xml file. but, then I can't take any cargo with me. is this the same in real aircraft? bevor the last update was the empty-weight 39508kg an now is 40500kg with the same MZFW (54500kg)
  6. Hi Mathijs thanks for the answer. i think, this is the bagweight (132x25kg) the empty-weight is 40500kg + 11088kg PAX (132 x 84kg) + 3300kg BAGWEIGHT (132 x 25kg) = 54888kg. but the MZFW is 54500kg Stephan
  7. Hi there I asked this question 07.04.2020 in the German forum and nobody knew the answer. That's why: The empty weights of the A318 - A321 have changed since update (A318 previously 39.5 now 40.5, A319 previously 39.7 now 41.9, A320 previously 41.2 now 44.0, A321 46.8 now 50.3). Since the ZFW has not changed, this leads e.g. on the A318 in the Fuel Planner, that it works with the max. 132 PAX, already 388kg above the maximum ZFW of 54.5 and shows this in red. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the feedback and greetings from Sw
  8. Hallo Seit dem Update haben sich die Leergewichte der A318 - A321 geändert (A318 vorher 39.5 jetzt 40.5, A319 vorher 39.7 jetzt 41.9, A320 vorher 41.2 jetzt 44.0, A321 46.8 jetzt 50.3). Da sich das ZFW nicht verändert hat, führt dies z.B. beim A318 im Fuel Planner dazu, dass er mit den max. 132 PAX, bereits 388kg über dem maximalen ZFW von 54.5 ist und dies rot anzeigt. Was mache ich falsch? Danke für die Rückmeldungen und ein Gruss aus der Schweiz Stephan
  9. For me, the P3D crashes anyway. The only thing that helps me is if I delete the "SITUATION ..." in the Prepar3D.cfg under [USERINTERFACE]. Then the P3D works perfectly even with saved situations. Translated by google
  10. Hi there I also have the same problem (by the way, I already had it after updating the A330 to For me it has something to do with the default-flight. If an Airbus is stored in it, the P3D crashes when it is started. Greeting Stephan Translated by google
  11. Hi The same file works for me as for the A318-A320. in fact A3XXConnectPro_A318A319.exe greetings and happy sunday Stephan
  12. the file AIRBUSX_VC_PREPARV4_MAINPANEL_C.dds must be mirrored vertically in a graphics program. greatings
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