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  1. Matthias Markus

    Decent Path

    ILS 14L, no star. I suppose, that may happen if Flightpreparation is not done as it should. Sometimes the flightpath jumps, it can be seen at the ND when planmode is switched and flightplan is checked through every waypoint. I think that in such case FMC adds new every second. As long as FMC is adding the distance changes. So during decent the ape is aither too high or too low. I Have flown this flight several times and so I could realize what I said before. If the confusion of FMC happens, i just have to use the "dir" buttom to change a waypoint for example. If the route is made clear, FMC works ok, I think. The busses are so fullfilled with technical innovations that every fault in preparation might cause problems. Severe preparation has to be done to avoid such this. Greetings, Matthias
  2. Matthias Markus

    Strange FL at MCDU

    Thank you both for you answers! I will do so! Greetings! Matthias
  3. Matthias Markus

    Decent Path

    Didn´t happen to me since today. On my flight EDDH/EDDK first I had an issue with FL (posted in another topic) then after initiating decent the green dot jumped up and down, so pitch changed immidiately. This happed five- or sixtimes. Airbus A 320-214 CFM Shark,, Flightplan: STADE UM170 OSN T884 ABAMI UM170 BAM. Thanks for answering! Greetings, Matthias
  4. Matthias Markus

    Strange FL at MCDU

    Hallo Guys, on my flight today EDDH/EDDK I realized strange FLs on the display: After arriving OSN there ist T/C with FL 340. At ABAMI FL is only 279 and at BAM FL 258. At T/D there is FL 340 again. But: 6 nm later there is FL 163. The AC is A 320-214 CFM Shark, Vers I use GSX and AS for P3D 4.4. too. System Windows 10. Flightplan: STADE UM170 OSN T884 ABAMI UM170 BAM. Greetings, Matthias
  5. Matthias Markus

    Saitek Throttle Quadrant setup

    I use a Saitek Quadrant with my airbus professional, but i am not satisfied about how it works. At the page of Logitech i did not find anything for me to get better performance. Maybe someone uses this hardware too and knows how to set. Please tell me your experience! Many thanks and allways three green! Matthias
  6. Matthias Markus

    Checklist Text

    Many thanks, Rolf! I will check this. But, did you check the checklist within Copilot too? If I did not use Copilot´s substitution I would get the "Engine Mode Selector" stuff once only! Regards, Matthias
  7. Matthias Markus

    Buchtitel A320

    Auf jeden Fall ist diese Buch ein "Muss"! Wann kommt Volume 2? Habt einen schönen Tag!
  8. Matthias Markus


    Thank you very much! I nevver learn out! Best wishes back to you!
  9. Matthias Markus

    Checklist Text

    Shoud be so! Sorry and thank you!
  10. Matthias Markus


    ARR AtIS can be got within a range of round about 80 NM (Company Message). I have read, ATIS shall have a long range of about 200 NM. It would be more comfortable and realistic, if you could get ATIS before Descent Preparation Checklist, so that you are able to check "Lanfing Information received", ist it? Thanks for answering!
  11. Matthias Markus

    Checklist Text

    I realized, that the cockpit preparation checklist contents the point "engine mode selector" twice. Is that ok? Greetings!
  12. Matthias Markus

    Checklist Text

    I realized, that the cockpit preparation checklist contents the point "engine mode selector" twice. Is that ok? Greetings!
  13. Matthias Markus

    Cabin Pressure

    had it never again. But I will have the logfile if it should happen!
  14. Matthias Markus

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    I am not happy too about closing the A 330 preview forum. I would like to say something about downvoting eg. I am customer of Aerosoft since FS 2004 times. I am sorry, but meantimes I did not fly for several years, because time was too less. I was surprised, that Aerosoft has grown so much during last years and I like that. The forum helped me a lot to understand and learn about the phantastic 318/319/320/321. Although some things did not run perfect, the aeroplane now seems nearly perfect. I know, some things are in work to grow it better! So it is a fact, the Aerosoft-team did a great job! If anybody has different opinions, he doesn´t have to buy! As long as most of customers are satisfied in how the planes work and how the Aorosoft-team handles the developments, the team should not worry about! And I think, more than 95 % of the customers are satisfied. And - is it only your thing, how much time you need for a new product! Sure, I am waiting for A 330 too, and time takes so long! But, we are not able to know all the problems, that can come out during development. So we have to stay calm! Gentlemen from Aerosoft, do your work as you like! Customers will show when it is done. You will realize the the money that will be made, and that is what counts! Greetings
  15. Matthias Markus

    night mode for pop-out MCDU?

    Sorry! You´re right! It´s the same to me. I don´t know too. Excuse me for beiing a little quickly. Just wanted to help. Greetings!