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  1. A pity, that I can´t upvote Maths´s post now! Iám looking forward! Thanks, Matthias
  2. Mathis said:"but that is a limitation of the sim" , Thank you for this information! Now I know the reason why! Best regards, Matthias
  3. In his great and very helpfull book "Airbus A 320 Pilot Hadbook" Mike Ray says that ATIS broadcast uses VHF transmitter, which usually can´t be received out the line-of sight, that means about more than 200 NM. I understand that as usually ATIS can be received at a distance about more than 100 NM (depending on altitude). If this information was right, it would be nice getting ATIS farther than 30 NM. Best wishes, Matthias
  4. had it never again. But I will have the logfile if it should happen!
  5. I am not happy too about closing the A 330 preview forum. I would like to say something about downvoting eg. I am customer of Aerosoft since FS 2004 times. I am sorry, but meantimes I did not fly for several years, because time was too less. I was surprised, that Aerosoft has grown so much during last years and I like that. The forum helped me a lot to understand and learn about the phantastic 318/319/320/321. Although some things did not run perfect, the aeroplane now seems nearly perfect. I know, some things are in work to grow it better! So it is a fact, the Aerosoft-team did a great job! If anybody has different opinions, he doesn´t have to buy! As long as most of customers are satisfied in how the planes work and how the Aorosoft-team handles the developments, the team should not worry about! And I think, more than 95 % of the customers are satisfied. And - is it only your thing, how much time you need for a new product! Sure, I am waiting for A 330 too, and time takes so long! But, we are not able to know all the problems, that can come out during development. So we have to stay calm! Gentlemen from Aerosoft, do your work as you like! Customers will show when it is done. You will realize the the money that will be made, and that is what counts! Greetings
  6. Had the issue before updating: A321-231 IAE, P3D 4.3, real weather by AS.  Meantimes I have had the problem three times.
  7. For myself it did happen only on one flight. Maybe a computer has got headace sometimes too?! I did many flights last months and it happened only once. So I think, it is not as important as some other issues. Nevertheless thank you for looking after!
  8. Thank you very much, Mathijs!
  9. Had a similar problem yesterday: LOWI/EDDH climbing to FL 340, at ca. FL 290 I realized, what is seen at the screenshot: A321-231 IAE, P3D 4.3, real weather by AS. Since the section "cabin pressure" at the OH is not simulated, I have had to choose a lower FL. Happy New Year!
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