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  1. Hello, I have still the issue with loosing mangaed flight speed now only at cruise. I just flew some days not with the aerosoft so i wantet to do a flight again with the aerosoft airbus. I flew from EDDH to LIRF with the A320 CFM. i was doing some thing in my home and suddenly i heard the sound from Airbus and i saw that the Airbus was only 140 fast in stall speed with toga lk activatet and already lightly stalling the managed speed droped in the mid of the cruise to 120 knots. on climb was all good. That bug become for me more and more frustrating it make no fun to fly this plane with this bug. I have a clean reinstall of Windows 10 (GTX 970 CPU: Intel 6700 k at 4.5 16 gb ram i use p3d v4.4 ( clean reinstall too) The airbus has the newerst version and i have installed it with administrator rights and antivirus was off. i had this problem few weeks ago too see my older post. But there was the problem already on climb in this flight only on cruise.
  2. Hello, i have the same problem with the new update. The manged speed goes down in the climb to only 220 knots. Update: then i reach cruise the managed speed goes down to only 120 knotes so need to fly with selcceted speed. you can see in the MCDU that the managed speed normaly set right (.78) I have version installer from aerosoft.
  3. yeah, thats the same error what i get too. And i have it too that these freezes only on the airbus happen. At me too the A321 IAE
  4. No i just montored the flight. and then without doing something p3d just freezed and after 5 sec just closed. iam using pro atc and active sky and acive sky cloud. the freezing was exatcly at FL300. Cruise was set for Fl340. I had it now 2 times with the aerosoft airbus that p3d just closed. both was on on mid flight. On the other crasch i have touched to nothing it was on cruise. I see that i have forgot to set p3d after my new install of p3d and windows to admin rights. Possible that is causing the issue?
  5. yes. i found an application hang for p3d v.4.4 i show u a screenshot (i had this now 2 times that p3d crasches in mid flight since my reinstall of p3d and windows. but only on aerosoft airbus not on aerosoft crj or pmdg 737 or majestic q400) .
  6. Hey, i had just right now the same problem. i wantet to do a flight from KPHX to KDEN with the a321 IAE and when i reached FL300 p3d just freezed and closed after that. No error message. planned cruise was FL340. I use P3d v4.4 fresh installed few days ago and fresh new installed windows. i use active sky and pro atc and it was a offline flight. (i dont use fstramp)
  7. Hey, i think i dont have this problem anymore. i reinstalled my windows. Seems that fixed some bugs on p3d and in other games too. So it was possible a problem on my system. The elmos fire dosent appears now anymopre without thunderstorm and some other bugs with aerosoft airbus too not.
  8. Nevermind. seems that these bugs has solved by reisntalling my windows
  9. Hey, i had too a long time there this not happened but now like 1 week ago it starts again that every night on climb and decend only on night the elmos appears. Exemple flight was yesterday from EDDN to EGLL and there was defently no thunderstorm in Germany. (i use active sky) ackive sky has generate too no thunderstorm.
  10. Hey, i have still the problem that even when no thunderstorm is in the area that the elmos fire appearing. But only night. I have the newerst version P3d was a complete new install (p3d v4.4) Greetings Jonas and a happy new year
  11. Hey, i have still some bugs with the a320 and new bugs after the newerst update ( First bug is the ECAM. This bug was on already and ist too on sometimes but quite often on a320 and a319 etc. is the T.O Config not working. I do all procedures with checklist and all is filled in right in the mcdu sometimes the T.Config is just not working then you area ready with taxi checklist and you pressed auto brake max and after that t.o config nothing happening. The secound bug is new on the and was not on the i belive that is a bug) The MCDU dont calculate the optimal cruising alittude anymore even then i have all fill in route fuel etc. it just says 000. Greeting Jonas and a happy new year
  12. I have this problem too. I calculatet not enugh fuel becuase the route there was much wind from the front then the fuel just stucked at 1820 kg at the ecam,
  13. Hey, i have the same problem. I have the latest update. (
  14. That can´t be possible becuase its downlaoded from LM 4.3 and my win 10 is new reinstal. I checked it to in the Apps and Features all says its anyway is there then a option to disable the elmos fire? or delete a texture?
  15. Hello, i got only the elmos fire i have a clean reinstall of my p3d v4.3 a clean win install and a clean airbus install with all updates and expirmimental to. I get this elmos fire always then iam climbing and descending and sometimes in cruise with no thunderstorm in the area.
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