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  1. Hi, i have the same problem. Beforw the update it works. But now it doesn´t work. Must i do anything else? I use the FS9. Best regards Christian
  2. Chris1983

    Why Zurich?

    OK. Thanks for your quick answer. Best regards. Christian
  3. Chris1983

    Why Zurich?

    Hi, one question. Will it only be programmed for the FSX or will be there a FS9 version to? Best regards Christian
  4. I have it. You must start it with 0 in a link. Best regards Christian
  5. I have it. You must start it with 0 in a link. Best regards Christian
  6. sorry I mean new version. I am no native speaker. Before the Version i have 8.6. I bought today the new one
  7. Hello, i have installed the new Version of FSC9. After installation I have run Database Manager. i only have FS9 and no FSX. But i alwas get the message: Database for Flightsimulator X missing or incomplete! Please chose differetn FS Version or Run Database Manager first. Where can i chose the version. In the Manager fhe FS 0 folder is selected. I have Windows ultimate UAC deactivated only FS9 Best regards christian
  8. Hallo, würde mich interessieren ob der Mega Airport Düsseldorf auch noch für den FS9 angedacht ist. Schöne Grüße Christian
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