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  1. After trying it for a long time, it worked now. In the updater, I unchecked the experimental update, and now it worked. Knowledge is power - nothing knowledge does not matter. Old saying. Thanks CFG874 Bernd So nach langem probieren hat es jetzt doch geklappt. Beim Updater habe ich den Haken für Experimentelle Aktualisierung raus genommen, nun ging es. Wissen ist Macht - nichts Wissen macht nichts. Alter Spruch. Danke CFG874 Bernd
  2. A330 update error Hello mopperle, I had an EFB checklist error and should re-transfer the A330, that worked. After loading from the Aerosoft website, I transferred version, as prescribed. When I start the updater I see the A330 in red. When dubbing but comes an error message. I cannot copy the log because something is still working in the window. I can only make a copy with the mouse if I want. What can that be again? With joyful hope CFG874 Bernd Hallo mopperle, Ich hatte einen EFB Checklist Fehler und sollte A330 neu überspielen, das hat auch gek
  3. Hello mopperle, I did everything as you described and lo and behold, everything is there again. Thanks again. CFGG874 Bernd Hallo mopperle, Ich habe alles gemacht, wie du beschrieben und siehe da es ist wieder alles da. Danke nochmal. CFGG874 Bernd
  4. Hi, The - 0 Preparation.txt - does not exist. Please send an MAIL to reisener@t-online.de. Thanks again. CFG874 Bernd Hallo, Die - 0 Preparation.txt - ist nicht vorhanden. Bitte per MAIL an reisener@t-online.de. Danke nochmal. CFG874 Bernd
  5. Hi, I am missing the first page in the EFB, the "Cockpit Preparation Checklist". The display is just blank. If I go to the next page - Before Start + PB everything is completely in place. But I can't jump back because the page is missing. Where is the folder with the checklist hidden, or what should I do. Thanks CFG874 Bernd P3dv4.5 last version and Airbusse also up to date. Hallo, Bei mir fehlt im EFB die erste Seite, die " Cockpit Preparation Checklist " . Das Display ist einfach leer. Wenn ich auf die nächste Seite gehe -Before Start + PB ist alles komplett v
  6. Hi I am always happy when something new is developed, like today for the A330. I would be even more happy if the errors in the fuel planner removed that are new since the last update (wrong ZFW). Shouldn't be that big a thing, should it? CFG874 Bernd Hallo Ich freue mich immer wenn was neues entwickelt wird, so wie heute für den A330. Noch mehr würde ich mich freuen, wenn die Fehler im Fuelplanner beseitigt werden, die seit dem letzten Update neu sind (falsches ZFW ). Dürfte eigentlich keine so grooooooße Sache sein oder ? CFG874 Bernd
  7. Hello, Please keep the buttons as they are in the P3dV when developing the buses for the MSFS2020. If the cockpit of the MSFS2020 is moving, e.g. when turning, setting the FCU (HDG, ALT ---) is very, very difficult, especially since a text is always displayed. If the mouse is next to it, the ZOOM is activated. I find this solution more than wrong. Thanks CFG874 Bernd Hallo, Bitte behalten sie bei der Entwicklung der Busse für den MSFS2020 doch die Bedienung der Knöpfe so wie sie im P3dV sind. Wenn beim MSFS2020 das Cockpit sich bewegt z.B. beim Kurvenflug, ist eine Ei
  8. Hello Rolf, Well, if that's the case then I'll be prepared for it. I only thought if I deactivate VIEWFOCUS everything will be the same as before. Thanks again. CFG874 Bernd Hallo Rolf, Gut, wenn das so ist dann werde ich mich darauf einrichten. Ich dachte nur wenn ich VIEWFOCUS deaktiviere ist wieder alles so wie vorher. Danke nochmal. CFG874 Bernd
  9. Hello, The communication between co-pilot + pilot with the checklists is too slow. I have the impression one of them is flirting with the stewardes in the back of the galley and each time I have to run to the front of the cockpit, it takes that long. Please look again. Thanks CFG874 Bernd Hallo, Die Kommunikation zwischen Co Pilot + Pilot bei den Checklisten ist zu langsam. Ich habe den Eindruck einer von beiden Flirtet hinten in der Galley mit der Stewardes und muß jedesmal erst nach vorn ins Cockpit rennen, so lange dauert es. Bitte nochmal ansehen. Danke CFG874
  10. Hallo, with the Analog Baro, only the values for set in HG 1012 1013 1014 etc. The intermediate values in hPa then jump from 29.88 29.91 29.94. It would be better if the values 29.89 29.90 29.92 29.93 etc. can also be set. Maybe that can be changed. Thank you MfG CFG874 Bernd Hallo Beim Analogen Baro lassen sich nur die Werte für in HG 1012 1013 1014 usw einstellen. Die Zwischenwerte in hPa springen dann von 29,88 29,91 29,94. Besser währe es wenn auch die Werte 29,89 29,90 29,92 29,93 usw einstellen lassen. Vielleicht lässt sich das ändern.
  11. Hello The tip was very good. I saved the A320 as a favorite in EDDT. When exchanging the aircraft there is no defined condition and there is no checklist. Logical, actually. With this one I also have my checklist again, which I can start with the " 1 ". Strange only that it does not show --- Press button 1 to start the checklist " as in the A320, but button 1 works anyway. Even if I can't figure it out on my own, reliable AEROSOFT employees are at work in the background. Problem solved. Thanks again for the work on the 2nd Advent and Merry Christmas 2020 despite Covid19.
  12. Hello Hanse I completely uninstalled the A330 and installed the standard version. Then first normal update and then experimental update. V: active Unfortunately the same as before. EXT PWR start batteries 3 * ON - APU start, load function - then the MCDU3 checklist function CPT ON. Everything as with the small buses. The A320 then says Start Checklist with 1 ". But it doesn't stand on the A330m and I don't know how to start the checklist. MCDU fields remain light gray. What is different about the checklist on the A330 compared to the A320? CFG874 Bernd Hallo
  13. Checklist A330 inactive Hello, I have owned the A330 with the P3dv4.5 since its release, but I flew it for the first time yesterday. Otherwise I prefer to fly short distance. All programs have the current status. The checklist function does not work for me, although pilot and co-pilot " ON " is activated, nothing happens. In the A320 I start the checklist function with the " 1 ", this is missing, also all fields in the A330 are light grey - inactive. Am I doing something wrong ? Thanks CFG874 Bernd Hallo, ich besitze seit Veröffentlichung den A330 mit dem P3dv4.
  14. 901/5000 Hello, I don't know if this question has been asked before, it's about the zoom. Basis P3dv4.5 and all Aerosoft Airbuses (all current) with or without chase plan without widesreen to set (all current). I am looking for a realistic view when approaching from the cockpit, for example. I need the value for the zoom from the cockpit to the exterior view that is as realistic as possible.
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    I read that already 7 weeks ago. CFG874 Bernd
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