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  1. After the last Update my lights are normal again! Thank you! And a question... i have a EFB now, but for now it is not for use right? Regards Marius
  2. I really love the look of the A330 and other VCs with PBR, i guess it would be a huge improvement on the visuels to the A320 series ❤️ Thanks for the answer.
  3. Do you know, when you have done this work with the folders? And by the way, when will the A320 receive a PBR Update Stefan?
  4. I guess this is causing the blue lights:
  5. Ok, the A330 is fixed! ❤️ Strange... do you have the same folder for the A320? But how is that possible i have uninstalled it and even after reinstalling it was the same? 😮
  6. Yes absolutly... I do it once again to be sure fx_2.bmp Ok, i will try. Is it the same folder for the AS320? Both Aircrafts have the same blue lights... 😮
  7. And thats after uninstalling all AS 320 and 330 files and installed back after restore every texture addons to default. Envtex, REX etc... Strange thing thats only happens with the Buses 😕
  8. No, thats somthing i have tried as well. But interesting would be, what file does that? Or what file i have to check... Same for the A320 😕
  9. Hey guys, i had this problem times ago... but this time it is back. But i can`t use the same solution and copy the file FX_2 in the textures folder to fix it. I am not sure what can cause it... Last time we have found a fix see the post below, but this time it did not work. It is on my A320 and A330. And the strobes too bye the way. I will add two some pictures. You can see the light at the APU and the A330 Taxi light... for example Need help. This was my old post:
  10. You are right. But what depends to the AS Bus. I don`t have new major addons since then... Hm... Currently i am at flight from Bilbao to Rhodos. I was in the supermarket and at the gym, and everything is working? Hm... It is not every flight...
  11. P3D v4.5 with latest versions. But it was with the prior version too. 😕
  12. I don`t understand what you mean? I don`t have any corenado aircraft. And this problem happens since a few weeks. The time before everything was fine. I am using the latest available installer from the aerosoft homepage Regards Marius
  13. Hey guys, since a few weeks, i got a problem, that when i am at cruise alt and the Airbus is at cruise, it`s sometimes shut off all systems and crashes into the ground. When i am back on my PC i find my A320 in the water or ground. I am not sure what is causing this? I was thinking about stormy conditions or something like that. Bit it happens even with good weather conditions. Any advises? Regards Marius
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