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    • Hello Dave, check the navdata airac that comes by default with the airbus and the error came back in the log, look for the points and there are also as in navigraph, I invite you to look at that error well, maybe that affects the calculations and Maybe the problems originate, especially when descending   Thank you
    • I wish I would have looked at this earlier.  I've spent many many hours because of stutters and CTDs.  I updated to 4.4 and it seemed ok but didn't realize it until now that this is probably the issue I ran into.  I bought the Airbus product just after Xmas and a little after I loaded 4.4.  Flights got so bad with hesitations and then CTDs I finally got rid of 4.4 and went back to an image with 4.3 on it.  Then loaded 4.3 and had the same issue after loading the Airbus again but still didn't realize it.  I reloaded an earlier 4.3 image and everything has been fine, however, I haven't loaded the Airbus yet.  I was about ready to but thought I might check this forum.  Glad I did.  I'll wait until you have it fixed before I do.  Please let us know when it is resolved.     Thank you DagelijksGamer for finding this. Thank you Mathijs Kok for making sure this gets resolved.   System
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    • Hola Josemari,   Disculpa en la demora de mis pruebas, te comento que no encuentro problemas con el Fuel Planner ya sea para FSX/P3Dv3 y P3Dv4 ambos pueden coexistir sin ningún inconveniente, para evitar inconvenientes tal vez quieras crear accesos directos en el escritorio para evitar confusiones.   Saludos, Walter
    • I've reinstalled several times in the past several weeks and at least one of those times I tried deleting those "User" folders (and then restarting) but to no avail in stopping the problem, so apparently it's one of those "your mileage may vary" things that happened to work for you...   I also don't run A/V - I don't use my sim PC for anything besides simming (and the attendant downloading that goes with it) so unless SimMarket, ORBX, Aerosoft, etc. get hacked; well, suffice it to say I haven't used A/V on any of my PCs (Mac and Windows) in at least 15 years and haven't got burned; I'm tech savvy enough and back up early and often enough that if I did get a virus I'd just assume wipe clean and restart.  But I digress...   One area where I differ from your process is that I tend to run P3D and load up whatever particular add-on (particularly in the case of aircraft) immediately after running the installer and rebooting.  I'm not sure if that makes a difference.  I guess I do it as sort of a holdover from the FSX days, where you had to run FSX on the clean install in order for the sim to create its cfg files and such before installing the service packs, otherwise you could potentially run into problems.   All that said, I now almost ALWAYS get the managed speed bug on climb when hitting crossover altitude.  Always, as in, at least the last 7-8 flights (beginning around New Year's Day).  Before that, it hadn't been happening at all (in that situation).  Fortunately, George still seems to obey the "proper" climb speed, and the bug is easily eliminated by either pushing or pulling the altitude knob.   As for the random occurrence of the bug during flight, I still get that only sporadically.  Say maybe once every 5 flights.  For instance it happened to me last night fairly early in cruise on a 4:45 flight; it seems to have a propensity to occur on longer flights (which makes sense; longer flight = greater chance of it happening eventually) at some random point in between waypoints.  The first time it ever happened to me was on November 5; about midway through a 5 hour flight.  Naturally, that was while running P3D v4.3, and the problem has persisted through the P3D update to v4.4 (for which I updated all components and have since reinstalled the Bus a number of times).  Also consider I just performed a clean install of Windows in mid-August 2018 when I effectively rebuilt the PC.  I don't know if that rules out the state of my P3D install as a cause or not.  My virtual money is on it being an unintended side effect caused by a VNAV update to the Bus sometime in late October/early November, but that's just a hunch and I don't intend that as a dig at the developers; --it happens.   So, regarding the upcoming update.  The change log for said that the logging would be triggered when the managed speed dropped below 120 kts.  Unfortunately, this would not trigger in the vast majority of my situations where it is occurring during climb, where it typically shows up at about FL260, calling for a speed of 180 kts and slowly decaying as the climb progresses.  Could I make the suggestion that the logging instead be triggered say when the managed speed drops below 200 while in climb or cruise phase?  Or perhaps any situation above say FL200? Naturally it would have to be coded in some way so as best to avoid instances in initial climb with lower speeds such as SIDs with speed restrictions, etc.  Of course I may well be the only one having this issue during the climb.   At this point I'm sick to death of reinstalling things and I'm content just to throw it into selected speed until the issue is teased out and squashed, which will happen eventually.  I have no problem doing some investigative work as part of my normal flying, but I'm done with the reinstalling for now.  There's enough to do as it is just in the normal course of updating, regardless of trying to tease out bugs.  I have no regrets jumping ship to P3D, but this is why I clung to FSX for as long as I did, why I would still be using FSX were P3D still only 32-bit, and why with most gaming I've usually been a hold out; I appreciate the maturity and stability in the platform!
    • It's very good.  Much appreciated.  Thank you.   Bruce R