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  1. but to be fair though. many Xplane user modified the a330-200RR only variant with PW and GE engine on their own. that sort of tells me that most people don't really care about engine performance as long as it's still believeable, they only care about how the plane looks. but that's just my opinion anyway anyway i was about to ask. will the plane have 8,33Khz radio? i'm just worried because the other known boeing developer doesn't have it. their reason is because p3dv4 default ATC doesn't use 8,33 frequency seperation(p3dv4 atc are like from 2006) so they don't implement it
  2. hello. sorry to bring this up, but do you plan to release this on steam? for convenience purpose regardss
  3. well the problem is i have and old I3-4170. its enough for P3d but im struggling to play recent games with it. especially DCS. and both CPU are the only one i can afford
  4. i wonder if i should get a i5-7500 CPU than the coffe lake I5-8400. Since the 7500 have a higher base clock speed
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