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  1. Hi Thomas, this problem was fixed with the latest version of Zuerich for P3Dv5. Please run the Aerosoft updater to up update the scenery. best regards Guenter Zehnel
  2. Hello, there was a bug in the installer that caused a file not to be installed correctly. We fixed it. Please run the Aerosoft Updater to update the scenery. best regards Guenter Zehnel.
  3. I checked both versions and the update without any problem. We will check if it's connected to ORBX GES best regards Guenter Zehnel
  4. Hi Thomas, I can't reproduce this problem on my test system. Do you have any other sceneries installed for this region? best regards Guenter Zehnel
  5. Hello, maybe the problem is the P3D version you are using. In version 4.3 there were some bugs that were fixed in version 4.4. We recommend to update P3D to the newest version 4.5. best regards.
  6. Hello, it seems there was a problem during the file upload to our server last night. It's solved now and the cycle 1908 is available for download. best regards Guenter Zehnel
  7. Hello, we solved the CTD problem of the CaptainSim dataset. Please download the dataset again via the NavDataPro client and install it again. best regards.
  8. hello Kilopapa, thank you. We will check it. best regards
  9. Hello, the problem is under investigation. It seems it happens in EDDK only. If anybody see the same problem with another airport, please send a report. We will try to find the problem asap. best regards
  10. Hello, there was an error in the FSLabs dataset. Sorry about this. We replaced the dataset, it should work now. Please download it again.
  11. Hello, at the moment we are working on a new version of our NavDataPro client software. This new version will include some updates for several flight sim addons supported by NavDataPro. I expect the release in summer. In the meantime please be patient.
  12. Hi, we know about this problem and we are working on it. There are some major changes in Carenados navdata compared with other planes of them.
  13. Hello Denis, we will check it. If Caranado uses the same navdata for P3Dv4 as for the other simulators (FSX, P3Dv3) it shouldn't be a problem. Meanwhile you can select the S550 for P3Dv2 from the product list of the NavDataPro client and change the path to your P3DV4 installation folder.
  14. Hallo Pascal, ich denke es liegt daran, dass dien PC etwas unterhalb der Mindestsystemanforderungen für WoS Vol2 liegt. Besonders die Grafikkarte ist eigentlich nicht für Simulatoren wie WoS geeignet. Ist dein PC ein Notebook? Wenn nicht, solltest Du gegebenenfalls eine leistungsfähigere Grafikkarte einbauen.
  15. Hello Willie, it seems there are some conflicts with other addon. Try to deactivate UTX and GEX to check if the problem still occurs.
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