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  1. We just reloaded Cycle 2211 to our server. Please try again to dowload the new cycle. It should work now. best regards Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft support
  2. Hello, at the moment we have some technical problems with the PFPX data set due to some changes in our source data files. We are still working on it and I hope we can solve it soon. best reagards Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft support
  3. Ah, that's the problem. At the moment the Mac version of our NavDataPro client doesn't support Aerowinx. We are working on a new version. It will be available soon. I will send yo a PM with a work around, which can be used until the new Mac version is available. best regards. Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft support.
  4. Hello andmiz, do you use the Windows version or the Mac version of the NavDataPro Client? best regards Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft support
  5. Hello Paul, we are checking it and we will update the chart server asap if it's not done yet. best regards
  6. Hello Andrej, we are working on it, together with some other updates of our NavDataPro client. I hope we can offer regular navdata updates for Aerowinx PSX begin next year. best regards. Guenter Zehnel
  7. As a workaround you can zoom in the chart before printing. Then it uses a higher resolution for rendering the image. best regards Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft.
  8. Hello Paul, we will check it. Maybe there is a problem with the new updated RFC charts. best regards Guenter Zehnel Aerosoft support
  9. Hello, there are some plans to support MSFS with our navdata service but at this time we cannot say if NavDataPro will support the MSFS directly. Of course we will support addon aircraft as much as possible with NavDataPro. We will start supporting MSFS addon aircraft with the release of our CRJ for MSFS. best regards. Guenter Zehnel
  10. Hello Ron, We have Windows 10 on our PCs. I will try to find out if this causes the problem. However, did you try the work around - copying the data manually ? best regards.
  11. Hello Rocher737, I remember this problem with an previous version of the NDP client, but, to be honest, I don’t remember what the solution was. However, I tested it on my test system today without any problem to write the nav data to a connected network drive. In principle it should work with the actual version of the NavdataPro client. As a work around you may try to install the navdata to a folder on your local HDD and copy it to the network drive manually.
  12. Hello, there is an bugfix available via our Aerosoft updater. This should fix the lightning problem. Please run the Aerosoft updater to update to version of Mega Airport Zuerich for P3Dv5. best regards
  13. Hello, I checked the workaround posted by Mathijs again and it worked. Deactivate the SODE jetways via the Geneva configuration tool Check if the folder c:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects\LSGG_Jetways\ is deleted completly Check non of the SODE.bgl in the Sim files is active: [Your P3D5 Add-ons Folder]\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5\Sode\SimObjects\LSGG_Jetways\sim.cfg AF2_LSGG_SODE.off AF2_LSGG_SODE_OBJ.off AF2_LSGG_Static_SODE.off AF2_LSGG_Static_SODE_OBJ.off Restart P3Dv5. Check that the default Jetways are visible in the scenery. Exit P3D. Replace the file [Your P3D5 Add-ons Folder]\Aerosoft Geneva Professional V5\Sode\SimObjects\LSGG_Jetways\sim.cfg with the attached sim.cfg Launch the configuration tool again and activate SODE Jetways. Restart P3D. You should also ensure that SODE works properly in P3Dv5. It needs the legacy SimConnect.DLL for FSX-SP2 best regards. sim.zip
  14. Hallo Pascal, ich denke es liegt daran, dass dien PC etwas unterhalb der Mindestsystemanforderungen für WoS Vol2 liegt. Besonders die Grafikkarte ist eigentlich nicht für Simulatoren wie WoS geeignet. Ist dein PC ein Notebook? Wenn nicht, solltest Du gegebenenfalls eine leistungsfähigere Grafikkarte einbauen.
  15. Hello Willie, it seems there are some conflicts with other addon. Try to deactivate UTX and GEX to check if the problem still occurs.
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