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  1. Guenter Zehnel

    Error Updating Nav Data

    Hello, please try to run the NavDataPro client with administrator rights.
  2. Guenter Zehnel

    KLAS LOC ILS 26L is now 111.5

    Hi DJ, our charts will be updated every four weeks. It's the same schedule like for the FMS data, so the next charts update will come upcoming week.
  3. Hi, we know about this problem and we are working on it. There are some major changes in Carenados navdata compared with other planes of them.
  4. Guenter Zehnel

    Berlin Tegel v2 - no runway lights

    Hello Masterhawk, I've seen in the apc.cfg you attached you are using P3Dv4. For P3Dv4 you should use 'Berlin-Tegel Professional', which don't need the airport controller. (it's the same for Zurich). The FSX versions of Tegel and Zurich will not work correctly in P3Dv4.
  5. Hello Denis, we will check it. If Caranado uses the same navdata for P3Dv4 as for the other simulators (FSX, P3Dv3) it shouldn't be a problem. Meanwhile you can select the S550 for P3Dv2 from the product list of the NavDataPro client and change the path to your P3DV4 installation folder.
  6. Guenter Zehnel

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Hello Philipp, thank you for your advice. I just replaced the Majestic dataset on our server with a correct version. Sorry for this problem.
  7. Guenter Zehnel

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Hallo Gert, I found the mistake. It was a missing "\" in the cycle_info_path entry in the base_ini.xml. Please replace the base_ini.xml in the folder C:\Aerosoft\NavDataPro\bin with the attached file. NavDataPro should now show the intalled cycle correctly as well as the backup. base_ini.xml
  8. Guenter Zehnel

    Majestic Dash, P3D V4.x

    Hello, we solved the problem with the new data format for the Dash 8. Within the next days there we will release a new version of our NavDatPro client which includes the support for the Majestic Dash 8 version 1.020.
  9. Guenter Zehnel

    NavDatapro für Das8 Q400 P3D V3

    Hallo, wir konnten das Problem mit dem neuen Datenformat für die Dash 8 jetzt klären. In den nächsten Tagen wird eine neue Version des NavDatapro Clients verfügbar sein, die dann auch die Majestic Dash ab Version 1.020 unterstützt.
  10. Guenter Zehnel

    NDP NavdataPro FMC Manager troubleshooting

    Hell Jurodj, you tried to install the new cycle from a local strored file but it seems you didn't download the new cycle file before. Please try to download the cycle from our server first by selecting 'Aerosoft-Server' from this dropdown list..
  11. Guenter Zehnel

    Mapped Network Drives

    Hello, we didn't change anything in the program code but we will ckeck it.
  12. Guenter Zehnel

    QualityWings 787 - expected landing date?

    Hello, we are on final approach with including the QW787 as well as FlightFactor A320 in our navdata service. A new version of the NavPataPro client will be released soon.
  13. Guenter Zehnel

    Nav Data Pro does not List FSLabs in P3Dv4 list

    Hello, FSLabs A320 for P3Dv4 is implemented now. Please update your NavDataPro client to version
  14. Guenter Zehnel

    NavDataPro for Majestic Dash Q400 x64 P3D v4.1

    Hello, we are in contact with the developers to solve the problem. I will give more information as soon as we solved it.
  15. Guenter Zehnel

    NavDataPro Upd Pilot2Atc Airac 1711

    Hello, there is a new version of the dataset available. It fixes the second error you described. Use the NavDataPro client to download it again. The first problem in your descrption isn't wrong. There are really more than one entries for UL610 in the source file.