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  1. "Honor is a gift a man gives to himself" -Various
  2. Learned how to reload and do it correctly. So as long as my primer stock holds out I am good. I stocked up on "factory" ammo which would be the ammo I use if I ever "have" to use it and the ammo I use for zeroing. I train with and plink with my reloads.
  3. have you used AAO to gather the LVARs? Once I have done this I don't have too much difficulty finding and LVAR I want by using the AAO filter. Frankly that is what most will probably do to provide you with the LVAR. Better to learn it yourself so you can get things done quickly. As far as the thrust reversers are concerned, I don't believe you will be able to get them to work as in real life. It is a sim limitation. So they either are on full or off.
  4. What are your excuses? Does this look like the cereal aisle at the grocery store? Do you mom and dad know you are in here throwing an embarrassing tantrum. Where you raised to think this is acceptable behavior, whether on a forum or real life?
  5. Well I do actually have a dream job. I am an RF Engineer and I worked so hard for so long and spent so many hours away from home and family that now I work from home, basically when I want. Now my philosophy has always been simple and it has provided me with an ample amount of free time. Both keystones of how I approach getting out of bed everyday (not just Monday through Friday) were learned from Zig Ziglar in the early 80s and coupled with a strict moral code instilled by my parents and honed by the Marine Corps have provide me and my family a wonderful life. So here goes, the two philosophies I implement everyday from the great Zig... 1. You can have everything you want in life as long as you help enough other people get what they want first. 2. Do what you have to do when you have to do it and you will find you have enough time to do what you want to do when you want to do it. I find that during most work weeks, applying precept 2, I can call myself finished by Wednesday or early Thursday. More over I never get calls from the boss asking me what I am doing. He already knows that I am doing what I have to do or have already done it before he makes that call. If he calls me on Thursday and I answer with "what's up, the fish are biting" he knows everything that he may have wanted to discuss is done and he replies "catch a ton!" Now much like liberty and freedom, the ability to live by the above is predicated on a rock solid and unwavering moral base that allows you to make the choices you have to make while going about your day. Lastly, no I did not put out an autoresponder telling my clients I am waiting for the CRJ update...that was just part of my story poking fun at the people who keep posting "when is the update, we NEED to know, it will make things better if we know blah blah blah blah puke.
  6. As a quick search would have turned up, hell not even a search just about two or three topics below would have sufficed. This is an after effect of the SU5 update. Now that the hotfix has come out to do whatever it is supposed to do, the team at AS can polish off and test version 1.06 and get it released. All should be well then. Google and forum searches are your friend. You technology advice for today, brought to by a guy that as a teenager still used a chorded phone.
  7. With all the issues they are having it seems "interesting" that it passed closed beta.
  8. This is confusing to me. Up to the latest SU5 update from Asobo, the CRJ has been working without show stopping issues for me.
  9. Yes I was being my light hearted facetious self. No need in my opinion to set a date. There is plenty to do in life, I would hope for everyone, while waiting. I just find it funny all the "can you please tell us when the patch is coming out because that helps a lot" crowd. I imagine them in their parents basement with a bag of Cheetos and a Mountain Dew waiting on the MSFS hotfix and CRJ update. Cheers to everyone at AS!.
  10. I set here unable to eat, sleep or work. Not even the birth of my new grand daughter has been enough. My left hand is on my Honeycomb Alpha and my right on the Bravo. My mouse long ago worn out refreshing the latest version page hoping beyond hope to see the magic number 6 that will cure all the evils of SU5. These are dark times. I have over 200 business emails but I just put on an auto responder to say "Away from work waiting on CRJ update, will get back to you when I can". They don't understand. The only thing that will help is if you could just tell us when the update will be out. I know, I will still have to wait for the update but there appears to be something magical about knowing the date. Apparently it gives us hope, like a vaccine or mask, so we don't have to live in fear of being on 1.05 forever. Could you imagine how that would be. One second someone is at my door..... It was my brother. Sorry Mathis and good folks at AS I am going fishing and then to the rifle range. No need to worry about responding to this as I have plenty to do while waiting for the 1.06. Come to think of it, I have slept fine, work has been great and my new grand daughter is a whoot, not to mention watching the other two try and figure out why there is a new person hanging around.
  11. LOL. I couldn't resist....
  12. Well you shouldn't be flying around at 70,000 feet.
  13. One step further....ALWAYS RUN THE SIMULATOR AS ADMINISTRATOR. When do we run the simulator as admin? ALWAYS. P.S. SimWare, this is not intended as a direct message to you, you are spot on with the recommendation, but to everyone else to remind them.........ALWAYS RUN THE SIMULATOR AS ADMIN.
  14. I have watched all of the "Dude's" videos and I don't recall him publishing a video entitled "How to Screw Up the ILS Approach". Mixed control response refers to the fact that Asobo decided what you need to have in your controller profiles by default. This causes situations where you, probably correctly, determine that you want to control Action X on Controller Y and set it up that way. However you, me and everyone else are unaware that Asobo decided it would be best if that action were controlled on a different controller or on the keyboard. The result is you have two or more bindings for the same action and don't know about it. So you are happily flying along and crazy things are happening because of this double and at times triple keyboard/controller assignment. Since the behavior seems weird, and it is, the first thing we look to do is place blame. Once we decide to place blame we don't want to spend a lot of time placing blame, so we hit the first target which is normally the plane we are flying in. If it is the CRJ, we come to the forum and complain about bugs and demand fixes and tweaks that aren't bugs that need fixes or tweaks but in reality are FEATURES that Asobo put in our sim. See my post right above this one how I solved my issues with keyboard/controller profiles.
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