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  1. Ah, but a HUGE difference in ease of use. Market place items are, to the best of my knowledge, encrypted on your hard drive. It makes it hard to use things like addons linker to manager your installations. For example, addons link allows you to install to a separate area of your hard drive or a separate hard drive entirely and then link those installs to your community folder. So when a sim update hits, you can, as recommended, empty your community folder with one click of a button. Then you can add things back one at a time or one type at a time to make sure everything is working fine. I
  2. Well ILS captured at LEBL no problems. I stayed in FMS source the whole time and the ILS frequency tuned automatically. I will still switch the nav source in the future as that way the needle in the HUD lines up correctly.
  3. Shouldn't be too confusing. In my case I stated that some of MY pilot behavior is a hold over from the P3D version. I set the ILS freq on STANDBY so I have a visual cue when the frequency is auto-tuned (the STANDBY and ACTIVE will match). I have not attempted (but getting ready to do so on this flight) flying the ILS with the source in FMS. I will see how that goes. My memory tells me that I do not get a glide slope indication on the HUD or the PFD when in FMS mode, but could be wrong and I am about to verify which it is. One thing that I am sure has never happened with me is
  4. Actually if you select an ILS approach in the DEP/ARR page, then the radio will tune the selected ILS automatically. This surprised me with the MSFS version as I don't think it happened in the P3D. I do set the frequency in the standby radio just so I am aware of when the ILS is tuned and to make sure my planning and charts match up to what I am wanting to do.
  5. I would also verify that you are on the "green" needles. I don't think that the plane will fly the ILS if the nav source is on FMS. I could be wrong. Frankly, when I was flying the P3D version early on, I found it was easy with all the workload during an approach to forget to switch the nav source to Nav1 (VOR1 or LOC1 will be indicated depending on what is tuned. I believe, but am not sure, that even though the localizer is shown as active while FMS nav, it will not fly the approach. I will try this on my next approach to verify unless I see something here before. Anyhow, MY procedure i
  6. I wonder why I have to keep repeating myself? Also, do you think a bunch of basement dwelling kids up voting and down voting anonymously is a sign of anything? Also, I said that because if something can be fixed/bettered and no action is taken, the results are what you get. If you complain about the results, well it's complaining. Again, your choice.
  7. I've never seen a wrong turn onto ILS. Just flew the above approach above with zero issues.
  8. How the sim was developed is for the planes included with the sim. Complex addons like the AS CRJ and upcoming releases from PMDG et al, will outstrip what the sim is capable of doing. Asobo will not be interested, nor should they be, in putting control systems in for each add on. So again, your choice, everyone's choice is clear. Complain here or to Asobo and keep getting the same response from people doing it the right way, or join in with people doing it the right way. Again, I cannot speak to Spadnext or FSUIPC as I don't use them for complex aircraft controls and scripts, but Axis an
  9. I went to look at buying, but I am a little confused on the version needed for MSFS and CRJ specifically. Please advise.
  10. EDLP Thanks Aerosoft! First time into this gift. Very nicely done.
  11. I'll have to look at some real world videos to confirm, but memory says the CRJ is a bit nose down and that would alter the "site picture" during flare I would think. I have the best results with the HC when I am in trim, of course, and just slightly nose high over the threshold using slight back pressure to arrest the descent.
  12. Why. So you have control over how your controls operate and not how the sim or some developer thinks you want. Or don't and you will always be at three mercy of what others think you want and need. Your choice and your results. Off you don't like them you will only have yourself to blame.
  13. If you want you can learn how not to be subjected to controller interaction problems in the simulator. Or you can wonder what happened after updates. Your call
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