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  1. As a member of this forum, I deserve to know when the next ETA question will be posted!
  2. Not only do they not announce a release date, they don't say what's going to be in it either. Since not everyone, a larger percentage of everyone, is NOT experience this issue, then they have to be careful not to break the plane for the majority. For example, in my case, I have not experienced zig zagging since the day of release.
  3. I am almost certain you have another controller profile causing this. Make sure you set up new and BLANK profiles for EVERY controller you have. Mouse, keyboard, Alpha, Bravo, pedals etc. ALL of them. Mine are all blank except for view commands on my alpha hat switch. Also, make sure that you did not activate the "quick turn" feature, unless you want it and know where it is assigned. Mine is assigned to the ALT on the Alpha. I cannot remember if that was default or not.
  4. Well the first issue is that what you say above is absolutely NOT the way to correct for the issue you see. 1. You cannot leave the CRJ alone at cruise. EVER. The wind will shift or a pressure differential occur. You are in danger of losing altitude in either of these. When that happens the autopilot will, as you know, try to fix the problem. It can't. You can't. The aircraft does NOT have enough power at cruise to overcome this problem. If you cannot climb and maintain yourself on the correct side of the power curve, you will lose that battle and the CRJ will try to kill you and your pretend passengers. The ONLY corrective action is to trade altitude for speed immediately. Trading altitude for speed is ALWAYS an option, until it is not. Typically, it stops being an option because the pilot did the wrong thing. You should: 1. Disconnect the a/p 2. Nose over to begin gaining speed 3. Reset ALT for a lower altitude. You may need a few thousand feet depending on how quickly you were able to react to the problem. 4. Once you are in a controlled descent with speed on the right side of the curve, THEN you can re-engage the a/p. You may need to cycle off with the bar. Fortunately, I fly very few "long" flights in the CRJ and I don't have to spend a lot of time at cruise babysitting her. However, I cruise at about 15 knots below the barber pole, typically around M0.80ish. That gives me some wiggle room to hit the head if needed.
  5. Your choice of search engine may need to be revisited. I typed into Google CRJ-1000 manual and the very first result got this: Airport Planning Manual (bombardier.com) Then a search within the PDF itself led me to section 3.
  6. You are welcome. After years of flight simming and add-ons, I now automatically just run everything as admin. See you on VATSIM!
  7. Just one other idea. If you have not done so, I highly recommend you create a blank controller profile for every controller you have. Everything from keyboard, mouse, yoke/joystick, rudder pedals etc. Then build the profile how you want it from scratch. This is the ONLY way to ensure that some crazy key bind will not interfere with your enjoyment. I repeat, the ONLY WAY. Now this was unacceptable to me because not only would I have to do the initial set up work for each aircraft, but I would have to remember to switch profiles when I switched aircraft. Also, one of the first updates completely removed my custom profiles. So I use Axis and Ohs.
  8. I have tried to replicate this. I have over 200 hours now in the MSFS version and start from cold and dark every time. Every hour is on VATSIM and I use the radios to change freqs. Are you running Vpilot in Administrator mode? That is the only thing I can think of. Another possibility is the livery you use. I know it sounds weird and crazy, but liveries that are not made correctly can have impacts on the sim, even if they are not being used. To test, I would remove all add-on liveries for the CRJ if you have any and then test with only the default liveries. I cannot pinpoint what your problem is, however I am 100% certain it lies with your system or the use of your system and not the CRJ.
  9. Most likely Navigraph. I had the same issue on a single departure out of KDCA. CTD would occur at exactly, and I mean exactly the same point on the departure. I would report this to their forum.
  10. Take off is always in the TOGA detent. If you want a derated takeoff then you can program that in the FMS under the performance page. The patter will be flown with manual throttle/speed management. Other than Vspeed from the EFB, if you want to do pattern work, you don't really have to put anything into the FMS. You would need to align the IRS though so you have an ADI. Remember if you are going to do a touch and go to retract the flaps to 8 and trims before re-engaging TOGA mode. I would also think that, other than pattern work, VFR flights in the CRJ are very rare. Like all jets it wants to be up in the thin air and that means flight levels and you can't fly there VFR. However, if you were to do a sightseeing trip just for fun, there is nothing wrong with programming the FMS as you would an IFR flight, even if it is simple direct one airport to another.
  11. I was unable to reproduce on flight from KSTS to KSNA a few moments ago.
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