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  1. My reading comprehension is just fine. You said " I don't want to pay double for a plane variant that I'm not going to use never" You said double. Now you also went on to tell AS how to price their stuff based on what you want. That is not the way the world or the markets work. You also complained about being forced into XYZ. Again you are not forced. Look at the price and if you want it get it. If you don't like the price walk away. I don't believe you live in a tyrannical country that forces its citizens to purchase the CRJ under penalty of prison or death.
  2. I don't see where you are forced into buying anything. You either by the package as offered or don't. Unless you are under some hypnotic trance you should have full use of your abilities. You also don't pay double the price. You pay exactly 40% more for double the aircraft. You see how good that looks when one applies proper math. Just to make sure you understand, if you were to pay double (which would be fair for double the aircraft) you would pay 100 euro not 70 euro. You math was way off. You assertion that more CRJ sold would be better for everyone is a non sequitur. I'll bet you cannot even tell us how more CRJs sold would be beneficial to you, much less EVERYONE. The current model may discourage you but again you are in no position to say it discourages anyone else.
  3. Well, go through and read posts here. I no longer assume anything. One could assume just about anything, for example, running through the tutorial line by line can take some time and discharge the batteries. Something is amiss because I have never had to touch the generator switches and I start cold and dark every time.
  4. Sure, it matters. Battery will run out without the generator or ground power recharging it. Unless the proper steps are being followed and outlined by the user, there is no way to help. Heck, this could be the product of an invalid install or bad livery.
  5. You are correct. I load C&D and never turn the on. So he missed the Don't Touch the Generator Switches part of the tutorial.
  6. However, what PMDG offers is about how to turn the knobs, not push the knob buttons. Again, comparing what one developer does with one aircraft to another is a waste of time 99.9999% of the time.
  7. Must have missed the Generators On part of the tutorial, lol.
  8. There I was today, on the visual approach to KLNK rwy 18. I was at 100 feet AGL when MSFS weather began injecting 183 knot winds on my nose. Needless to say, approaching at 140 knots in a 183-knot headwind is a tad difficult. So, I had fun with it and slowly watched my aircraft blown backward for over 20 miles. At that point I just decided to do a vertical landing on a road after hovering at about 10 feet. Good times. Oh yea, I almost forgot.... Come on AS! I hope this will be fixed in the next update! (if you are reading this and wondering why I am blaming AS, then you don't understand facetiousness. Look it up).
  9. I was unaware there is a T/O button? You have to move the throttles to the TOGA detent. Synch means the engines are not in sync with regards to N1 probably and the other message means you are not in the TOGA detent I believe.
  10. Finally. Glad that was cleared up!
  11. That's not what I said. I said that if you buy an Iphone from Verizon you cannot expect Apple to troubleshoot the calls. The IPhone/Apple has no responsibility for the network you use it on. Do you expect Apple to troubleshoot/fix/buy you a router for your home for your wifi service? Again, you are angry because you have realized that you made a bad decision. However you are angry with yourself and you are reaching out for someone to make you feel better and fix your, in your case, poor decision. That is not how life actually works. You have to fix your decisions. However, your maturity level is obviously lacking as shown by your quick dive into name calling. That would explain a number of things.
  12. I have many clues; I do this kind of thing for a living. It must be you who does not understand the responsibility of a distributor and the limitations on what a manufacturer or developer can do. Yes, AS chooses to sell to that and other distributors. Each distributor is allowed to then market their products as they see fit according to the letter and spirit of the distribution agreement. What I will tell you with absolute certainty is that AS has zero responsibility to make sure your experience is the same. You have the responsibility to understand what your choices are and what the consequences of those choices will be. You mad a choice you are unhappy with and expect someone else to fix the consequences of your choices. That does not work. In other words, you should be telling simmarket about your unhappiness with how they do business. I too purchased the CRJ long before AS One was available. However, I purchased from AS. Guess what the consequences of my decision are?
  13. Follow up, you do realize that Sim Market wants you using their installer instead of AS One don't you?
  14. Dude. Sim Market is the distributor. They "buy" product from AS at a discount and resell it to you at some price markup X. You are asking to return a bottle of Bud Light you bought at Walmart directly to Embev. That is not how life happens. Choices, like buying AS products from other than AS stores are wonderful. However, like all choices they have consequences YOU have to bear.
  15. Are you running SU10 beta? If so, there is your answer and good luck reverting back. If not, I don't have an answer for you as I am not experiencing this.
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