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NavDataPro one year access is not available anymore


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I wanted to renew my access to the NavDataPro Charts and realised that the one year access is not available anymore. I think there was also a three month access which is not existing too. I could use the one month access but it costs almost ten euros while I payed around 65 euros for the one year access a year ago. Therefore, the price has roughly doubled if I would go with the one month access over and over.


Are there any plans to bring back the one year access version? Three months ago Tom from Aerosoft confirmed that there are still updates planned regarding NDP (https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/175734-suggestions-for-improvement-chart-viewerairac/) but in my opinion the take down of the one year access is not quite expedient.


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Hi guys,


I'm also very interested in knowing what AeroSoft really plans to do with NavDataPro after getting rid of the one-year subscription

I'm concerned about the following mention appearing on the Single dataset shopping page

NOTE: NDP will continue to be delivered until the end of this year, after which the service will be discontinued. The last cycle will be delivered on December 26, 2024 

This seems to indicate that NDP will be FULLY discontinued by the end of this year (the reason why the one-year subscription was indeed removed!)

Am I correct?



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vor 11 Stunden schrieb hsors:

This seems to indicate that NDP will be FULLY discontinued by the end of this year (the reason why the one-year subscription was indeed removed!)

Am I correct?

Unfortunately, it looks like you're right.

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Aerosoft now confirmed NDP will be discontinued by the end of this year


Dear NavDataPro & NavDataPro Charts users,

Since 2012, Aerosoft has been providing up-to-date navigation data for flight simulation with its NavDataPro service. This enabled users to use the on-board systems of modern aircraft, especially modern commercial aircraft, in the flight simulator in the same way as in reality.

In 2016, we were then able to expand our offering and provide the latest airport charts in addition to the FMS data.

The whole field of flight simulation has of course evolved over the years. The range of aircraft add-ons that use our navigation data grew, and other stand-alone applications were added to the flight simulators.

And the simulators themselves have also evolved. In the beginning it was FSX and X-Plane 10 that dominated the market, then came Prepar3d, and now it is the current versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12.

Our aim has always been to keep up with the latest developments in the market and to continually develop our product range. Our goal has always been to provide our users with up-to-date navigation data and charts for all current flight simulators and add-on products.

Now that Microsoft has announced the release of the next generation of Flight Simulator, the question naturally arose as to how we could further develop our NavDataPro service to include new features to reflect developments in real aviation. However, it became clear that both the cost of developing our service and the cost of acquiring the basic data would increase. In particular, the increase in the purchase price of the basic data proved to be a real problem.

Unfortunately, we were unable to find a satisfactory solution that would allow us to continue our NavDataPro service economically.

We are therefore forced to discontinue our subscription service at the end of the year with the last cycle 2413. We regret this step very much. Whether there will be a similar product from Aerosoft in the future remains to be seen.

Customers who currently have a subscription that ends after December 31st, 2024 can contact us at info@aerosoft.com for a partial refund.

Kind regards,

Your team at Aerosoft


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This is VERY bad news for those simmers who prefer LIDO charts to the Jepp ones.

The LIDO enroute charts contain more info as well as the airport charts & plates. Some airports are covered that are missing in the Jepp library (Ercan/Cyprus comes to my mind). And - LIDO charts depict terrain and topography much better than Jepp ones...

I assume that most (if not all) subscribers to NavData Pro Charts use that service due to the above mentioned reasons. Therefor I see no need for any further development of the service as it is just fine as it is...

As far as the price increase of the basic data is concerned: I will be more than happy to pay more if the service were to be continued.




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I suggest to try out the free and official charts from Eurocontrol. Ercan/LCEN is a very special (political) case, as it is somehow internationally "banned".

But I'm sure that there is a turkish websites providing those charts.

In general: Charts are only included in a dataset, when a provider got enough commercial customers requesting those data.

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