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  1. After changing my system,i've reinstalled everything from scratch, done some testing and did'nt encountered the problem again. Still some issues though like switches not moving temporarily or pressurization not working properly, but no freezes when inputting the mcdu nor during normal operations. Minor issues but now i can finish my flights. It can only get better now.... I've tried switching approaches in flight multiples times i could not reproduce the crash. Maybe a fresh reinstall can be a solution.(Reminds me the fsx times.....)
  2. Same as the above. Really enjoying the aircraft, very immersive if you take the time to dig into it. From now on it can only get better. Good work guys..as always. It 's worth every penny.
  3. Made two flight today same route and approaches as yesterday no problems everything went smooth except for the power/throttle but that's another subject. I,ve tested with the stock Navadata and navigraph 2102 ---> no crash. On my previous flight i was using Avlaisoft EFB which uses Fsuipc ,don't know if it is related, i will do a bit more testing. I'm not sure but i think EFB is doing some input in the sim via fsuipc.
  4. As i see Digital Aviation is around developing fabulous aircraft,do you know if they have any future plans to develop their fantastic Piper Cheyenne for the new platform?
  5. Same with me tonight on ground preparing the flight and in flight tryng to modify an arrival. It occured twice on the arrival page. Error message from Msfs debug:WASM: Exception c000001d in gauge MCDU1V in module F:\MSFS Packages\Community\aerosoft-crj\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft_CRJ_550\panel\ASCRJ_550.wasm
  6. I forgot to precise, i've disabled throttle control via keyboard (default mapping) and unticked the reverse axis on the joysticks lever assignement. So to make it simple:
  7. I had problems finding the right joystick lever in MSFS. For me the joystick levers for the TCA are not according what is described in the pictures above. The joystick 's lever are Joystick L--->axis X (left lever) and Joystick L--->axis Y (right lever). This worked for me. Didier
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