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  1. bsal

    RF Leg Bug

    That's a shame, thanks for the reply Mathijs.
  2. It's the same for both web and app.
  3. bsal

    RF Leg Bug

    This has been bothering me for some time now so I've decided to make a post about it maybe it can be rectified. Not sure if the problem is caused by the navdatapro coding (also happens with navigraph) or the aerosoft airbus how it reads Radius to fix RF legs in the database. Bare with me for a second. There are more but we'll use this one for an example, KBZN Bozeman RNAV12-Z via JOXIT, The arc between TETBY and JURAL is drawn as a straight line on the 32bit aerosoft airbus (probably the same on the 64bit) if someone could check for me that would be great. Straight line drawn by the airbus The RF legs seem to be coded correctly in the database, you can see RF between both TETBY and JURAL, the issue seems to be caused by the APPTR section ending with an 'RF' leg then beginning the FINAL with the same name waypoint JURAL as a different leg type 'IF'.
  4. AGC for Malmo is also blank, I don't know what's going on here the charts were fine with no problems up until a few months ago, now every cycle update has issues.
  5. AGC chart for Malmo ESMS is blank, all other charts for Malmo are working.
  6. Charts are taking a very long time to load, must be everyone using the charts on the EFB in the A330 is killing the server.
  7. I've use both navdata and charts from aerosoft from the beginning because I prefer LIDO but I also use simbrief for my flight planning which forces me to buy a couple times a year the navdata sub from navigraph so I can have useable routes on vatsim, and it is a pain in the ass and costly having to do it this way. I would love some day (soon) that aerosoft supports simbrief.
  8. bsal

    Quito SEQM

    Any update on this issue?
  9. bsal

    Quito SEQM

    Just did a flight to Guayaquil SEGU and most of the charts are also blank for this airport, possibly more airports with the same issue.
  10. Hello just loaded up my navdatapro charts for SEQM and some of them will not load, the blue 'download cog' shows downloading for a second then the chart is just blank, it's namely the AFC, AGC, SIDS 1A RWY36, SID RWY18, SID Southwest RWY36, RNAV STAR 18 and a few more that won't type out. Some of the other charts at SEQM are loading. Could someone check to see if it's just a problem on my end? Regards Brian
  11. bsal

    8.33khz Radio Frequency

    The fslabs airbus can do it so I don't think it's a sim limitation.
  12. With 8.33khz spacing on the radio almost everywhere in Europe now and maybe vatsim supporting it with the new voice codec soon would it be possible to release a hotfix to make the radios in the airbus 8.33 compliant?
  13. 00000kt is the wind in this case calm wind enter 0/0 into the wind box, M7 is -7c, enter -7 into the temp box and that's it.
  14. Have you tried turning engine and wing anti ice on before departure? If that doesn't help and you use activesky weather try turning icing off in settings.
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