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  1. The navdata you want to update is called 'Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321' in the navdatapro application. Also make sure you have selected navdatapro in the airbus configurator
  2. Which navdata provider are you using navigraph or navdatapro?
  3. Can confirm navdatapro (LIDO) has coded the descent angle of -3.00 in the navdata while navigraph does not. Maybe that's the issue but the VDEV brick appears to be moving down correctly in the guys screenshots shouldn't the aircraft still follow the VDEV down anyway?
  4. At airports that already have alot of charts this duplicate of old and new is a big pain in the ass, will there ever be a fix for this issue?
  5. Appears the charts haven't updated to current 2005 cycle. Frankfurt has had some procedure changes with the removal of the PSA NDB.
  6. I think there is some confusion here, I thought you are using navdata pro charts app but appears you are not.
  7. Any news from Lufthansa data systems yet on this?
  8. I know it is suppose to be coded as 'H' but the 32bit airbus won't see the VIAS in the FMGC if it's coded with a 'H', I think that's why navigraph still use 'R' for all RNAV/RNP procedures for this aircraft and it works. Hopefully they can change it to 'R' just for this aircraft.
  9. Thanks Mathijs hopefully they will have it changed for the next cycle.
  10. Hi Mathijs I did some more investigating on the issue, for testing I changed the 'H' designator to 'R' in the PROC text file and all the RNAV procedures worked as expected. It seems LIDO uses 'H' for all RNP approaches in the database whle navigraph (Jepessen) uses 'R' for all RNAV and RNP. If you could have Lufthansa data system use an R instead of H that would fix the issue, or this is a long shot a hotfix for the 32bit bus so it understands that 'H' is also an RNAV or RNP approach.
  11. Thanks Mathijs hopefully it can be fixed because I really prefer using LIDO navdata.
  12. For some reason the A318-A321 FSX 32bit has a problem finding some approach transitions in the database. For example at Salzburg LOWS the RNAV33-Z both approach VIAS (KONUG) and (ETROK) don't show up in the VIAS page of the FMGC. I checked the PROC text file in navdatapro and they are included in the data. Your competitors navigraph airac works fine for this approach. I did notice they are coded differently in the text file, navdatapro use a 'H' while navigraph uses the traditional 'R' to denote an RNAV approach. I suspect this maybe the problem. Can this be looked into please?
  13. bsal


    Usually you will find the CRAR in the AIP publication of the aviation authority of the country the airport is in.
  14. LGSA Chania is indeed in the LIDO chart database and working fine for me.
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