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  1. I see there is an update for the chart application today is there a changelog?
  2. Hello charts have not updated with today's new airac cycle. Appreciate it if you could update them. Regards Brian
  3. Any news from the people at LIDO about this? Regards Brian
  4. They are up to date now thanks.
  5. @RobsonM anything you can do? Regards Brian
  6. It appears the charts have not updated to 2012 cycle. EIDW removed the RNP approaches in the previous cycle and have updated them for this cycle, RNP28L and RNP10R should be in this cycle but they don't appear only the old ones remain from previous cycle. Regards Brian
  7. If I add two airports to a route in this example KLGB to KSFO the obstacle departure charts for my departure airport are left out from the 'quick flight' view see below If I go to the main airport tab to show a single airport ODEP charts are visible here. Is it possible to have the ODEP charts included in the 'quick flight' view also? Regards Brian
  8. For selected NPA don't press APPR, at 0.3 NM before the FAF set the desired flight path angle and PULL the knob. The aircraft will not level off at FCU altitude if you do this. Also make sure you have activated the approach phase in the FMGC before starting the approach.
  9. You need to press APPR mode button first so the aircraft knows not to level off at the FCU selected altitude then you can use FPA all the way down to minimums correctly.
  10. Do the people at Lufthansa systems even read the emails you send? Why do they offer such a product if they have zero support for it. Have they communicated with you at all on this issue?
  11. Hi Mathijs just wondering does Lufthansa compile the data into 'flightsim addon' text files and send it to you guys or does someone at Aerosoft compile the data so addons can read/understand the data? To make LIDO airac work fully correct in the FSX airbus only RNAV/RNP procedures need to be changed from 'H' to 'R' type in the PROC text files. Wondering if you could ask whoever compiles the airac for this addon to make the change? Regards Brian
  12. Charts are now upto date thanks guys.
  13. Seems the charts have not updated to the current cycle, departing Palma today via MEROS6B but navdatapro charts still have MEROS5B. Asked a friend to who is a real world FO that uses LIDO and he confirmed latest chart is
  14. The navdata you want to update is called 'Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321' in the navdatapro application. Also make sure you have selected navdatapro in the airbus configurator
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