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  1. Due to a crash in my system I reinstalled the A330 for P3dv5 and switched to navigraph as primary source, which removed the erratic 'missing Navdata' because I deleted that folder instead of switching it in the config. I can see all runways again now for some reason.... I guess this was the problem and I doubt if the flightplan files had to do with it. Just in case you might wanna check it out, I included it in this message! Thank you for the help! DTWFRA01.flp
  2. Affirm, every flightplan I load. BTW, there are two Navdata options when opening the FMC, and since the Navdata pro version was out of date and I use Navigraph, I deleted that folder and now I use Navigraph only. When opening the FMC for the first time, the default nav source is therefore 'empty', and I have to select the current AIRAC from Navigraph below to make everything work. It could have to do with this all maybe...
  3. Hello, I have realistic company route disabled (I always had this) and I load the flightplan as exported from PFPX. This means, the runway is always already included in the file, but I do have to select the approach and STAR manually of course.
  4. Dear Aerosoft, I've used your whole Airbus series for quite a while and recently it came to my attention that for some reason the selected Runway is not shown on the Navigation Display anymore. In the screenshot below for example, Runway 25L in Frankfurt is selected in the FMC but instead, the airport is shown with a 'star' on the ND. Also, the missed approach procedures are gone, but are visible in the FMC. This happens to all airports, as well as the departure airport. I am 100% sure that a while ago, EDDF 25L would have been shown on the ND. Did I miss some sort of setting here?
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