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  1. For all the retropilots … I thought that this CRJ 1000 may not be missing! I know, this Airline is not on the list of Mathijs, but … (I love her!)
  2. Mathijs has already written it above, below from me as Picture, the Gerudia Indonesia! This as a small appetizer, look forward to what's is coming!
  3. Hello, I'm back in Business, and that's why it's time to say thank you. Thanks to Hans and Mathijs and especially aerosoft, you know why ... … look what comes out, I'm very excited!
  4. Hello Holgi.


    I'm reaching out to you, because your liverys are those i'm using the most. 


    Could it be possible to do the "Atlantic Airways" a319, a320 or a320neo (sharklet) livery?


    Atlantic Airways is the national flag carrier of the Faroe Islands and received their first Airbus in 2012, an a319. The airline today owns a a319, a320 and just got a a320neo. In 2021 the airline should own a complete a320neo fleet of four a320neo's.


    As of today, there's only been made one good looking Atlantic Airways livery for the aerosoft a319. This livery is already outdated, because Atlantic Airways has edited the small "Faroe Island" text in the rear to a big "FAROE ISLAND" instead.


    I'll attach some images for you to understand:)


    Looking forward for your answer






  5. Hello, my name is Kirian. I've been following you for a long time because I consider that you are the best person who does the liveries. I bring you today something that might be interesting. I've been looking everywhere but I haven't found the TRUMP'S 757 livery for the Aerosoft A321, so thinking about this, I remembered you. This livery would fit this plane. This might be a new challenge for you and a new paint to share with this community. Thank you so much. 


  6. Hallo Daniel, hab dieses Addon leider noch nicht, deshalb kann ich Dir mit einem Repaint nicht dienen, sorry! Vielleicht irgendwann ... 🙂
  7. Hey Holgi! Could you make a fictional Ethiopian Airlines Airbus A321 IAE with sharklets for FSX?

  8. I'm a big fan of your repaints and was wondering if you'd be willing to repaint Jetblue's N565JB ("Bippity Boppidy Blue") in the Tartan tail livery? 


  9. hello can somebody make this insel air livery 

    a320 IAE


  10. Hi 

    Can you make something for the A3197A320 Professional?

    An Example is the Eurowings A319 with CFM Engines.


    Yours faithfully!

  11. Moin Moin,

    Könntest du auch was für den A319 bald auch A320 Professional machen.

    zum Beispiel den A319 von Eurowings mit CFM Engines



  12. Hi!! Please can you make the Virgin Sun A320/321's? I spent so much time flying with them when I were younger. 


  13. Hello Holgi


    Could you make please this Safi Airways Airbus a320? There isn´t any Afghan Airline on FSX and that´s so sad.....

    It would be verry veery cool if you would do this :)







  14. 4934987.jpg?v=v4bcf458c9a9This would be beautiful. Thank You!


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