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  1. Returning to Sode 1.4 did solve most of the issues for me, too. I am using FTX Norway in P3Dv3. Nevertheless, I still have an invisible afcad ~10m above the apron, so my aircraft is floating. Static aircraft are in the correct position. I tried to remove all FTX files containing ENVA from the ftx folder as well as from scenery/world/scenery. No change. Any Ideas? Edit: FTX is active in the configurator and ENVA has higher priority Edit 2: Just found the reason, it's your elevation fix that I deleted as well... sorry, my fault. Great looking scenery! Thanks a lot Edit 3: just realized that there are still some problems with the elevation, just not as appearant as before: any ideas?
  2. I have the same problem like Tobias. Reinstalling SODE did not solve it, although the SODE platform manager seems to be very buggy with the 1.5 version.
  3. helvetic HB-JVK is done and ready for download
  4. Version 1.0


    Aerosoft's A319 CFM in Helvetic Airways colours. Repaint by Magnus Maas. For my other repaints and scenerys visit
  5. Version 1.1


    A319 CFM Scandinavian Airlines OY-KBR. Repaint by Magnus Maas. Visit my Website for mor paints and scenerys:
  6. Finnair: Repaint by Max Mertznich
  7. SAS A319 IAE (OY-KBR) is ready for download
  8. Version 1.1


    Repaint for Aerosoft's A319 in fasjet colours, a lowcost carrier from Tanzania.
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