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FS2004 Scenery Tweaks

In this category you can find tweaks and additions some of our customers have done for our FS2004 scenery products

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  1. Casablanca Mohammed V update (by user, not by Aerosoft)

    SCENERY UPDATE INFO: -------------------- Update of Aerosoft payware scenery covering Casablanca Mohammed V airport (you can get the scenery by clicking on the following link http://www.aerosoft....i?showd,,D10063). 1-New Terminal added (Terminal 2) 2-New Gates 3-New taxiway lines and markings 4-ILS17R (Frequency 118.30 CAS) 5-Jeppesen chart covering the ILS approach

    SCENERY INSTALL: ---------------- Please make sure you back up your old scenery before doing the following action. You may need it anyways.

    To install the update, simply replace the files contained in bother scenery and texture folder into your Casablanca scenery location.

    **** IMPORTANT ****: You will need to DELETE/REMOVE the following files from your Casablanca/Scenery folder(don't forget to back up):

    1-fence.bgl 2-casavehiclestest.bgl 3-tarmacYELLOWline.bgl


    CREDITS: -------- Satelite image (parking 2) taken from Yahoo server.

    DISCLAIMER: ----------- These files are used at your own risk. There is absolutely NO warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, for any problems arising from the use of this scenery. This includes, but is not limited to, any hardware and/or software problems. All use of this package and its related files is at the users own risk.

    This is FREEWARE. These files are strictly for your own personal, non-commercial use. Any redistribution, repackaging or reselling of these files in any form is expressly prohibited without the permissions of the authors.

    Best regards. Hicham C.


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  2. updated afcad Aerosoft Madrid-Barajas 2008 airport

    This is an AFCAD for the Aerosoft Madrid-Barajas 2008 airport. As you know this scenery has many mistakes with the parking positions and the use of the runways; I have solved as many of these faults as possible. The parking positions are updated at the 2009 Spring; I have looked up that information in the AENA´s web page as well as checking as many recent pictures as possible.
    For the correct use of the runways I haven´t solved all the problems but at least this configuration approaches much more to the reality than the original one.

    I hope you like it and improve it too.

    For any questions, please write me at:






  3. Soaring scenery for SA Drakensberg

    With these Thermic BGL's you can soar in the Drakensberg from El Mirador all the way to Bethlehem or Clarence and as far South as Giants Castle and Sani Pass.Or climb up to the escarpment at 11000ft and head west into Lesotho.You will need the 8 part 76m SRTM mesh for South Africa from Aeroworx and their 'Minor airports volume 1" it can be downloaded from www.flightsim.com Enjoy and remember you have to polish the rocks to pick up the thermic lift.




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