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Airport files

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Airport configuration files for Global Air Traffic Control. Please do not zip the files, upload the XML formatted version.

2 files

  1. EBBR_AFCAD_and_Traffic_Files_05062014

    AFCAD with all traffic filenames to download for the initial Mega Airport Brussels V2.
    - Flightplans.txt: a full list of all airlines serving EBBR as of 05.09.2014.
    - AFCAD.bgl: AFCAD file for EBBR for the Mega Airport Brussels V2 plus assigned parking spots to their respective airlines (if applicable) as of 05.06.2014.
    - Airlines @ BRU.xlsx: A full list of all airlines serving EBBR including their real ICAO codes and their Microsoft Flight Simulator codes (to make for example the difference between main line and their cargo line) as of 17.08.2014.
    To get the whole EBBR experience:
    - Install all flightplans (either the ones from the Flightplans.txt or even newer ones).
    - Check that the atc_parking_code in the aircraft.cfg matches the entries from Airlines @ BRU.xlsx.
    - Copy the AFCAD.bgl to your preferred scenery folder and activate it if necessary in the scenery database.
    - this AFCAD shows the status as of 05.06.2014, so remember that there might be changes now.
    - tried my best to do it, but sometimes Flight Simulator has some limitations (for example for the parking spots and their position to each other).




    Modified files for KORD to add 10C/28C

    What it has:
    -Runway 10C/28C Added
    -ILS approach fixes for those approaches

    What it doesn't have:
    -Any changes to application default SIDS/STARS

    -Not related to my mod, but aircraft taking off on 22L will crash into aircraft sitting in 'position and hold' on 28R - to fix this, I need to move the 28R threshold a little to the west, but haven't done that.

    From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the KORD.txt file
    From \Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\NavDataPro\PROC the airports.txt file

    If you haven't added anything else, you can just replace these files (mine are modified from what installed with 1.1.07)

    If you have made other modifications, then you should only replace the KORD entry in the airports.txt file.



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