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  1. It could be because I have not updated the mod for the latest Aerosoft update yet. Eventually it will be updated thanks.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This will only work for the AEROSOFT STORE VERSION of the plane. This will only work for the CRJ700 DEFAULT LIVERIES. INSTALL: Place unzipped " CRJ-textures-mod " folder into your Community folder. Install optional windows mod for dirty windows (the best windows) Default is clean. This is a completely repainted cockpit model using Substance Painter. Real life images were used as references. All images are 4K and the highest quality possible in the sim. This mod was APPROVED by Aerosoft for exclusive upload on this forum only. If I
  3. The ground effect is definitely too strong. I reduced this number to 1.08 in the flightmodel.cfg file found in the CRJ folder and it requires much better timing of power reduction usually at 20ft minimum. The wings are small on this plane so it requires power in the flare until 20ft usually and a small amount pitch. I think if you do this it will feel more accurate. -Mike
  4. Your forum is not allowing me to DM you because my account has not yet met the minimum content item count requirement to send personal messages. Is there another way to reach you? Thanks. -Mike
  5. I would be happy to provide guidance on this issue. I have some videos and such that can help. DIRECT TO and intercept CRS logic during the approach phase is VITAL to have correct. We use this every time we fly into a major airport and are vectored from the STAR onto the ILS approach path. I can DM whoever I need to to get them to understand the FMS sequencing logic. Thank you. -Mike
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