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X-Plane 11 Windows Honeycomb Software

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What's New in Version 2.2.0 - Download Fix   See changelog


We have fixed the issue with the latest version sometimes not downloading. This update does not contain any new features or a new version, and does not require downloading if you already have the current version installed.

User Feedback

You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file.


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First of all, thank you Raphael for writing this incredibly useful piece of software!


To all who cannot download the program, please use the right mouse key to "Copy Link Address." AFAIK, the reason why the direct download does not work is because the link to the file is pointing to an unsecured HTTP protocol while the link itself is passed through the secured HTTPS server. It seems all Chrome-based browsers will refuse such connection by default. My suggestion is to place the file behind the HTTPS, which will make it visible to Chrome-based browsers.


Unfortunately, there is some issue with the self-extracting archive (AS_HONEYCOMB_XP11_WINDOWS_V2200.exe). It seems, if a previous version of the program (such as v2.1) was installed, the archive will try to locate the X-Plane folder, and for some reasons it can't. In my case, it gives me this error right after choosing "English" as the installation language:

"Missing Path: E:\Games/X-Plane 11/\resources\" and after that: "Runtime error (at 9:570): Null Pointer Exception." :(


Raphael, if you could have a look at this error that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Regarding the previous version 2.1, may I ask a few questions?


Q1. It seems, unlike the Arduino-based code, which scans all digital inputs in a loop, this code only reads the events when they actually occur. For example, flipping the FCU selector will only register the "HDG" mode when the selector is moved to the HDG position. However, if it was in this position previously, when loading the X-Plane, the FCU_SELCTOR variable isn't going to be updated, and the rotary switch won't register any changes to any variable. Would it be possible to update the code so that the position of any switch is recorded without flipping the switch back and forth to register a new value of a variable?


Q2. I am trying to program the AP portion so that it also acts as an additional control for Radio/NAV devices (such as G430/G530). I am programming one of the 7 switches so it acts as a "trigger" to switch from AP-mode to Radio/NAV mode. Then I can use the FCU selector to select the necessary rotary control of the radio by controlling the respective variables. For instance, for default C172 with G530 I can control the following variables by the rotary knob when the FCU selector is in the following positions:


ALT -> sim/GPS/g430n1_coarse_[down/up]
VS  -> sim/GPS/g430n1_fine_[down/up]
HDG -> sim/GPS/g430n1_chapter_[down/up]
CRS -> sim/GPS/g430n1_page_[down/up]
IAS -> sim/instruments/barometer_[down/up]


In my mind, the most efficient way to make it work would be to look for two conditions for the "Select Button," and combining them with the "AND" link: one condition would check for the value of FCU_SELECTOR variable, and the 2nd condition would check if the appropriate switch is triggered (such as value of 1 vs 0). The logic here would be:

    if (trigger == 1){
        sim/GPS/g430n1_coarse_down = sim/GPS/g430n1_coarse_down + 1
    else {
        sim/GPS/sim/autopilot/altitude_down = sim/GPS/sim/autopilot/altitude_down + 1
else if (FCU_SELECTOR == "VS"){... etc.


For some reasons, however, I am unable to perform this in the Honeycomb software. Any help would be appreciated.

I can overcome this by setting up the FCU_SELECTOR switch variable based on the trigger values (so instead of having 5 values, I have 10 such as ALT, VS, HDG, CRS, IAS, COARSE, FINE, CHAPTER, PAGE, and BAROMETER), but then I run into a problem of flipping the switches several times before the code actually captures the value of all variables (as mentioned in the previous comment). What do you think would be the most efficient way to achieve such functionality? Can you comment please?


Q3. May I also ask, what is the right format of the custom-named variables? In the case of the FCU selector, the variable is set as "INT:FCU_SELECTOR, string." What is the meaning of "INT" and which other types are acceptable other than "string?"


Thank you Raphael, and sorry for such a long comment... ;)

2022-08-04 - default C172 X-Plane profile.json

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If you running X-Plane 12 are getting the error "Missing Path: " and after that: "Runtime error (at 9:570): Null Pointer Exception." 


You need to go to your C:\user\<youruid>\AppData\Local

copy and paste "x-plane_install_12.txt"

rename the copied file to "x-plane_install_11.txt"


Installer is looking for the static file name to find x-plane and it fails..

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Can we get an update of this program?  The Airbus Throttle pack has been out awhile now, and the Bravo's button mappings are slightly different with them.  Took some guessing for me to figure out where the Reverse mappings were inside the program.

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I tried many times including with incognito chrome but i still could not download the file.

I finally made it to get the file with other browser .. thanks

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After install as shown in video, I have both Windows and MAC software files in Xplane folder unzipped.( I am running Windows 10). When I start Xplane and go to settings , joystick, Bravo throttle quadrant configure there is no image showing and after setting the axes and getting the scales to turn from red to blue, tapping configure the throttles do not function. Can you help. Thank you.


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There is something wrong with the download link.

I am logged in to my account but when i press the download button nothing happens???


I tried other downloads on your sight an they work fine.


After some reading I figured out how to do it.

Copy the address from the "Download this file"-button and paste into a browser page.


Would be nice with a heads up close to the download button to save us some time.

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Sam T

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The download link isn't working! Nothing downloads when I click download. I have tested with other files on Aerosoft Forums and had no problems.

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trying to download windows software and no luck. the download link is not working

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I have Xplane11 with Window 10. I can't get it installed. He says that "the X-Plane 11 folder was not found in that location" even though he used the browser to point to the folder where the sim is installed? what can I do? thanks

Response from the author:


you can also use the Mac Version (it includes also the windows files)

You can then copy the files to the right location



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Thank you for this expecting update ! I was wainting for it mainly for the increase decrease ratio wich need to be more efficient when turning knob faster for heading selector for exemple. But it need to stay accurate and let us set a 1 degrees precision. How can I do that with this update ?

Thanks !

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Trying to get HC Bravo to work in X-Plane 11 (Windows 10). I have watched all the videos and still not working. Do I do :

  1. Make changes inside X-Plane using Config?
  2. Do I have to put/build the xx.Json file in each Aircraft?
  3. How do I ensure that X-Plane is using the correct one (.JSON file)?
  4. Do I have to load the config. file every time I start X-Plane?
  5. Allot of other questions

 This is the reason why I stopped sim for three years, but I not giving up this time

Thanks in advance for the guidance.



Screenshot 2024-01-03 144042.png

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Aviator 70


Download would not work, tride several time, still using older version. Not impressed.

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Good afternoon


Here we are in November 2022 and :


[Unfortunately, there is some issue with the self-extracting archive (AS_HONEYCOMB_XP11_WINDOWS_V2200.exe). It seems, if a previous version of the program (such as v2.1) was installed, the archive will try to locate the X-Plane folder, and for some reasons it can't. In my case, it gives me this error right after choosing "English" as the installation language:

"Missing Path: E:\Games/X-Plane 11/\resources\" and after that: "Runtime error (at 9:570): Null Pointer Exception." :(


Raphael, if you could have a look at this error that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.] still is a problem.


I don't know if the above problem is connected with the fact that the "Programs and Features" section of Windows will not let me uninstall  "Honeycomb XPlane 11" stating that I do not have administration rights, even though I  am the administrator? Therefore I had to manually delete the AFC_Bridge file in the plugins subdirectory of X Plane 11.


In response to a post by Antonio50, the author points to the Mac download stating that it contains the windows files for the configurator. In deed that download does contain the windows file for version 2.0 but we are trying to update to version 2.2 . Therefore  that proposal does not resolve the problem.


As they say "no good deed goes unpunished" and I feel that this is the case, considering Aerosoft are helping  Honeycomb with the interface of hardware to simulator issue.


If there is a solution I haven't found it and I would appreciate being pointed in the correct diection.


Thank you.




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The download works perfect here and it worked for over 17.000 other people. So it must be a local issue.

You can try to right click on the button and choose "Save...."

For other problems please use the forum to discuss or open a ticket. Writing reviews is "OneWay" only.


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Had same issue as 'aln63' - his solution works - would be helpful to others to 'headline' this get around.

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The problem is stuttering of the grafics, when the AFC_Bridge - Plugin is active in X-Plane 11.55. It costs in intervalls up to 29% of the performance in X-Plane (as showed in the Plugin manager) and the frames go shortly down.

Is there a solution?

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Brilliant and easy to use...


Found a bug though, which I managed to get around.. IAS Button Variables are not being written to file. I had to edit the file manually, then re-load into Config to get it to work - but at least I fixed it :)


Awesome thanks

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Joel Herskowicz


I am unable to configure any commend via the configurator I have to do it manually via the file editing

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Jack Roland


Would someone please let us know why we cannot seem to download the configurator for X-plane 11?  You click on the download link button and the webpage just blinks at you.   Been trying all day on a couple of different computers.  Please advise at ke0vh@Outlook.com



Wheat Ridge CO

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Robert Franck


I have tried 5 times to download X-Plane 11 Windows Honeycomb Software 2.1.0



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