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  1. Nicrative

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    The real world FCOMs that I have access to supplies ISA tables only with average ISA +10 and +20. There is no table for average ISA +0 that at least I have access to. Now, I am not saying that you don't have such table available. If you do and have made the measurements with corresponding data, then fair enough. Anyways, I am happy to leave this discussion here as it's A330 preview thread after all.
  2. Nicrative

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    I never claimed to be one? And yes, I do know real world FCOMs. I study engineering. Therefore graphs, measurements and their comparability is something I care about. Now, I am not here to start an argument. What I asked was how comparable the data was. If the data on both cases is with same environmental conditions, with same engine performance modeling, then the data is correct and everything is good. If not, then there is no point to compare the data between each other because all you do is match simulation in Y conditions to match real world with X conditions, and the simulation is incorrect. Something I know about is that 10 °C difference in ISA is huge that affects the engine performance drastically especially at higher altitudes. In fact so much that between ISA +10 and ISA +20 there is 10 minute difference to reach FL350 at 76 tons weight at brake release. I was claimed that FCOM PERF climb charts are measured at ISA. Partly true, because they are measured at average ISA + 10/20 (at least on every FCOM I have access to). If you set simulator clear skies weather, you get ISA +0 conditions. If Aerosoft has access to FCOM that has performance climb tables with average ISA +0 conditions. Or their simulation is made with average ISA +10 conditions, there is no issue as I said as long as the Aerosoft engine model on simulation is also the same as with the FCOM values as well as other external variables. Aviation and especially aviation simulation is something that I am enthusiastic about and like to learn about. Therefore I like to do research on the subject from an engineering standpoint.
  3. Nicrative

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    The tables on most FCOMs are reported with an average temperature of ISA +10 and ISA +20. Of course, I don't know if Aerosoft has an FCOM that has for some odd reason ISA +0 tables as well but I am yet to see such FCOM.
  4. Nicrative

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Interesting graph Mathijs. At least it shows that some progress has been made. Can you confirm that the data measured from the real world and data on your simulation all have the same environmental conditions as well? I am just curious as this is very important to know how comparable the data is to each other.
  5. Hello, I will check that after the Easter holiday as I am currently travelling. Thanks,
  6. Hello Masterhawk, Sorry for late reply as I have been busy all day. Here is the code from my add-on.xml
  7. Hello, I found out on the latest Rome update for P3Dv4 that if the scenery is added though add-ons.xml method to scenery library there is a file that makes default runway textures partially black. I did hunt down the exact file being "" by adding and removing files until I could pinpoint this exact file triggering the issue. When scenery is loaded in the sim the "old way" via addon scenery menu there is no issue. I like all my sceneries being added via .xml method because it makes my simulator install much cleaner and easier to add/remove scenery by just moving the files in my documents. Could you please have a look at this and possibly fix it if possible. Thanks a lot! Nic
  8. Hello Stephen, thanks for the advice. Did not know that. However I think it doesn't solve the main issue here as I am sure that not everyone who flies off from Helsinki on vatsim/ivao will manually edit the airport via the editor. Would it be possible for PFPX to include a edited profile or whatever it's called on the next PFPX update or something, so it would change the system to correct one for everyone then without manual inputs. That would be excellent.
  9. Hello, I am I1 rated VATSIM controller in Finland and the FIR director of Finland. I have noticed a common mistake that happens with traffic generating their routes with PFPX. The routing out from Helsinki is ALWAYS generated wrong when it comes to automatic generating. The SID system in Helsinki is a bit different from the one we see mostly around the world. In Helsinki each SID is named completely different to prevent misunderstanding (or so does the Finnish traffic authority state out). Therefore the SIDs wont take the aircraft straight to their first waypoint. Instead they fly the SID and when the SID ends they are supposed to make a direct to the first waypoint of the flightplan. Therefore it's vital for the aircraft to file their flightplan via a correct TMA exit points which are stated on AIP Finland. Currently when you auto generate a route with PFPX it pretty much always gives out EVIRO as the first waypoint which is inside the TMA and therefore not a valid TMA exit. It would be very nice to get this issue fixed. If PFPX would automatically generate a correct routing out from Helsinki there would be no need to amend the flight plan by VATSIM controller. The controller software recognizes the first waypoint and issues a corresponding SID for the flight. If the first waypoint is EVIRO it will not issue a SID at all and the flightplan has to be changed accordingly to get it right and realistic. Here is a chart where you can see which SID leads to which TMA exit. And also some additional information included. It would be great to have PFPX planning routes via the waypoints presented on the left column. That way it would give realistic CMFU valid routes out from Helsinki. I will point out here once more. No IRL flight ever has planned their route via EVIRO, and if they have, the Finnish authority would have rejected the flight plan anyways because of incorrect routing. Best regards, Nicrative
  10. Nicrative

    Repaint request

    I'm sorry to let you guys down who have been waiting the EasyJet unicef livery. I have been extremely busy with my life lately. So haven't had time for simming that much. :/
  11. Nicrative

    A319 CFM Atlantic Airways OY-RCI

    Thanks Faust. And yes, that scenery is excellent freeware! DetCord, livery should be now compatible with livery manager as well. I haven't been using that myself that much because the "old fashioned" way is not too hard either. But for those who like to use the livery manager, you're welcome.
  12. Nicrative

    Repaint request

    If no-one else is already making this I can accept the challenge. I think one reg is enough for you as aircraft in other ways seems to share the same livery. Although I'll be busy the rest of the week so I'll be able to start this livery next week earliest. If anyone else is able to make it faster, or someone is already making it, please let me know
  13. Nicrative

    Repaint request

    Atlantic Airways livery is now ready for download. Enjoy guys! Download link: Nicrative
  14. Version 1.01


    Atlantic Airways A319 CFM repaint for Aerosoft A319. Repaint by Jouka Ahponen Enjoy!