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  1. Patrick1246

    Flight plan in pdf looks different

    Takeoff weight is TOM, and Ramp weight is TOM+Taxi Fuel.
  2. very nice, can't wait for the release, I was there 2 weeks ago.
  3. As there are no previews, I guess it makes no sense to open a preview topic.
  4. Patrick1246

    V2 hängt

    Oben rechts bei Layout auf Reset windows, dann wird die Karte wieder angezeigt.
  5. Patrick1246

    V2.03 where to download

    I guess they will update their website soon, for Aerosoft Customer 2.03 is already available as a full new version.
  6. Patrick1246

    V2 available through Simmarket?

    Download it from
  7. Patrick1246


    You can finde the new installer here
  8. Patrick1246

    Sunken Aircraft at KBOS US Cities X Boston

    Try this
  9. Patrick1246

    Instant downloads not working

    Same issue for me, I'm sure Aerosoft will fix is asap.
  10. Patrick1246

    Köln/Bonn airport - released

    Wow, my new virtual Hub
  11. If you can't read the intrumentation the is something wrong with your settings.
  12. how you can simulate ETOPS in a flightsim?