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Sector files, tweaks etc

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  1. Departure Tutorial

    Short tutorial on departing aircraft.



  2. Airline Names

    While playing GATC i came across a few Airline codes i did not know. My problem is that i want to know them.

    You can do 2 things then: open your browser on the other screen and everytime you see a new airline ICAO code type it in and search.

    That part is not only anoying, it's very distracting as well. Put a list in a text editor is the same. So i came up with making a small program
    where you type in the ICAO code of the Airliner and you get the Name, Callsign, IATA and Country back. You can put it under your flight-
    strips. I hope it will be useful for you as it is for me...

    Install Instructions:

    Open the zip. Start the installer and install the program, yep that's all folks!


    Peter J. Faase

    V1.01 Major update, you can edit the list yourself now.
    V1.03 Got a few small bugs out.



  3. Sikorsky SH-60B "Seahawk" Deutsche Marine Repaint (Fiktional) FSX

    Der erste Seahawk der Deutschen Marine! Mit SAR und Normaler Version! (Fictional Leider) für Aerosoft Seahawk&Jayhawk im FSX!



  4. Richard Keen


    New more realistic sounds to replace the Arrival and Departure voice files plus Caution file




    This is NOT an official update for Global Air Traffic Control but a very large user created project (though it might be used in a later official build. Our newest best friend Peter Faase has converted some real aviation databases to make the traffic in GATC far more realistic.

    There are now a whopping 704 airline files (was 112!) and the amount of aircraft files has grown from 83 to 134. That means that you will see a far greater variety of airlines at each airports and that chances of seeing an airline that does not belong at an airport are serious reduced.

    The easiest way to install these new files is to remove the folders AirlineFiles and AircraftFiles from your C:\Users\your name here\Documents\Aerosoft\GATC and replace them with the two folder in this zip. We do not advise you to overwrite them. If you have any other tweaks in these files make sure you save them first.

    We thank Peter for these superb files!

    Robert Miroszweski
    Mathijs Kok




  6. Gatwick Tutorial Scenarios

    Here are three scenarios with a explanatory text that will teach you to depart and approach Gatwick airport.
    Copy the files to the C:\Users\Your Name\Documents\Aerosoft\GATC\Scenarios folder



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