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  1. Don't spread fake news, Steam has not released any MSFS version. They have the same presale as others.
  2. The solution is quite easy: Fly faster. You're flying the backside of the powercurve.
  3. Die 737 (und meiner Kenntnis nach auch alle anderen Boeing Flugzeuge) haben standartmäßig 240/xxx drinstehen, da VNAV eine 10kt Overspeed Marge toleriert, bevor es anfängt zu korrigieren. In meiner Airline ist es SOP die 240/100 auf 250/100 zu korrigieren, da VNAV für gewöhnlich genau genug fliegt um die 250kt auch einzuhalten. ...und zur Not sitzt da ja immernoch der überbezahlte Knöpfchendrücker, um die Einhaltung zu garantieren.
  4. Wobei das auch nicht in jedem Luftraum gilt. Schau dir mal an welche Luftraumklassen es wo gibt und in welchen Klassen das Limit gilt. Dann weißt Du, ob es für deinen jeweiligen Flughafen gilt oder nicht.
  5. An der Stelle übrigens noch die Notiz, dass die echte 737NG solche Speed Restriktionen problemlos einhält, vorausgesetzt der Wind in der Descent Forecast Seite stimmt mit dem realen Wind überein.
  6. Zur Zibo kann ich nichts sagen, aber generell: Wenn der Flieger verlangsamt, lass ihn das tun. Wenn sie immer zum selben falschen Zeitpunkt zu langsam wird, dann gib ihr doch eine größere Höhe auf der VNAV DES Seite ein. Mach aus den 250/100 doch zB 250/110.
  7. Was Oliver damit vermutlich sagen will: Der Installer ist zwar für v4 upgedatet, aber die Entwickler haben die Dateien selbst nicht angepasst. Aka die Szenerie läuft zwar in v4, nutzt aber nicht die entsprechenden Techniken.
  8. Low bandwidth is something totally different than not being connected to the internet at all.
  9. Emi

    Radial Fix Info

    Hi, as far as I can see it works when entered on the left MCDU, but not on the right MCDU. Can you check that?
  10. Yes there is. Have a look into the manual for an explanation.
  11. Hi Yuval, as you correctly figured it might indeed very well be the weather engine. Those speed jumps on the PFD you mention are most certainly wind changes (there is nothing else that could cause this), so the weather engine is involved. P3Dv5 has some wind issues which have to be overcome by the weather engine. Active Sky does that, but if your weather engine is not P3Dv5 compatible then chances are it doens't. Now why does that maybe only effect the Airbus? There could be several factors involved. 1) Many aircraft developers don't simulate high altitude effects on flight dynamics. A certain 757/767 for instance are simulated with the same stall speed at high altitude as they have at low altitude. That's a difference of over a hundret knots in stall speed! Of course they deny such effects would even exist.... lovely 135$ products, well worth the money! 2) Aircraft like the 747 have a large range of speeds at typical cruising levels. The difference between upper and lower speed limits in a 747 is greater than in an A320 when flying at similar levels. Thus the effect of wind shifts are less pronounced. 3) Many developers ignore the effect of temprature on engine thrust ratings. If your weather engine inserts +40°C at FL370 the whole engine calculation of a *well simulated* addon will get messed up. If the developer doens't care about such effects and still gives you full thrust then of course the effect of the weather on that particular addon will not be visible. A bug hiding a bug so to say. Of course other factors might come into play as well. WIthout actually seeing what you see it'd hard to impossible to diagnose your problem though. Please post some screenshots and we'll be able to give you better help.
  12. ...solange man nicht zwanghaft versucht Fachbegriffe ins Deutsche zu übersetzen und damit seine halbe Firma blamiert...
  13. The thing is, what is "better"? I agree that EA looks pretty darn nice if you look at it on screenshots. But actually flying in the sim it has severe limits. For one it can't transition smoothly to new weathers. Then it still has very limited (3?) types of clouds. Then, I'm flying at 450kt ground speed and I'm overtaken by clouds in cruise? What?! EA is a nice demo of what's possible with a new engine. I kinda see it the same way as the Dx10 Preview back in FSX days. Looked nice, but was pretty buggy. In my opinion a good sim is made mainly by two points: Usability and reliability. Is v5 usable? Well, apart from the continious crashes, high demand on hardware, yes, it is. I flew some 300h in it since its release, thanks to short time work in my real job. If you don't have high end hardware v4.5 performs better than v5 though. With high end hardware v5 performs better than v4.5. I tend to say most simmers do not actually have high end hardware as in 5GHz CPUs, RTX 20xx's, 32GB RAM, etc. Then there's reliability. Sure, I spent most of my v5 time flying HF1. And what can I say, it crashed in one way of the other on every second flight. With HF2 I've had one ctd now in like 5 flights. Better, but still not reliable. But we'll see where things go, 5 flights is not exactly a point to judge from. Compare to that P3Dv4.5: It runs as it should, hardly any ctds, etc. People have been using it for 3 years now without major problems affecting usability or reliability. v5 isn't even close to that reliability, even with HF2. So yeah, the sim is on a good way and has a huge potential. I need to second Mathijs opinion though, in terms of what most people want to do with it, it's not getting close to v4.5 yet, though it's certainly on a good way.
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