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  1. We agree to disagree. The only part of VFR flying that is superiour to any other sim is the navigation. So what about flight planning, aircraft handling, ATC, etc.? Flight Planning: I am yet to find any planner similar to P3D's. Surely P3D's planner isn't the best, but at least you can do more than with the MFS planner. Aircraft handling: None of the default aircraft can be flown by the same numbers as their real life equivalents that I have flown. Nor do real life procedures have to be applied. In this aspect they are on par with P3Ds default aircraft. ATC: 1:1 copy, same unr
  2. I disagree. For now. MFS has nice visuals, but flight dynamics, systems, controls and so on are really lacking at the moment. The default jets handle like toyplanes, not even close to realistic. The props, while having certrain advantages over P3D default aircraft, are quite lacking as well, especially the avionics. MSF is about visuals for now, MS didn't care yet to add anything serious you could actually fly within the simulator. They wanted to leave that to addon developers. And they are probably right with that. The lack of SDKs however means that it's impossible to create
  3. Did you recieve an automatic response which included a ticket number or something similar? If yes, could you post it here please?
  4. That's most certainly still an indication for a windshift. When you ran your test without weather engine, did you use default weather? The default weather scenarios also include windshifts. It most certainly looks like you're encountering one.
  5. Hi, are you sure you're not flying Air France and you're getting sufficient frames per second? Make sure you have at least 18fps for a seamless experience.
  6. There's a big difference between converting (and of course enhancing) an existing airport and developing something totally new from scratch.
  7. Hi Horst, ich kenne mich zwar mit der Szenerie für X-Plane nicht aus aber in der FSX/P3D Szenerie kannst Du den BER Part im Konfigurator aktivieren/deaktivieren. Ist dieser vielleicht ausgeschaltet?
  8. Timm, you've had this very same discussion a single page back arleady and got a clear answer. There's no need whatsoever to engage in the same discussion again.
  9. Gerne, schick mir dann einfach eine PN!
  10. Das ist in der Tat immer die gute Frage. Für Freeware würde ich sagen hast Du schon jetzt alle Standarts weit in die Höhe getrieben! Wenn Du noch perfektionieren willst, würde ich empfehlen an Apron und Taxiways noch etwas zu machen. Die Textur scheint mir sehr dunkel und die Variationen im Belag aus dem echten Leben scheinen nicht inkludiert zu sein. Ein paar Details mit Flicken, etc. wie sie im Luftbild von Google Earth zu sehen sind, wäre sicherlich auch noch klasse. Real ist der Flughafen ein einziger Flickenteppich. Da hat man sich kaum Mühe gegeben, ihn instand zu halten
  11. Sieht klasse aus! Ich glaube Du hast hier etwas ganz großes vor dir!
  12. Please be aware you are only allowed ONE entry into the competition and it must meet the competitions theme.
  13. It's easy: While both airports exist in real life they won't disturb each other in game. Once TXL is closed in real life there will be no gurantee anymore that BER might not use any of TXL's frequencies, etc, so there will be no gurantee anymore that they'll work next to each other.
  14. Well, see it this way round: WHAT IF they start using Tegels ILS frequencies in BER? Should BER *not* use those frequencies then because there is a Tegel scenery around? That's the kind of issues Otto means. Tegel will be closed in less than a month time, therefore if anything changes in real life that would create a conflict between TXL and BER, what should a BER developer do? Not implement it in order to not conflict with a non existing airport anymore? I'm totally with Otto here, BER should be done to its real life specifications. If that creates conflicts with TXL, it's TXL's
  15. Hi, that's a question you should rather ask your hardware manufacturer than us. They will probably need to provide drivers for the FCU to work. The required SDK is available from Aerosofts side so there should be nothing hindering them to make those drivers.
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