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    • Hi, i Use the server for the MCDU A330 prof. I see on my older  ipad (Version 2.2) the MCDU Picture correct. In the cockpit A330 prof the CDU is reacting well  at alle the keypresses on this iPad but ........ i don’t see any data in the CDU-mainscreen on the iPad. Server works good because all works fine on my iPhoneX and on an iPad pro. Is this because the old ipad is too old? (IOS version 9x)  Strange!    
    • Buenas noches compañeros,    Tengo algunas dudas acerca de algunos addons para P3D v4.5: - Me gustaría instalar algún motor de tráfico artificial. Sé que existen algunos, pero no tengo ni idea si consumen muchos frames… Alguna recomendación? - Luego, existe algún addon tipo FSPassengers que pueda adquirir aquí, en Aerosoft?   Muchas gracias por adelantado   Un saludo    
    • haha, I can imagine! . Yes outside basically. You should be able to hear it on all the outside views. I just don't understand why the sound files are there but I can't hear them? 
    • Understand, my former aircraft was a Lockheed P-3C and I'm willing to bet it was even louder given all the systems we had!  But I'm still trying to understand the location where you want to hear the Air Conditioning sound... flight deck, externally?  Where (from what location) is the sound missing?  
    • Thanks both, I will look into this tomorrow and report back.   Robert
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