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  1. Guys, Just to let you know there is a major feature on Andras Field in the forthcoming issue of PC Pilot Magazine. A review and overview of the field written by myself along with the official video on the coverdisk. Hey, maybe I should apply as Publicity Manager when I get back from my surgery next week Seriously, I hope that it helps bring more pilots to Andras Field and helps spread the word. JaneRachel
  2. Hey Gang, Due to an urgent family committment, Craig is not able to judge the contest until 9PM UK time, 10PM CET. Competitors are welcome to practice as much as they want over the field until judging commences JaneRachel
  3. that is 1 in the afternoon, Eastern US time. all the best JaneRachel
  4. Bernhard, just had a couple of people here in the UK test it on IE8, and it doesnt display fully? This is what I see on my machine. Great VA incidentally! Such a superb idea all the best JaneRachel
  5. this is a great idea, lets do that!
  6. Hey Gang, Just to confirm, the aerobatic event is scheduled for this saturday 14th Aug, from 7-10 European time, 6-9 UK time. You can do one of three things:- 1) Just turn up, watch, have some fun and fly some circuits if you want after the competition 2) Be a competitor. Feel free to fly a plane of your choice and do some aerobatics over Andras Field and be judged as part of the competition. Entrants, please could you register by putting your name here in this thread 3) Do aerobatics but ask not to be judged on them, if you do not want to be an official contestant. Again, I stress this is open to everyone, no obligation to fly. Free entry to the server. It is all very friendly and informal! Everyone is welcome! The aerobatics competition will be judged by a couple of judges to be confirmed (not me, as I am going to be helping out on the ground). Craig Hobson, our online Manager is a confirmed judge at this time. Now for the exciting part, the winner will receive, a free download copy of the newly released Addictive Sims Pitts Special (it received the Avsim gold star and was rated alongside PMDG and RealAir for quality). As the winner you will receive this aircraft absolutely free for both FS2004 and FSX! See you Saturday!
  7. and don't forget the Addictive Simulations Pitts, which has just been reviewed by Avsim in the last week or so as one of the best ever aircraft in FS! www.addictive.it/pitts
  8. Hi Jan, It was a deliberate plan not to organise anything specific for last weekend. The reason was that it was open house to get used to the server and being online. In fact, Craig and the guys were great dealing with helping a lot of people get their equipment set up, which was a major part of the aim. As we go forward there will be more structure, but I felt this would have got in the way on Saturday, which was a come to Andras and say hi kind of event. all the best JaneRachel
  9. Hey Mike, We will always meet at Andras Field, unless otherwise stated all the best JaneRachel
  10. Hello All, I would like to thank all of you that attended our first event last night, which was an unqualified success. From the feedback received, everyone who was able to attend really enjoyed it! Thank you to our Online Director Craig and the VAE people who worked very hard last night to help make things go smoothly! It is very much appreciated. For those of you who were unable to attend, we hope to see you next week, as you are very welcome! see you at Andras Field JaneRachel
  11. I look forward to seeing you there! JaneRachel
  12. Hi, Just to confirm it is on the VAE server. The info for registering is in a separate thread here in the events forum. all the best JaneRachel
  13. Hey Gang, For those wishing to take part in the community events, please be aware that we will be using the VAE server.If you haven't already, please register on the Virtual Aviation Experience website to get access to the server! http://www.virtual-aviation.org Once registered you will need to download the pilot client software. Don't worry, it is easy and even I was able to do this successfully and connect to the server. Ray and Robert at VAE are also on hand here to help out anyone with an issue. This is really important as you need to register and download this piece of software to gain access to the server. This is a once only thing. Once you are setup, you are good to go for every event! It is also completely free, which is my kind of price! all the best JaneRachel
  14. Hi Paul, If I remember rightly, I wrote the Cheyenne review too. It is certainly one of the aircraft that I still like to fly. As Deputy Editor of PC Pilot I get to fly just above every released aircraft and I only keep the real standouts on my hard disk. The Cheyenne is in that list. all the best JaneRachel
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