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  1. I recently installed version 1.18 of Andras, the scenery is amazing , only I have the same detail as reported by Sayuuk. The screen shot is in the hangar's house. Cheers
  2. I connected directly and I'm online, right now Cheers
  3. I want to fly online, but, i can´t see the GameSpy sesion. Regards
  4. I installed version 1.17 and looks great, but, as Sayuuk, I hope to see soon, my house in the plot AF77. Regards
  5. http://forum.aerosoft.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png' alt=':D'> Resident at last. I consider myself very lucky. Neighbors, thanks for the welcome. Cheers :beer3_s:
  6. ¡¡¡ I WON !!!, Chompski, I'm totally interested in acquiring the plot AF77, the helipad is not important to me. E-mail sent. Regards
  7. E-mail sent. Participating once again. Regards
  8. Do you want to see something challenging? Mountains of "Santa Barbara" state of Durango, México. Greetings
  9. Looks amazing , I hope this great big scenery not only sell it in a box, and that can be downloaded. Regards
  10. Thank you Ole for your attention, I consider too that a not so big "Andras Field Aircraft Museum" (on the military area) would be a great idea. Regards
  11. Some items missing on Andras Park - A Supermarket. - A Hotel. - A Cinema. - A Theatre. - A Bowling. - A Gym. Regards
  12. In this video, I used the Manhattan scenery for FS9/2004, I hope the images will be useful. Regards.
  13. Hello Andras comunity, here I go... again... The e-mail has been sent. I'm wishing you, luck in your bids for the AF54... Regards :hello-bye_s:
  14. http://forum.aerosoft.com/uploads/emoticons/default_biggrin.png' alt=':D'> The aircraft design is unconventional and amazing, although never took off vertically, the plane was operated on land and in water (take off and landing), making it one of the largest experimental jet seaplane. What would I do in the simulator?, well... Take off, fly, water landing, visit Andras and other harbors, in short, enjoy the flight with a awesome machine. Regards
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