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  1. Process question: with dare I state poor feedback from Aerosoft on this topic and the statement above that "the project is closed", why keep a support forum open if questions about proven(!) product bugs are not answered nor solved? This makes the whole use of a forum like this "debatable".
  2. Any news on this, as this is 100% repeatable for me at least?
  3. I too see this happening. It apparently happens that the generator, while on, does not power "fully" the aircraft and definately not recharges the battery. While flying, after a while, the battery dies (as shown on shift2 window) and you are left powerless. I think I can trace it back to the c&d button, but it could also be some other aircraft setting under the hood. I have to play around with starting on a default ac before going into the AN2. When engine running, I see the following on the battery amp meter (center console, 26 in manual) and amp meter (left dash, 10 in manual) : - bat off, gen off --> battery amp 0, amp 0 --> OK - bat on, gen on --> battery amp -2, amp 0.6 --> NOT OK - bat on, gen off --> battery amp 6, amp 0 --> OK - bat off, gen on --> battery amp 0, amp 0.6 --> OK It seems the bat on, gen on situation shorts out the charging or something: so battery drains despite gen on. And when it drains, gen does not power the aircraft anymore. So either i'm missing something, or something is quite not right. To circumvent, I just turn off batter and have gen turned on after startup, so i keep power and battery does not drain. I will check further on loading other ac before the AN-2 and/or use of the C&D button. see attached screen with gen on, bat off state.
  4. Or to put it another way: why let a customer of your products deal with an inept installer, advertised as working on his chosen sim, and let him experiment himself on fixing it. This while the solution is at hand, either as a new installer or as a hotfix accompanying the old one? To me, this detracts from an organisation and it's products which I hold in high regard.
  5. Well if it doesnt hurt those other systems....why not?
  6. Update! I tried putting the new (beta?) asc.dll from this thread to the panel folder. And lo and behold, it works! Sounds back to normal and as it now seems also the bad states menu and hanging/ctd's seem resolved. Remember to put it in every panel folder of all OV10 folders under simobjects 😉 . As a sidenote: it seems both Catalina and OV10 installers need a touchup for the latest p3d?
  7. Further investigation: changing the aircraft state via the shift-2 window WILL give issues on engines (turning props but no power or vice versa, no way to resolve) and even hang or ctd the sim. Only state mildly working is the "ready for taxi" state, which autostarts engine 2 and lets you manually start engine 1. Not too great, but at least able to work around to fly the bird. Leaves the sluggish reaction on power settings and distortion on electric powered stuff sounds. I hope someone (at Aerosoft) can confirm and hopefully patch this...
  8. Upon further experimenting, engines don't seem to react too well to cold n dark setting via shift2 menu. Turning props with engines off sort of stuff, later on even hanging/crashing the sim. Anyone else have this experience and remedy for the Bronco to work in latest version of P3D?
  9. I installed latest OV10 v1.21 in my P3Dv4.5hf. No problems but for 2 things: - sounds are distorted on electric prop motors (crank out of feather), gear and flaps. - i can controll engine power and sounds via my yoke's rpm handle (which I'm sure I never could, as they are not in sim model) - engine reaction to power levers is very sluggish. I can push forward from flight idle to full "visually", only to see the power (by feeling and gauges) follow 7-10 seconds later. What can I do to resolve this?
  10. Fixed by going to latest update in support page here, updated to v1.21. apparently justflight has still an older version linked. Sounds ok, now to get her started without flames
  11. Hi, Installed my bronco in latest version pf p3d. Bought via justflight its installers has v120a in the filename. Upon use engines will not start. Also sounds seem to be missing. What can I do to resolve?
  12. seeing this old thread but I experienced the same thing after installing the new v1.1.0.0 updated aircraft. I experienced the same thing but now got the message "brakes inhibited", which I dont remember from before. Searching in the manuals, I saw there is a switch for it on center console, 2nd row, left most switch. Most switches have to be turned upward (on). The brake main switch, next to air power open on the left hand lower console, is an inhibitor switch, so turning it ON/UPWARD turns on an inhibitor effectively switching off the brakes. Turning it OFF/DOWN solved it for me. Maybe this is what's the case here too, as I don't remember the notice from before the v1.1.0.0 upgrade?
  13. Hi, I have installed the newest installer and hotfixes of the crj. Upon setting ac states with Dave, i cant get engines to start from cold n dark. Top line "configuring aircraft, please wait" does not disappear. How to solve?
  14. I have had this way in the past, also in combo with GEX and UTX. When moving to orbx the problems went away.
  15. Hmm i think i searched to fast. Upon another search i found this I will try this and post results.
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