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  1. Tobus

    AN-2 SP1 preview

    Personally i could fully live with 10% of my addons, having them continuously improved and upgraded throughout their lifespan. The situation is indeed the other way around, making many addons nothing more than installers taking harddisk space. Despite that i'm generally content, glad to pay for something someone has spent time, knowledge and produce on and most certainly never "rant". The simple fact in this case is that Octopus group have seemingly done their contractually binding duties and are gone, leaving Mathijs in the unenviable position to manage unfinished products to us with his label and name on it.
  2. Tobus

    AN-2 SP1 preview

    I'm sorry to hear this. But also sorry of the reflection this has on Aerosoft as a company, which I still hold in high regard on product quality, support and pricing. But ... and let me stress this is assumption on my part, in Aerosoft and others I do tend to see deals with 1-2 person development team, doing the marketing and sales for their products. That also means that as soon as the product is delivered, one can count on 1 to 2 servicepacks to clear bugs, and then it stops. No more packs, no more communications, nothing. The an2, great as it is, falls in this category. More and more tend to do so too, not only marketed via Aerosoft. I hope I'm wrong in my assumptions, as this, from my consumer's eye, reflects very poorly on the branding party, influencing my future buying choices.
  3. Hi, I have installed the newest installer and hotfixes of the crj. Upon setting ac states with Dave, i cant get engines to start from cold n dark. Top line "configuring aircraft, please wait" does not disappear. How to solve?
  4. Tobus

    Iceland X - patchy terrain textures

    I have had this way in the past, also in combo with GEX and UTX. When moving to orbx the problems went away.
  5. Tobus

    Catalina missing cockpit stuff

    Hmm i think i searched to fast. Upon another search i found this I will try this and post results.
  6. Like the title says. The "stuff" entails the registration, which is a black rectangle. Also the DME and ADF gauges display no test when turned on. See screen attached. How (if?) can I fix this?
  7. Dear Matthijs, As you know I am current CEO of Andras Meridian virtual Airlines (AMA), the VA that has been set up shortly after Aerosoft's release of Andras Field. In the years we have grown and shrunk in pilots, but especially grown in fleet and network and sporting a very healthy balance on our virtual bank account. Starting up with a handful of Cessna 206's doing local German charter work, we now have a fleet of 115 aircraft, ranging from Air Taxi to Intercontinental heavy iron's; our network encompassing the globe, connecting Andras Field to 13 other hubs and many other fields around the world. The people, having gotten to know one another via Andras Field, then it's pilot group and now it's VA, are now a core of close friends loving the world of flight simulation. And maybe not known to you anymore, but you still hold an honorary pilot's account as AMA122 on our roster as thanks for bringing us our beloved home. With most of our pilots having homes/plots on the field and our virtual airline home and main terminal on Andras Field, we have called it "home" for a long time. As it stands now though, all of our pilots have now transitioned away from FSX to P3Dv4. This means we can not fly from and to our beloved virtual home, our own homes and plots and use Andras Field as our central hub. As you may remember we talked about this briefly when me and some of our pilots visited the FSweekend last year. We will never change our name, as the field you released is sacred to us and valued in our name. However, with the location in P3Dv4 a vacant plot next to the Forgensee, it gives a non-flyable airport and hub in our network, which without action may well be erased from our network as our VA system for obvious reasons. Therefor, with all of our active pilots now transitioned to P3Dv4, we now humbly request you to port Andras Field from FSX to P3Dv4, and maybe even look at the current state and rework, as the couple squabbling in the background have long ago split up and moved out and the christmas tree is getting kinda dry without us watering it on a regular basis ;-). I hope you can accomodate our request in the near future. Next to mailing this request to you directly, I will also post this on the Aerosoft forum, in the hope it will garner support from other virtual flyers currently not affiliated with AMA. With the warmest of regards, Toby L, CEO, AMA141 Thorsten R, COO, AMA119 Zeno M, CIO, AMA214 Bernhard R, AMA101 Ole A, AMA102 Lars D, AMA116 Ian P, AMA174 Ruud M, AMA195 Dirk N, AMA210 José Carlos Q, AMA218 DB D, AMA220 Philippe U, AMA227 Dale H, AMA228 Dirk van T, AMA229 Gernot Z, AMA230 Marcel M, AMA232 Yiling O, AMA233 Mark N, AMA234
  8. Tobus

    Sound of the AN-2

    just bought her and enjoy her immensely. But I agree on the sound in cockpit. It's not volume, thats ok. It's more of an "oomph" missing, missing bass tone, esp compared to outside Also the missing wind sound when opening a window. Hoping for a sound patch, but a minor nuisance on a fantastic plane.
  9. Tobus


    Thanks for the #4 on your personal account, appreciated ;-)
  10. Good stories T, if a bit late .
  11. I saw him flying his connie on 3 engines towards new york.
  12. Ladies and gentlemen! We made it!! Our final legs is done, from CYYT St Johns back to where we began, EGSU Duxford. What a trip and I'm still amazed on making it in such a short timespan. The trip in pictures below. The plan. After a looooooong trip covering the Atlantic, glimpses of Ireland through the clouds Shannon passed, now VOR hopping towards our final goal. Amazing bird, after 6.5 hrs she still has 4 hours and almost 2000nm left in her legs. Over the Irish sea, English soil! Starting descent from Daventry VOR to give the folks in the cabin and down below a show. Low flying over Wales Wellesbourne airfield Mildenhall and Lakenheath airforce bases. Turning our last final into Duxford. Almost there.... One of the best landings in the tour! Many onlookers welcoming us home. And many many more! Parading down the line of illustrious British aricraft. Firedepartment give their salute too. Parked and engines off, many people taking pictures. Pilot's log including our 12 legs. Pirep here. Some figures: 12 Legs flown, of which 2 in the A2A Stratocruiser, 1 in the A2A B-17 Flying Fortress and 9 in the A2A L049 Constellation. 18.289nm flown 69 hours and 20 minutes flown
  13. Final flight back to Duxford underway! For live coverage go here.
  14. Second to last entry to my diary. The relatively short hop from New York's LaGuardia to St John on Newfoundland. After comparing weather forecasts St John came off just a bit better than Gander. I started prepping the Beauty at 0430LT, pre-warming the cabin as it was freezing as we entered her. When the cabin was comfortable enough we boarded a full complement of passengers on a light fuel load. Wheels up at 0500 and reaching our cruising level of FL200 at 0540, by then crossing the VOR of Kennebunk. We flew her entirely from VOR to VOR, basically following the coast, then crossing over to Newfoundland and a bit south again to St John's. With a healthy tailwind we had some light to moderate turbulence along the way, so every now and then I turned the seat belt sign on to avoid any passenger discomfort as much as possible. Daylight came around the Moncton VOR, and turbulence started to subside as we started our slow descent when crossing the Newfoundland shores. We were guided into an almost straight in rwy16 ILS approach, which we nailed on a slippery snowy runway. We are almost around the world now, our last flight back into Duxford looming. Since I took a good 2 years in circling the globe in the Aerosoft Round the World challenge, it seems almost insane that I managed this in just in the last couple of months, and in a fraction of the flight hours. Full pirep here. As I now have the time, I'm prepping as we speak for the last leg, crossing the Atlantic back to Duxford.
  15. Prepping for the last flights. First KLGA LaGuardia to CYQX Gander to fuel to the brim. Then on to EGSU Duxford, our original starting point. Forecasted weather seems doable for now, at least giving high tail winds at cruise levels and acceptable winds and visibility on arrival fields. Stay tuned!